Most Evil

Thursday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Jul 13, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • There are some people more evil than Satan

    I absolutely love this show!

    Not only deals with serial killers and what not, but it also deals with psychology, I also love it when they rank their "Badness", and even tell their victims and their biography.

    My Dad never lets me watch this show, he said it's too bad for me, but I can't miss another episode of this show, each and every single one is really good, especially when it's about partners in crime.

    I also hope that "Most evil" also deals with cults or any kind of groups and *cough* terrorists *cough*, that would be so cool.

    I hope there are more episodes too come^^
  • Morbid

    This is the most horrible morbid show I've ever seen on television. The only reason I can justify watching is for its documentary value, but I'm sceptical as to the value of the science therein. I think Dr. Stone is a moralistic closet pervert. I would like it if he became one of those guys so obsessed with criminology that he himself becomes a serial killer. I know the show wants to sell the idea that these individuals profiled are "more evil than satan" but more often than not they have my sympathy and I want to cry for them as much as the victim. Most of them are very sick and had very painful lives: Their crimes are perhaps the punishment to society for ignoring human plight. Dr. Stone and his cronies don't seem full of useful suggests on how to help these sick individuals or prevent their crimes. Its more of a circus sideshow of captured lunatics with a secret hope that even more disturbed individuals will crop up so we can gawk at them.