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  • How has this stayed on air?

    You can only laugh at a show where the Psychic (Derek) dishes out statements while the bubble at the bottom of the screen states that he's wrong. How many frequent liar miles do you think this nut has racked up? I've never seen a ghost team that runs away screaming from the slightest noise. Hey, why doesn't everyone hold their hands over a table, ooohhhh, did you feel it move? Gosh, let's call it a ghost and hope that no one got a shot of our feet. Hey, did you hear a rock being tossed? Certainly it could not be a member of the 20+ person team, it must be a ghost named Shorty Flagelmeister (no such person has ever been found in connection with the building). If I were a ghost (lonely, desperate, delusional or otherwise) I'd avoid these people like the plague in fear that other ghosts would laugh at me and take away my otherwordly membership.
  • An insult to paranormal TV shows.

    I have always believed in spirits and have been interested in them. When I discovered 'Most Haunted' I thought it would be good and really interesting. Boy, was I wrong.

    This show is awful. It's like the Most Haunted team aren't even trying - everything is staged, of course it is. Almost every episode they say they noticed something, but they "forgot to turn the cameras on". Come on, that excuse is getting old.

    Not to mention it's like... uber dramatic. Derek Acorah is constantly feeling "energy" everywhere he goes, it's pretty lame.

    But I suppose it's not -all- that bad. I would still watch this show if there was nothing else on TV and it's good for a laugh at how obviously staged it really is. But, in all honesty, if you're interested in the paranormal like I am, then I would suggest watching Ghost Hunters. At least they have proof of spirits.
  • Most Haunted's crew travel the world to "investigate" reported hauntings. Pseudo science and volatile language detract from the shows content.

    It might be better if they didn't have people cursing and screaming all the time. I mean really, they are looking for ghosts right? It shouldn't be a shock to find one. Occasionally the content is entertaining and even believable but generally I find the participants lack of self control unprofessional and detracting from what might have been a good show. There are good aspects. I find the on command pebble pithing, table tossing, and wall knocking hilarious! If any REAL scientist were able to produce results like this the field would not be PARA andything-- it'd be the real deal. Dr Ciaran? Doctor of......? Degree from....? Feeble.

    Most Haunted is definitely the perfect name for this show. Whether it has fake moments or not the places they travel too are already scary enough, and I know those are real. I can understand how it's hard to keep viewers believing that what is actually happening is real. I believe that this show does a fantastic job of keeping viewers coming back for more. There are episodes every now and again that makes you say "now is that really possible, or is it fake?" Yet for majority of the shows I am constantly on the edge of my seat. Don't get me wrong I am a sceptic of these shows but that is just one of the reasons I return for more, because no matter how hard I look for something to be fake I end up getting myself scared by something. This show out of the many towers over them all, it has excellent locations they travel to, great ghost hunters and/or hosts, and some of the most scariest moments I've seen. This show always keeps me jumping.
  • Mockery of Ghost Hunting.

    Wow. This show tries to take on hunting spirits in a series way, but it just comes out as comical and rather pathetic. In every episode, you'll see thier medium (Whom my Brother states is a Billy Joel look-a-like) spout out dates and names, followed by wording on screen 'Noone by that name or date has anything to do with this location" lol. You've got Ms. Overdramtic as a host, and in most episodes you'll find a table of some sort that will be "shaking on it's on!!"....pity you never get to see all the table legs to find out which crew member is really doing it. It's okay to watch in a campy, these people are full of it sort of way, but if you want professional well done ghost hunting, go watch Jason, Grant and company on Ghost Hunters...heck, Scooby and the gang may even be a better take on the paranormal than this. lol
  • Basically, a group of paranormal experts and a historian go onto these haunted places and try to find a ghost.

    Honestly, this is one of the worst ghost shows I have watched, and I watch a LOT of ghost shows. I mean, they all seem to expect the ghosts to perform like trained monkeys. "If you're here, can you tap on the wall for us?" "Can you give us a sign that you're here?" Rarely is the ghost even bothering anyone. Usually, it's just some place that's rumored to be haunted. The whole show basically consists of Yvette Fielding yelling out for the ghosts to do some tricks for the camera. Then, if a ghost DOES decide to make his/her prescence known, the investigators start cursing, screaming, and freaking out. In one instance, one of the investigators was standing in a dark basement yelling "You coward! Are you too afraid to show yourself? I'm not afraid of you!" The ghost then knocked something off a shelf and the guy was screaming, cursing, jumping, and completely flipping out. WTF?
  • I really love this show and I watch it as much as I can.It is really informative and I hope it keeps going for years.

