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Most Haunted

Living (ended 2010)



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  • should be called ORB HUNTERS

    Most haunted was the first paranormal show i seen but was hooked on ghost hunters when it came out, then ghost adventures and now stranded.. started watching deep south paranormal but i dont know if i like it or not and paranormal state was shit house!
  • If you have the nerve

    I would like to see Most Hounted at Market Bosworth hall To spend a night in the tower were it is closed down because no body of this life will ever go, the blood stain on the wall appears and it does not matter how many times it was painted over, the Grey Lady has been seen walking, And i all so have witnessed Her and i give her respect,. If they survive that; I would like to send them to Building 15 on the Caterpillar works This is a part of the old air field and in this building, electric stops doors open and many people will not enter by them self after dark, Flight air men have been seen walking about waiting for their plains from the 2nd world war These were Lancaster bomber pilats
  • so dame fake

    most hunted is so fake
  • most haunted

    Too much swearing and squawking to hear what's going on. Totally unprofessional.

    Why are they so surprised at the reactions they get from the spirits. Isn't that what they want? Duhh!!

    And why so many people on the crew, from admin assistant to make up, and probably anyone who answers the phone. It all adds to the confusion. I think they should take a leaf out of Ghost Adventures book, now there's a professional team that get results!!
  • Psychological factor not taken seriously.

    Why the need for darkness? Other than increasing the anxiety a hysteria of the situation, which makes it difficult to ascertain whether there is any genuine paranormal activity because of the exaggerated reaction of the participants, I can see no reason for this: the spirits/ghost activity, if present, would not be influenced by light or it's absence. The parapsychologist has commented on the psychological factor involved in these explorations. I think if this was taken seriously, and the psychological expectations, fantasies, anxieties etc, were reduced as much as possible, it would be a much better programme. Unfortunately I think the producer is appealing to the lowest common denominator in an attempt to maintain high ratings - so the hysterical screaming is unlikely to stop any time soon.
  • So sad

    I only started watching this out of boredom 3 weeks ago. I have to say "It is all fake"

    Pieces of fluff seen in night vision claimed to be 'orbs', slight tapping noises probably caused by temperature changes or Deathwatch beetles, doors moving which is most likely just wind or the movement of floors or the house/property itself.

    As for the people themselves, well. Let's take Derek, a bigger 'wide boy' fake couldn't be found, more often wrong as right and when he is 'possessed', well that's a laugh. The fat short blonde woman, I call her 'touchy' for obvious reasons.

    I've spent time in dark properties alone and although it may be a bit spooky sometimes I was never running scared and screaming like demented women like the crew on this show does. They are either acting or experiencing mass hysteria, I believe 'acting'.

    All in all a total crock of rubbish. I'd LOVE to actually see something fly across the room and damage one of them, then I just might believe a bit of it!

    Give it up, you are fooling no one, well the seriously mentally ill maybe.
  • An' another thing

    If it's pitch black an' yer can't see noffink how do yer know if it'as not the persons about you that are making noises an' throwin' things about? You say you trust them but that's not proof that it's not them is it?
  • IT'S ALL FAKE ( except for a few things but that really freaked them out)

    This show was proven to be all fake , they make the knocks, the sounds almost everything! Ciaran O'keefe outed this show some time ago...just google!
  • its a joke

    apart from the screaming , which is ridiculous "if they cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen"

    I would like to know what a vigual is, If anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful, also on the replays of slight noises or thumps etc they play bloody music over it , and then... they all scream and run !!!! . I know if I dont like it dont watch it , of theses days we may hear or see something substantial. Great programme spoilt by the team.
  • The screaming!!!!

    I can't stand the screaming, how the hell are we supposed to hear anything when all you do is scream, if you are that scared what's the point in doing the show, other than the money you must be raking in, although I am a believer in spirits that derek acora is a total joke, does he really think we can believe that he's being possessed by spirits, & isn't it suspcious that most the time the information he gives can't be verified, & if he has a spirit guide why does he feed Acora the wrong information???, nothing adds up. Yvette give it up because the screaming is beginning to p*** me off now!!!!!!!!!
  • The unwatchable programe

    The idea is good but the screaming and pleeping out workds makes it only possible to watch with subtitles. That medium derek really is an actor and Kath, why the hell is she there at all if not to just scream?

