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  • gutted

    I'm soo gutted I missed last night's show ... does anyone know where I can watch on the net tried all sorts
  • Most Haunted Live 2015

    I don't care what people say about the live episode being faked last night. I have a friend who is friends with a person who works with Most Haunted, and they assured us that it was 100% real last night. It was a camera rope tied around Karl's waist, not a rope! And Karl DID put the knife in the box, later to find it in the bedroom. I loved every second of the episode last night and would watch it again. Whatever people are saying about it being faked is complete bull***. Nothing was faked. Everything you saw was paranormal activity.
  • Jo Bri

    I'll love the show, I believe in the spirit world so like in real life we have good and evil people so why not in spirit, I would love to join the cast and crew well done guys, Carl and Stuart Hope you both are ok X
  • love this show

    i think all the team have been great its not fake paranormal does excist and this show brings it to many peoples attention amazing i hope they carry on makeing shows as i love it i say if you dont belive any of the shows then before judgeing there good work go and stay overnight at the same location yourself before judgeing there experiances
  • Good Job!

    I thoroughly enjoy every episode of Most Haunted, even if there is no "boo" factor. I think it is well presented and very informative, it is clear the locations are researched. As far as "fake" and "bad camera angles" goes, I would love to see ANYONE try to do what the crew of Most Haunted do and try to keep composure. Good job team!
  • Is there life after death? Are people and places haunted? Go on the investigations with this exciting team of expert psychics and investigators and find out for yourself!

    The psychics are extremely good and you can learn a lot of what to do and what not to do if ghost hunting is your forte. The only thing that lightly annoys me is that when there is a noise or something, they spin the camera to themselves and their faces instead of where the noise came from, oh well, lol. But they have definately gotten better with more physical results each season. Evette herself has actually gotten very good with her own psychic ability as time has progressed and she's very brave. Derek, who is currently no longer with the team, was definately one of my favorite, spot on with his gifts. And of course David, my other favorite, feels like a brother to me, just that friendly kind of soul energy, and he is very accurate as well. It's a well rounded team. I'm looking forward to the live Halloween show tonight! Happy Halloween Everybody!!!!!!
  • The show about the Haunted shipping yard, can't remember where in England but they picked up on a man that didin't worked there but was hit by one of the worker with there car and was left to die.

    Brillant show, because at the begining of the show when evette and carl are talking about the building and the history, I notice that that at three accation that when the camera was on carl there was a puff of mist or smoke appear between carld botoom ear lob and his left shoulder or for people watching the show our right and wasn't shore what I saw so I watched the rerun the next day and taped it and there it was, COOL. I don't know it if the editor picked up on it because they didn't show it at the end, on the overall of the show but I still have the tape because I think it was SWEET FOOTIAGE.
  • Live at the Winchester House is an interesting idea but handled by the wrong group of people. You need the professionals from T.A.P.S. to be invited there. Gasping and wailing makes you all sound like children watching a horror movie!

    I was watching your show tonight with a friend who enjoys the ghost shows. When watching, I was surprised that you all thought you could fool anyone with your gasping and shocked faces. One of the first things that I heard the woman say was, "If you are there, give us a sign … touch one of us." Then the big man gasped and looked like he was going to cry when he said he was touched on the shoulder … and then he began to sweat. I asked my friend who that guy was and she said he was a medium. You have got to be kidding!! Someone who is claiming to be a medium is obviously disturbed by a touch that was ASKED for? Get real!! Maybe that is a British thing. Are you just paid to act the script? If this is an acting job and you want more watchers, how about trying to make it a bit more believable? Maybe you need a new scriptwriter. I am not a skeptic of ghosts, spirits, and poltergeists, but I am skeptical of your show! Re: 10/19/2007 10:30pm @ Winchester House Live
  • Yvette Fielding, About the Show, Most Haunted?

    Yvette Fielding, The only thing that i don't understand is why are you all so afraid of being in these Haunting Houses and Screaming and Running away when you hear a knock on the wall? Isn't that the reason why you are there to contact these Spirits? I would Love to be there with you while on the show. I think you all are afraid of your own shadow. Please invite me to your Haunting's, I would enjoy doing the thing's you do, and i wouldn't be afraid. Thank You, Ms. Tina
  • most haunted very good show good ghost stories some things can be put aside and some things cannot

    this show is good if you like ghost stories if you dont like them it will be rare tht ull like the show. audio sounds are heard aswel as visual. Some places are really scarier and good some episodes lack. the best epsiodes for most haunted viewers i wud say are: pendle hill live-loads of audio and visual things and some of the crew almost died (really, well 1 for true)becuase they had the sensation of being hung

    queen mary-very good got 2 some ppl audio and visual and unexplained footprint

    greengate brewery-loads of things happened and a visual of a barrel rolling across the floor back and forth when there is no incline on the floor (floor is completely flat)
  • You want something will keep you on your toes this is the one for you!!!

    This programme is fantastic. I have seen many different programmes with mediums going round peoples houses trying to speak with ghosts but this is the best. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. I do like the new permanant psychic David but Derek was good. The locations that are picked are fantastic and deep research is done to find the best possible locations where there maybe activity. I have only known a few nights where not much has actually happened. The Most Haunted Lives are fantastic. I love watching the webcams as well as the programmes, if it is possible for you to do I would definitly recommend it. You know your always going to jump when you watch this programme.
  • This show goes against everything I believe in but, I just cant help to watch it!