    Everybody should watch this show.I really do recommend it to everybody.It is very informative and I watch it every night.I even watch it in the early hours of the morning as well.I am really interested in it cos it tells me things I didn't even know.It does frighten me sometimes and then I hide behind the cushion.I think Yvette Flelding is great and I especially like Derek Acorah because he is my favourite medium and I would love to be as good as him some day because I am psychic myself and I have had a few myself.I'm not really sure what else to say on here.I would love to know if anyone else agrees with me.Caroline.
  • why does this show still exist?

    ok lets see.... when i first saw this show is was 15 or 16. i was channel surfing on a friday night and i was BORED!i ran in2 a channel about ghosts and how i love to watch ghost related shows. when i first saw it, it didnt seem fake to me and actually sent chills up my spine. but now i watch that show and i watch ghost hunters, and im like, is this the crap i used to like so much? this show is just like ghost hunters except that they dont use any real evidence to backup what they say. in fact there are major differences between the shows. this show does everything possible to prove the existence of ghosts and its like they hear a pen drop in the darkness and theyre like omg a ghost! so yeah this show is enjoyable if ur lookin for some entertainment but if ur lookin for a show that actually can show u proof, DONT watch this...
  • Most Haunted is one of my favorite shows. I make sure I am home by 9pm on Fridays to catch this show. I think that this is a wonderful show and I recommend anyone who is interested in the supernatural to watch Most Haunted!!!

    Although I love this show, there are a few things that tend to bother me. For instance, I believe that it would help if they permanently affixed cameras in the most active room for the 24 hrs. I like the hand held cameras, but they do not show proof of whats going on because the hand helds are usually pointed at the people talking into them. I like that they do have skeptics go with them to disprove what could've been perceived as ghosts. I really wish I could go with them and see for myself if it is all real or exaggerated for the public. Great show, but permanently affixed cameras should be in place, & any time they need a guest to come with them, I am always ready and available! :)
  • Why run away and scream. Whats the point in that. By screaming your catching nothing but you being scared.

    Most Haunted is okay. But they need to be a little more abservant about their surronds. The show needs to be more real and less fake. The crew needs to stop pretending that these things that they are hearing, feeling, or sensing is actually happening. It's so fake. If they want to act then get onto a movie that will take there acting. Don't spoil something that can actually go somewhere. If I was on Most Haunted then I would go investigat every little sound that is visiable to hear. I would just stand there and scream for my life and act like it's all real. I'd go after these things not run away from them.
  • i am an avid ghost hunting freak who loves watching the paranormal shows but !!!!!!!

    After watching 6 episodes of most haunted I have dropped all seriousness and purely watch it was comedy now ..Never have i seen such b.s on a show and it is called reality.. how about straight up fiction ..Or they are by far the luckiest ghost hunters in the world with spirits acting on que . playing catch moaning . and not to forget . super rock throwers ..their medium who ''has no knowledge'' comes right in gives off first and last names ages and cause of death as quick as the eyes can read a prompt .the stack light house dissproves him in an instant when he says ''Are you the woman who just floated up the stairs and stopped right in my face '' 45 seconds after this a mysterious pebble pops beside him and he jumps like a little girl .. ok floating ghost no problem . little pebble almost pee's pants ... good god such fakes ... i ahve a wonderful idea ... get the american ''ghost hunters'' to team up with most haunted and watch how nothing happens cause ghost hunters will bust their butts for the fakes they are ..and one more little piece of weird information ... all this banging and clanging rock throwing and voices yet .. never any evp's nothing ever on thermals .. no proof other than what they claim ... like i said comedy ...nothing else they should be sued for claiming reality .
  • Interesting

    I enjoy this show, but I am often left wondering if any of it is set up to get a reaction. Unlike Ghost Hunters, I am inclined to mis-trust everything I see on the episodes. I'm not looking for sensationalism (is that the word i want?), I am interested in seeing REAL paranormal activity. This show ranks second, only to Ghost Hunters, for me.