    In all nice subject but wrong format and crew.
  • Absolute screaming crap!!!

    What a load of utter rubbish!!! She screaming at any oppertunity...Her comments of utter crap ....get it off the TV and show something like Scooby Doo....Thats more like reality than this load of shit!!!

    I do like to watch but i just wish they all would take a chill pill and stop with the screaming, they probley miss so much with all the noise they make, if they are to afraid to do the show, maybe someone who does not scream at everything should have a shot, i do physical mediumship and noone in the groups iv ever sat with screams. its the only bit that ruins the show. Come on team GET A GRIP.
  • unsatisfied with evidence

    hello i really enjoy watching your program but im abit disappointed with the footage you get i think it would be better if the crew did not get so scared at things that happen and try get better footage of the paranormal activaty. I think its a shame becouse you go to some really good places and have the potential to gather some amazeing footage however the crew gets to scared and end up not getting quality footage of whats happerning. I love everything to do with paranormal activerty and would like to see convincing evidence. I realy hope the crew can put just as much effort into geting the hard evidence on camera for the views to see for them selfs insted off been told this is whats happerning. All that said i do enjoy watching your show but i think it could be taken abit more serious
  • love it but dislike it...

    i read some other comments and i came across one that was saying about that they don't see anything and i agree. there's other shows that investigate with the paranormal,and i'd say the best show is 'ghost hunt',unfortunatly they don't show it anymore,but they have proper equitment and actually get bizzare apperations on tape and they have funny moments(: the best show! however most haunted have normal camera's and no real equitment,yet they say they see 'black shadow's' but we can never be sure as they won't capture it..really annoy's me but cant get enough of it:)!
  • Good Job!

    I thoroughly enjoy every episode of Most Haunted, even if there is no "boo" factor. I think it is well presented and very informative, it is clear the locations are researched. As far as "fake" and "bad camera angles" goes, I would love to see ANYONE try to do what the crew of Most Haunted do and try to keep composure. Good job team!
  • yvette is a fake

    Yvette has a problem with stress, her mind does 60 and usually comes to the wrong conclusion to rectify she will change hair style to make feel better (some chew nails,others do hair constantly) an fritter off on to something else, her face and attitude shows to much dissappointment with people she doesnt believe, most people would consider this two faced after all the people they choose are their choice(didnt do her job well). She only keeps people around her that believe in her ways and hickhimmm crusades in life. On positive side she has nice big eyes for the camera. REcomend minus Yvette and the show would be GREAT!
  • wiseup27

    history of locations was cool if you sad judge mental ( I have no LIFE problem finders) could you do better. sorry but heres some easy facts so you wont be fooled again 1.if the dead from diffrent times were comunicating THAY ARE NOT given a crash couse in perfect ENGLISH.

    2. camra watching mostly FLOOR while listening to screams MASSIVE giverway.

    EASY !!!! at least if you paid more time watching less time crit you could of learnt histroy of some scary locations
  • Where are you now?

    Use to love watching the show only because I truly believe you were all actors and not real investigators. Use to make me laugh more then believe or scared.

