Most Haunted

Season 9 Episode 11

LIVE: Dracula - Transylvania (3)

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 2007 on Living
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LIVE: Dracula - Transylvania (3)

Broadcast live from Romania Most Haunted Live's first overseas outing sends the team on a hunt for the ghost Vlad 'The Impaler' Tepes, the person on whom the legend of Dracula was based. On their third night the team investigate the remaining section of Corvin's Castle which include The Painted Tower, The New Gate Tower, The Torture Tower and the Knights Hall, ending their investigation in the dungeons beneath it.

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      • Warnings: It's generally revealed that before the investigation the team have been coached in the terminology of mediumship and how to use objects and symbols to protect themselves. David becomes increasingly uncomfortable as the evening progresses when it's made apparent that some of the team, mainly Karl and Stuart are not taking this advice seriously and trying to encourage paranormal activity as if it were a challenge. After sensing Karl and Stuart are in danger while they're in the Painted Tower, he continues to sense further risk to Karl and Stuart. An investigation into the Knights Hall is delayed when David senses a pentagram, a symbol he uses in his mediumship for a defence symbol and Karl and Stuart have already entered the hall. To David the symbol describes "Grave danger" and the need for "double protection". After exploring other parts of the castle Yvette manages to encourage him to return with them to the Knights Hall and the dungeons beneath it, but only on the premise that the team were aware that they "really need to take it seriously" and stresses they need to "enforce protection" and use their "door keepers".

      • Unexplained: Karl and Stuart conduct their own investigation in the Painted Tower itself. After climbing a number of stairs, David, who was taking part in a seance with Yvette and Kath says he believed Karl and Stuart were in danger. Yvette uses the walkie-talkie to request them to return to the bottom of the tower. During a commercial break, Yvette loses contact with them and Ian goes to rescue them. He finds them both out cold and perched precariously on some narrow wooden stairs at a height of about 60ft. After they've regained consciousness, they make their way down. When they finally reach the bottom they get a stern talking to from Yvette for trying to encourage something paranormal to happen in such a dangerous situation. Their explanation is inconclusive, apparently they reached the top of the tower and neither remember anything afterwards.

      • Unexplained: During the vigil in the dungeon, bone fragments continue to be thrown from unseen hands. Also Geoff suddenly loses his footing and slides onto the floor claiming it felt like he was grabbed by his ankle.

      • Unexplained: At the end of the investigation, while the team were in the dungeons, Karl slowly drifts into an almost unconscious state. At one point, apologising in advance, Yvette slaps him twice to regain his attention, after which he becomes verbally aggressive towards his own wife and refuses to leave the dungeon. Also, ignoring the fact he was on live television he pushes Geoff away to stop him filming him. Later, with Karl still behaving abnormally, Yvette admitted to not knowing and being frightened of her own husband while he was, one can only assume, under the influence of a ghostly possession.

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