    Doubts don't keep me from watching the show. Overall i do enjoy it and hope it sticks around for a long time. I find these type of shows very interesting.

    The main characters in the show are great, keep them around.
  • All the haunted places in England. Cool. My roots are deep in England. I may be a Yank but I have English blood.

    All the haunted places in England. Cool. My roots are deep in England. I may be a Yank but I have English blood. I love castles, I love old taverns, hotels, history that I think my own blood must have travelled by. Then I realise that there could be ghosts of my own family over there! I have to laugh at the stupid antics of the hosts and crews and consider most of it fake and pure entertainment but occassionlly I must wonder if they truly have stumbled upon a real ghost. And what if it is related to me?
  • Is there life after death? Are people and places haunted? Go on the investigations with this exciting team of expert psychics and investigators and find out for yourself!

    The psychics are extremely good and you can learn a lot of what to do and what not to do if ghost hunting is your forte. The only thing that lightly annoys me is that when there is a noise or something, they spin the camera to themselves and their faces instead of where the noise came from, oh well, lol. But they have definately gotten better with more physical results each season. Evette herself has actually gotten very good with her own psychic ability as time has progressed and she's very brave. Derek, who is currently no longer with the team, was definately one of my favorite, spot on with his gifts. And of course David, my other favorite, feels like a brother to me, just that friendly kind of soul energy, and he is very accurate as well. It's a well rounded team. I'm looking forward to the live Halloween show tonight! Happy Halloween Everybody!!!!!!
  • The show about the Haunted shipping yard, can't remember where in England but they picked up on a man that didin't worked there but was hit by one of the worker with there car and was left to die.

    Brillant show, because at the begining of the show when evette and carl are talking about the building and the history, I notice that that at three accation that when the camera was on carl there was a puff of mist or smoke appear between carld botoom ear lob and his left shoulder or for people watching the show our right and wasn't shore what I saw so I watched the rerun the next day and taped it and there it was, COOL. I don't know it if the editor picked up on it because they didn't show it at the end, on the overall of the show but I still have the tape because I think it was SWEET FOOTIAGE.
  • PLease, get rid of the screamers!!

    Screaming is very unprofessional. You never scream or run away. If people are that scared they should not be there! That is the only downfall of the show. You need more people who take the line of work and the field of investigations seriously. I would tell someone to leave my group if they started to scream. Nothing is going to hurt you. Most of the things can be debunked. I wish these people would stop saying they are seeing things in the camera during the show because I haven't seen anything. Just please, stop the screaming. We don't want to see that.
  • Live at the Winchester House is an interesting idea but handled by the wrong group of people. You need the professionals from T.A.P.S. to be invited there. Gasping and wailing makes you all sound like children watching a horror movie!

    I was watching your show tonight with a friend who enjoys the ghost shows. When watching, I was surprised that you all thought you could fool anyone with your gasping and shocked faces. One of the first things that I heard the woman say was, "If you are there, give us a sign … touch one of us." Then the big man gasped and looked like he was going to cry when he said he was touched on the shoulder … and then he began to sweat. I asked my friend who that guy was and she said he was a medium. You have got to be kidding!! Someone who is claiming to be a medium is obviously disturbed by a touch that was ASKED for? Get real!! Maybe that is a British thing. Are you just paid to act the script? If this is an acting job and you want more watchers, how about trying to make it a bit more believable? Maybe you need a new scriptwriter. I am not a skeptic of ghosts, spirits, and poltergeists, but I am skeptical of your show! Re: 10/19/2007 10:30pm @ Winchester House Live
  • I think the one who ruins the show is Yvette Fielding.The lights go out, she screams.The camera man is pathetic. All the investigators are wimps.The only brave ones are Derek Acorah, David Wells and Ciarán O'Keeffe. Watch Ghost Hunters and learn.

    How can I review something that is so phony. I have never seen a group of people so goofy in my life. Derek Acorah, David Wells and Ciarán O'Keeffe get out and save your selfs before you to are a laughing stock. You would think that people who were out looking for ghosts would not be so afraid of what they find. Between the men and women screaming and all of the bleeps covering your foul language the show is truly pathetic. You would think that in the many locations you have visited you would have more proof than lousy little bumps and knocks.It is probably one of your camera or sound men trying to boost ratings for a looser of a show. You all are a joke and should be ashamed of your selfs. I hope you are just good actors and not like this in real life. That would be scary.
  • Fake!