    I wish you all the best and are still doing what it is your doing...miss the show tho....
  • Yvette Fielding Is An Immature Fool

    Yvette Fielding only thinks "LOOK AT ME". She's horrible and ignorant. I could not believe the way she used to constantly try to steal the show from people like Derek Acorah. For instance Derek would be receiving supposedly psychic information, and trying to explain it but

    suddenly the idiot, Yvette, would interrupt and say something totally stupid like "DID YOU HEAR THAT OVER THERE ??!". No one would know what she was talking about. And if she really did hear anything, it was never anything worth mentioning let alone interrupt the guest psychic about. She was always trying to grab the attention on that show. During a seance she actually got up and ran away and went into a small room of some sort {forgot} and as if she could "make it happen" she was there {camera on HER of course}, trying to drum up some dramatic psychic incident. Of course she failed. But she did manage to get the camera off the main group who were trying to hold a seance. She's a Pig. And she has a nasty personality. While in Hever Castle she had to say something extremely awful {and untrue} about Anne Boleyn. Horrid Yvette had to announce that she heard that Anne had slept with her own brother out of fear of not conceiving a child with the King. It was a nasty rumor and slander against Anne Boleyn back in her own time, and Yvette the B*tch From Hell has to say the nasty rumor now {as if there was something to it} on camera. Instead of saying anything kind or sympathetic. And that God-Awful black woman on the same episode at Hever, a supposed medium or psychic, she had the loudest,crass mouth and trashiest personality. Sheer Ghetto and she was proud of it.

    I think Anne in Heaven would be sick to see those two in Hever. And,well Yvette, I you would do anything if it got your fat face on camera. Anything for attention, right Yvette ?

    Yvette thinks Anne would do anything but in real life Yvette does anything, anything for attention. Pathetic-
  • Love the show but.......


    They need to get rid of Cat...she has done this long enuf , she shouldnt be screaming and freaking out so much , i would never , ever have her on my team! She over acts to everything and acts like its her first time investigating, to do this kind of job , especially after this long, she should be able to control herself.

  • My partner and i enjoy the show but are getting annoyed with Yvonne.

    Yvonne talks too much during the investigating part along with the other woman screaming and talking!...she needs to do the history side of it and then let the guys do the investigating part at least they know how to be QUIET when there are noises to be heard by all the people viewing your show ... when she asks the spirits to come forward and make a noise she never gives them a chance she is always TALKING! SHUT UP YVONNE!! Stu and Richard are great they hardly talk at all ask the spirits to make a noise and they stay quiet and wait...learn from this Yvonne!
  • Love the locations, hate that I can't hear the "ghosts" or see them for all the cursing of the cast and their inability to focus the camera on anything but themselves.

    Though I love learning about these places I have to say if they wanted to prove activity they need to set up cameras that they are not holding. There are so many peices of equipment that would make this a decent show. Unfortunately I never hear what they "hear" because they are too busy spouting explatives, and I never see anything because they are obviously in competition with my 8 year old as to who can spin a camera around more and make me sea sick. Seriously put down the camera if you can't hold it still, no one wants to look at your "terrified" facial expressions, we want to see what you "see". Not that they are much better with the proof, but Ghost Adventures at least doesn't make you sick with the camera.
  • Dartford Library - Whats with the cue cards?

    While watching the episode filmed at Dartford Library I noticed that while they were discussing the woman Kathleen with David the sound guy was holding up cue cards in one of the camera shots.....seemingly feeding David with information. Whats that all about? I know that there has been issues in the past with previous mediums on the show and seeing something like this begs one to ask the question, how much of this show is actually real? Have also been watching Ghost Hunters and I must say the lads from TAPS are far more convincing in their hunt for the paranormal.

    Has anyone else noticed these cue cards in Most Haunted?
  • Firstly let just say we like watching the show as it peeks our interest. While some member's of the cast are colourful to state the least, others are eccentric. The evidence they provide is on nearly every occasion flawed and disappointing.

    What could be a excellent show reduced to just good, just below average is how I would rate Most Hunted.
    The cast seem to be fairly camera friendly and reasonably well spoken when they are not screaming and reacting like frightened children jumping at shadows.
    The show definitely has something going for it don't get me wrong after all I have watched many episodes and enjoyed a few here and there, mainly because the supernatural interests me to some extent.

    Unfortunately it leaves you asking more questions rather than providing any real evidence or answers and on some occasions leaves you wondering how the cast can actually believe they have any credibility left at all.

