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Could you lock yourself in a haunted location for 24 hours? That's just what the Most Haunted team do. Lead by Yvette Fielding, the Most Haunted crew investigate some of the scariest places in the UK and other countries, attempting several different methods to explore the psychology and science behind reported ghostly phenomena, communicate with the long deceased and prove, scientifically, the existence of life after death.


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    Fan Reviews (194)

    • The absolute truth

      Growing up i always watched the paranormal shows from scarest places on earth, most haunted, strange but true. Id stay up till 2am in the morning to see the episodes! So im very very fond and passionate and have great memories of these programes weather it was real or fake i loved watching them so the problem now in this day and age is the media and internet and the competition and expectation is set quite high. Most haunted might of started out real and had a great run with some intresting locations and the show was amazingly edited and thought out to draw you in and it was hard to not love it ! weather you seen anything or not it was brillient ! Becouse it was new and basic with some great spooky music and some likable people involed. Lets be honist about 1 thing even if the guy is fake he gave us some good entertainment derek was a great showman for the show.

      im a beliver in the paranormal and now im older and done investagations myself iv come to release this - you will be waiting hours for nothing to happen at times and unless u were there no1 will belive you no mater what evidence you have lol after most haunted were unfolding as fake in the back of our heads we always new this could easyly happen as its just a entertainment show and if we dont watch the show they have no show so if you dont like most haunted stop watching the show lmao its as simple as that or this will remain a show for aslong as they want to pursue it . ever heard the saying bad publicity is good publicity lol for all the stupid trolls out there that have nothing better to do than slate this show clearly dont understand that this just says one thing you watched the show and currently still watch the show get my point ?

      Ill be the first to admit yes the show is nothing to what it once was its 100% clearly fake as you like ! A msg for yvette - take note fans want the old style back the likable crew good history good editing music and presented better and honist complate honisty even if u didnt capture nothing at least people will respect for for honisty u have a fan base thats clear as day but even im on breaking point now sort it out x

      No1 will trust kurl atm its clear as day hes faking alot of stuff people are not stupid just stop it lol more locked of cams and go back to your old ways like its all new to you again .

      Forget about trying to keep up with othere paranormal shows . There probably fake aswell as theres to much trust lost for paranormal tv shows !

      sort it out !

      Im a very passonite fan and hate what your doing to the fond feelings i have towards your show its a joke !

    • Banal!

      I used to watch Most Haunted and especially Most Haunted Live with the excited expectancy of a child at Christmas it was my favourite toy at a time when my own children were young. As someone interested in all things paranormal, but also as a lover of both comedy and history, it had the perfect mix for me, yes it was often inaccurate and it's 'evidence' was to say at the least 'questionable'but it was fun to watch and gave me plenty of family and coffee morning banter fodder. I did become disillusioned with the series towards it's end as it seemed to want to be taken more seriously but didn't have what it takes despite the best efforts of Ciaren O'Keefe; I winced at some of the more controversial episodes such as Clerkenwell and I got fed up of their obsession with the idea that the devil himself was following them to EVERY location (pretty certain they aren't THAT important).. but was always forgiving of its many historical blunders after all it did fill a gap in my viewing of the time quite nicely. Since it's departure from our screens I have been spoilt with paranormal programming excellent shows that have provided, interest, education and entertainment but I had good memories of old MH and was pleased to hear that it was to return in an online format last year. I watched it with the same anticipation of great things as myself and others had given feedback to Its creators for a good couple of years before it's return; I was looking forward to evp's; more cameras at better angles; and a bit of fun thrown in. Joy turned to horror when all I got for my years of waiting loyally was torches, tape and a guy that used to run a nightclub now claiming to be a demonologist!! It was a true head in hands moment so I decided to keep my memories and leave new MH well alone; months later the announcement came that they were to return to the Tv.. they did with the very same episode that some of the fans had paid to watch online months before. I so wanted them to do well; I'm afraid that being the first is often not an indicator of being 'the best', and this is sadly the case with Most Haunted. Yes it got the paranormal bandwagon on a steady roll that soon took off at speed but most shows completely avoided the format employed by MH and I honestly thought that its return would be something new and fresh for the modern viewer. It was more than terrible; apparently the programme makers wanted to take it back to basics and thus avoid the modern equipment that we see used in others. Unfortunately there is a severe lack of anything else to keep the viewer watching. It drags paranormal investigation back to the dark ages, there is no research; gone is the entertainment factor it's become an insult to anyone's intelligence... even those that simply watched it for fun. Others have described the episode in depth so I won't repeat the rundown but I am almost certainly sure that any negative entity 'demon' as MH would have us believe some being that has existed invisibly in the ether for goodness knows how long, that is capable of pure evil.. an entity that gathers it's energy in order to cause harm to not choose it's modern day weapon as a roll of tape! The obsession with the tape became unbearable and of course a lack of cameras and nightvision, the screaming the nose and face shots made it painful viewing. I can forgive it no longer; in fact I'm angry that one they have served up such rubbish expecting loyal fans to buy it and then when the fans said they weren't happy with it gave it to them again on Tv and two that they have ruined any good memory I ever had of the unashamedly bad original series. Now according to Karl it was UkTv's no 1 show, though the viewing figures weren't available at the time of his bold announcement, but I have read many accounts of disappointment and truly believe that only those with an impoverished sense of reality and morality will continue to allow this banal, benign showcase of total ineptitude, incompetence and idiocy into their homes. I will be sticking to the likes of Ghost Adventures , Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness for my paranormal viewing, and sincerely hope that MH is left to Rest in Peace with the very tiny piece of dignity it has remaining which frankly at this rate may well need duct tape to hold it in place!moreless
    • this show's so bad it makes my eyes bleed

      they go in to "haunted places" or so claiming that they mean no harm and try to call upon the spirits by swearing at them... thats just going to anger the spirit.... whats worse is... THEY ARE CALLING UPON A DEMONIC PRESENCE ?! WHY?! this show is just stupid and fake... if u wanna make a show under this catagory... for god's sake do it properly...
    • most haunted

      Disappointed that a show which could be good uses so much watched this show for years until live show series stuff is always taking funny turns get locked off cameras required to eliminate do the right thing and keep it real if not stop wasting your time
    • Garbage

      Carl need's Oscar and bald guy still throwing things off camera. Done for fun but don't take it too serious.


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