    Definitely more believable in the earlier series but funnier to watch in the more recent series.

    I know that this show started off as a 'serious' investigation into the paranormal but I can't help but laugh at how fake some of the occurrences appear to be.

    Derek Acorah is quite convincing when he's talking about his guide Sam but when he is taken over by 'evil' spirits I'm not sure anyone believes him whether the phenomenon is real or not. Very fake!

    More often than not Yvette Fielding can be the most annoying person on TV. One minute she's pretending to be brave and telling the rest of the team to shut up, the next she's screaming and running away.

    Basically I'm not a regular viewer of this programme but sometimes I do watch it for the comedy value when there isn't anything else on.
  • A show about 3 bumbling Brit "Psychics", who stumble around in the dark with next to no real equipment, scaring the be-Jesus out of themselves, pretending to channel spirits, and claiming that dust particles are orbs. LAME-O

    I can't beleive that they put these boneheads on TV! Derek = the "so-called Psychic", who stares blankly, fakes convulsions, jumps around screaming, and claims to have just channeled a spirit. No electronic equipment to prove this is what just happened, mind you. Karl = "The straight man" for lack of a better use for him, appears to have small function in the group!

    Yvette= The "bumbling blond bimbo" who backs into cobwebs, shrieks, and claims to have been touched, all the while seeming to believe the crap which is spewing out of the other two's mouths. Look out! Now she's running away screaming! A piece of dust flew by her.

    The equipment = A tape recorder and a camera. No EMF gear, no heat sensing video camera, no infra-red....the list of what they DON'T have goes on and on and on..... ad infinitum!

    Entertainment value = Discovery is showing a repeat of the mating rituals of the common house that instead!
  • This show is about haunted places, they stay in these haunted houses for like 24 hours at a time and supposedly ALL of them are haunted. (unbelievable)

    One, this show shouldn't be trusted if you're interested in the paranormal, i'd suggest doing personal research at a library, heck ghost hunters is better than this show lol. In almost every episode derek is possessed, which in theory is improbable because of how often it happens in EVERY place, its fake. Secondly, Yvette is just a freaking crybaby, she screams on every episode and runs, you ARE NOT supposed to do that in a real ghost investigation. Thirdly, this show is a british one, no offense to the british in any way but their shows are all about hype and getting people to watch them. Its a fictional show that deserves a big fat zero, but i gave it a 1.5 to keep some hope alive. (if there is any for this show)
  • Most haunted isnt scary

    Its one of the least scariest shows on tv. Thank god they got rid of Derek Acorah though coz he was so obviously fake. And very annoying. For anyone who saw Conning the conmen on BBC3, they would know he was proved a fake.
    Anyway.. anyone who says this show is scary must be very weak.. (in a sense of them getting scared easy) because a member of the crew throwing something or moving something or people moving the seance thingys themselves is not at all scary!! There isnt any ghosts, orbs mean nothing and the rest is probably special effects!!
  • stinks

    i like wayching a lot of ghost story stuff....but this show has to be the worst one i have ever watched in my life.the psychic derik or what ever his name is...seems to always be off ALOT...hum...dont seem very useful at times..the cast is very funny.they are always yelling and so scared...the show might have a chance if they get rid of not so psychic derik and get a real one or at least a better actor.I also agree with others that they need to show more of the sounds and rooms they are filming instead of their faces.But honestly seen better shows...alot better.
  • Nice!

    I actually like this show and find it very compelling to watch. Being Australian, it is kind of a history lesson, shown in an interesting way.

    I think that the show is credible, as it dosen't go too far. I've watched a show similar that was done here in Australia and it was just stupid. If people believe that it was fake, then wouldn't the producers be making more paranormal activity happen? I also like it, in the way that it balances it up at the end with the right amount of skepticism from the psychologists/ parapsychologist. I do believe that a show like this would work well here in Australia, as it has its own share of ghosts- Port Arthur in Tasmania is a prime example. Being a former Tasmanian, I was told many stories of the ghostly sightings.

    If people think that show is silly, then don't watch it.
  • From an American point of view; I find the show incrediably naive. It is interesting viewing the castles of England & Whales. But,I have to "laugh" at the cast; I mean...they are looking for ghosts, but, when they find same....they scream or swear!?