    For instance they seem to chase paranormal activity all around buildings, jumping from one room to the next like goof balls. Never able to actually catch the beginning of the so called phenomena and half the sounds they state they heard are never audible to the viewing audience its kind of tragic really and a little sad.

    If they actually wanted to have some creditability, firstly the historian wouldn't actually be included on the vi duals, she would be actually confirming the mediums and most haunted teams evidence after the vi duals had taken place, hence either confirming what the team had found or not, instead the historian seems to be there on every vi dual and it could be stated that she is in someway interacting (causing some of the phenomena), it makes her creditability questionable, after all if a table is supposed to move and shes near it when it does the audience obviously is going to immediately question its authenticity and if any one on the Most haunted team has any brains at all.

    On most occasions the size of the team is way to large, and on nearly every occasion there are unaccounted for team member's, surely it would be better that all member's of the team on location where visible on camera at all times. It would firstly prove that any phenomena caught on camera by the team wasn't actually caused by the team. For instance if a ball bounced or a chandelier moved or something else got thrown around a room, you could clearly see that the team on location didn't cause it.
    How grand would that be for the viewers of the show, after all we are all watching hoping to see something that can not be easily explained away, unfortunately the Most haunted team leaves us feeling flat due to the lack of care taken to make sure that they are accountable and credible.

    I wasn't going to state the obvious but i guess why not, i can hope that maybe they read this and get something out of it which improves the show or at least gives them food for thought about being credible.

    So here goes : To the Most haunted Team:

    Firstly when you are in a house let me state the obvious to you okay: The house isn't that large that you have to run from room to room to get spiritual activity, if there is something in the home it will be present anywhere in the home , no need to run around like headless chooks.
    Secondly make sure that all team members are on camera so what they are doing at the time phenomena occurs clearly shows they didn't cause it.
    Thridly follow the first two rules, if a spiritual presence is in a home and wants to let you know its there you don't need to go roaming around the house.
    If you do choose more than one location in a house to do a vi dual then set up still cameras that show the whole room and the team members that are present at that time, have them sitting asking questions not roaming around out of camera shot. Obviously that then shows that they didn't cause the phenomena.Be accountable, geez or is that asking to much of you?
    When doing larger complexes like prisons or factories etc: set up still cameras that show the Most haunted team didn't cause the phenomena, make sure at all times the most hunted team is visible on camera and if the team separates that they clearly are far enough away from the other team so they don't accidentally cause phenomena to occur, the biggest thing there is to make sure that every member of the team is clearly on camera, and once again there's clearly no need to roam around , pick locations of disturbance and ask questions or what ever you want to do. If you want to roam around it should only be the medium and parapsychologist and another Most haunted team member doing so before the vi duals, so locations of interest can be determined. It kind of makes perfect sense and brings credibility and for once may have people actually believing something you state, who knows you may find out something or the answers to your constant question is there something after death , all you guys have provided so far is most viewers laughing at you, not with you, and while i will continue to watch, your actual credibility is zip. Not once i have i gone wow, i cant explain that away or haven't questioned did you guys cause it to happen. no credibility which really disappoints,. Im not asking you to be like TAPS , but having credibility like Taps where all memebrs are visible and never of camera able to cause phenomena would be fantastic. If i had to rate you against Taps TAPS WINS 9 OUT OF 10 TIMES. may i say its not the team, that causes this 1 out of 10 rating against Taps because we like all the cast even funny Brian who always makes me laugh, but your just not believable.
    here's hoping you read this, also would be great if you guys looked at some Australian locations.
  • While Entertaining this show should not be taken seriously

    I like this show for the entertainment value but as far as believability it rates a very low score. I started losing believability of this show when Dereck Acora seemed to be getting possessed almost every show. I know a couple Mediums and they say getting possessed as many times and as often as he did just does not happen. Plus after 12 seasons this show has been on air I would have thought that the main characters would have stopped jumping and screaming at every noise. The team is definitely not true paranormal investigators going by the way they investigate. There are other shows out there like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab, Paranormal Cops, etc that investigate hauntings scientifically using Audio recorders, infrared and night vision cameras, Broad Spectrum Cameras, etc and don't have any Mediums with them. They also show the results of their investigation usually at the end of the show or even during the show. They are part of actual groups that do real paranormal investigations and are very professional about it not actors on a supposedly reality show.Plus they do not run around like scared children at every little noise. So if you want to watch a paranormal show that is believable then don't watch Most Haunted.
  • Absolute waste of my time and I'm sure many others!

    I enjoy how they're able to bring out spirits and how they can communicate with them. There's four words I keep hearing during the show "did you here that", I'm glad they're able to hear spirits reacting to they're requests, but what good is it if the tv viewers are unable to hear it. There's nothing wrong with my hearing including my wife and friends. The audio absolutely needs to be enhanced. The other very popular ghost hunting shows make sure they're viewer's are able to clearly hear what they hear. The show Most Haunted is a waste of time for the viewers unless your satisfied with "did you hear that, did you hear that, did you hear that"
  • I started watching Most Haunted a few months ago and at first found it very good.

    At I continued to watch it though I was extremely unimpressed with the cursing. It is very irritating for the viewers and as for me, I won't watch it any longer because I can't stand the constant beeping. Either have some class when you speak or stop dubbing out the swearing. For something that appears so small, it is actually a show stopper. Also it would be nice to see you rescuing these spirits as opposed to provoking them just for entertainment purposes.

    I prefer rescue mediums because of this as their show actually has purpose. Are you afraid that if all the spirits are rescued that you won't be able to have a show anymore?
  • What's with all the swearing, and more rants...

    Everytime you watch the show now, there is more and more swearing and cursing. Are the people that inexperienced with hunting ghosts that they are so fearful of a noise, a bump, or a moan? Also,it makes me more skeptical when Karl and Stuart try to convince us that there "are no strings attached". Give us a break. Leave anyone who has a tendancy to scream when a mouse farts out in the production van (Kat, Stuart, and yes Yvette too) By now you should be used to isolated places and strange noises. And instead of taking any noise as paranormal, try finding out what may be the cause. Why have you never used recorders for EVPs? You can certainly sniff out audibles more than any other research team. Lastly, who thinks up the themes each season? One year it was coin/ring throwing, the next it was whistling. Another season we enjoyed watching the bald headed Psychic fall on his butt in almost every show, and in 2009 we are blessed with the unending trick of rolling a marble down the hall and hearing another come back. Nice going off camera production staff!! Enough for now!!!!!
  • A review of the Most Haunted series airing on the Travel Channel.

    Most Haunted - or "Stop Crying it's just the Cameraman" as I sometimes think of it, is an interesting look into the paranormal, and into what happens when Paranormal Investigators try not to terrify each other with their own body noises. The show is something of a staple for the Travel Channel, having recently completed it's 11th Season and which, to my knowledge at least, is something no other paranormal series has accomplished. The european, mostly UK, crew are a lively bunch, if not always all that bright. Lead by Yvette Fielding, they lock themselves inside of a purportedly haunted locale, at night. They often do this with what seems like an entire production crew of about 30 people. Yet those ghosts still seem to come, sometimes, and scares ensure. What you will witness - a bunch of brits acting scared because their shoe scraped on the floor and trying not to pee themselves. Lots of ouija boards and "seances". A psychic who stutters so much you have a hard time thinking he isn't making it up as he goes along. The one voice of reason, Parapsychologist Ciaran O'Keeffe, who does such a good job breaking down what you may have actually seen that he probably deserves his own show. And of course, lots of creepy locations. There is a lot to like about the show - it has a very high entertainment value, the locations are suitably creepy, and you really don't know who is going to do what. Although I have been critical of many aspects of the show, there have been some standout episodes - the visit to Waverly Hills, for example, being actually scary. It's up to the viewer to decide if they can put up with the various instances of crew members being scared of a noise it was almost impossible for anyone else to hear. But it's fun to visit with these lads every once in awhile.
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