    Basically, this show has no credibility. From an American
    point of view, it's very naive. There is an American TV Show
    (and probably Web site) called "Ghost Hunters, with Jason Hawes as founder. "Most Haunted" could benefit by viewing same. It's remarkable but when the cast actually does find evidence of a paranormal activity.....they scream or swear!?
    How unprofessional! Another interesting point is....there only seems to be (1) camera!? Daaaaaa???? And, Ghosts are
    expected to perform "on command""knock three times
    if you are here"????? Obviously....."EVPS" (tape recorder)
    aren't "big" in England. Or....the cast isn't familar with
    that term. Oh.....but the "psychic" is wonderful! I mean, the viewer does "have his word for it" right?
  • I think Carl and Kathy should take the cameras off their faces and have it pointed on the room instead. How are we going to catch anything as long as they are talking into the cameras? Carl should stop trying to be the Star of the Show.the Spirits are!

    First, what a wonderful program to watch! From the time it starts until the time it is over, the audience is always glued to the television. It is obvious that the crew is actually contacting spirits from the other side. Those spirits appreciate someone wanting to contact them to hear their stories. But I think now is the time to progress even further. Instead of always hearing the words: "What was that", now there should be someway to learn more about them. Having a controlled questioning form would really delve into the 'unknown'. We've seen enough of Carl and Kathy's faces in the cameras. How about having a camera already set up in the rooms. You hear the team talk about not being able to see 'anything', how about having a low-light in place? If the team can't see 'anything', how are they going to see an apparition? How are we going to see an apparition? Trying different techniques would keep the program interesting. Delving into the unknown should be moving forward, not staying in the past!!!!!
  • Yvette Fielding and her husband and a bunch of friends go in search of ghosts.

    Initially the series was fantastic, quick and opened our minds to the paranormal world, with live shows to boost the goosebumps on our bodies, but now it seems to be slipping. I never liked Derek Akorah as in my eyes he was too obviously fake, the newer guy is far better as seems more legit. And bringing in Paul Ross was just wrong. The series needs to fine tune itself now if it is to redeem itself, otherwise it will be Bye Bye Most Haunted. It will lose it's fans if it goes down the road of being cheese on a stick which is what it is beginning to turn into. Back to the basics please.
  • Stupid.

    they scream during the whole investigation!! that is really annoying, goodness gracious, people shut-up!! Ghost Hunters is way way way Better, yes I said it GH is much better. they actually don't scream everytime they hear a bump, this show needs to go away, its dumb. I also hear its fake, which is probably true, these people are boring they need some personalty, seriously people don't waste your time on this show, its an awful excuse fora ghost show. I mean all the others are so good, what happened to this one? If you wanna see real ghost hunting done right, watch Ghost Hunters, its so much better than this ignorant scream-a-thon.
  • Another guilty pleasure that's turn-off-the-lights fun.

    I started watching a couple of years ago, and now watch weekly. Do I take the show seriously? No, it's reality-tv. What I expect every week is nothing more than what they give me: Yvette Fielding and Company running around a darkened castle or home trying to scare up some fun. This show is often criticized for fakery by fans of "Ghost Hunters", and my reply to that is, "Of course, it's a TV SHOW." Do they exaggerate? Of course. Does TAPS engage in the same thing? Absolutely. They are entertainers dealing with a subject that very few people take seriously fighting for ratings and advertising dollars. We all like to be scared, so both shows have a natural appeal.
    What keeps me coming back to MH is Ciarán O'Keeffe. I love his eye-rolling at the end of every episode. "Ghost Hunters" should hire him, too. I rate this higher than GH simply because they don't claim to be doing scientific research and have a much more interesting musical score and setting. Let's be honest, would you rather watch people walk around a castle, or a supposedly-haunted basement in the 'burbs?
  • Safety first is paramount. Why do the men always ignore the cardinal rule. Protection, protection, protection.

    Last night David Wells could not have been more clear. Going in without protection is plain stupid and puts everyone at risk. Karl and Stewart ignored him and the nasties took over. The same thing happened to Richard in Edinburgh in the vaults last Halloween. Wanting to learn and experience is one thing. Male macho ego/stupidity is not acceptible.

    When Derek and David and the other mediums say take care they mean it. You are walking into danger.

    Firehead Doewoman
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