    This show goes against everything I believe in but, I just cant help to watch it! This show is just so suspenseful and it makes me just want more and more, once I even watched it when I was home all alone in the dark, the night before Halloween, yea scary! This is such a great show because it all just seems so real and it makes me really want to believe that there are ghosts out there, It is a weird feeling when those people go in there and then actually either interact with ghosts or just do weird crazy things with the ghosts. I like this show so much because it is very suspenseful and original and frankly it scares the living curd out of me!
  • most haunted live in transylvania.the cast and crew spent 3 nights in one of the most important gothic buildings in central europe preserved in Romania the famous Corvin Castle which once housed Vlad the Impaler whom Dracula was inspired from.

    In this Most Haunted Live the streaming which was available on the webcams as well as Living tv caught the cast and crews emotions and actions exactly as they happened which gave a real feel to the show and personal feel to the members of the show.Throughout the show there was accurate information provided as well as on the live site which gave great insight and history to the castle.This truly was a great live show and the cast and crew deserve a medal for putting themselves through the sheer horror of what the castle held.Well Done!!
  • This eposide is so dramatic that you never know what happens. Each eposide is so diffrent that there is always a bone chilling feeling everytime you watch one of these eposides. tune in on this show if you want a bone chilling ecperence.

    This is such an edge cutting Show! Each time you watch it it has a thrilling and dramtic turn out. Sometimes they even might get hurt by someone or something thats not living and you never know what will happen. Each october on halloween there is a live eposide and you can send in coments. If you want a thrill on halloween then watch these shows and if not well . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . then just go do other things that will live up to your action. You need to tune in to all these eposides cuz there all so A-w-e-s-o-m-e

  • i just love ghost stories, dont you? this show is fun and informative especially if you want to take a haunted vacation.

    by watching this show i know where to go if i want to find ghosts on my travels. i know which hotels to stay in, what cities and even tours. i like the element of suprise and fear, and of course this show gives you the prpoer goose bumps, cause the locations and tall tales just so happen to be true. i really want to visit the stanley hotel where the coolest writer just so happened to stay and write his wonderful novel, "the shining" which scared the pants on everyone. i also like the narrartor. hes got a good voice doesnt he?
  • As my classification explains, its always a case of "Go back! What was that?" for Yvette in Most Haunted.

    If you've never watched this before, although you probably have, Most Haunted follows a group of paranormal investigators, Yvette Fielding, the presenter and the crew with one spiritualist medium, formely Derek Acorah, now Gordon Smith. This show is gripping, as some many things happen, beyond this world. Paranormal activity is very high on Most Haunted and entrusted with their handy cameras, the crew are ready to capture any proof, that ghosts and beings after death are here.

    Many people mock this show, but, it is very, very, very good as well as informative. Yvette may become scared at some points, but it must be scary in pitch black in a haunted house.

    I advise, no, encourage, no, command you to go and watch this show. Now!
  • i love most haunted and try to watch it every day. I LOVE IT.

    I try to stay up and watch most haunted everyday and arn't always able to but when i do i love to watch it i dont just watch it because i love seeing evette get scared like some people but i watch it in the hope that proof of paranormal activity is real. I enjoy being scared when things narrowly miss peoples heads and love to find things out about places and people. It always ammazes me that derek gets so right al the time amazing. espesialy the details he goes into i absolutle amazed when derek led you to the wall which a priest was beried them i love most haunted and esspecialy the ones derek apperers in. Keep up the good work.
  • This Show Is Amazing, Tantalizing, and captivating.

    This show is Excellent! What a cool job to have, I wish I could do this for a living. The mediums they have are Phenomonal! Among the best in the world. In todays day and age we should all take this kind of interests into our daily lives, because it is very real. Those out there that don\'t believe are one of two things; Scared or closed minded, but they will see one day! The way this show is filmed is great and they do a great job if being thorough.
    Every episode leaves me begging for more. Outstanding, and spiritually inviting!
    --Lori Illinois, USA
  • Great Show but......

    Most Haunted is a great show but I usually dont watch it because if I do I cant sleep. Where I live it comes on at 10:00pm on Firday, it also comes on at 10:00am Saturday and that is when I watch it, but some times I miss it because I oversleep. This is pathetic because am 14 and shouldn't be scared of this stuff, but this show spook's me. But, I have watched this show. I think that I have seen about 9 episodes. Usually most episodes are repeats. I think that this is one of the best shows ever. I really enjoy watching it. Thats all I have to say for this show.
  • the best paronormal show i have ever seen and will most likely ever see.

    well what can i say, well who wouldn't like this? it has everything you could ask for, it is scary and funny has fascinating people etc. But in my opinion i think that most haunted is better now then when derek acorah was in it because i think that Derek would go a bit weird all the time and he also used to say that the ghost's name was John which made me kinda think that he was faking at some bits. I also think that alot more has happened since derek has gone such as them seeing a pair of legs in the new series several more banging noises and voices. I think that some of the best bits in most haunted is where they go on the wigi board because loads of things happen there such as the table lifting of the floor, spirits spelling out their names with the letters on the table etc. I really like looking on the webcams on the computer when the live ones are on. I also like doing the physic art while watching the live ones.I have to say that my favourite bits in most haunted would be when carl and stuart are alone together because they are so funny. my summary for this show would be, TOTALLY AWSEOME.
  • A great show for people who like the paranormal.

    A crew spending 24 hours in haunted locations how you could not like this I would never no.
    This show is great, it make you stop and wonder if ghost are real or not. It may even change your mind on the matter. It may even scare you, from is strange noises weird lights and even ghost them self’s. Even though i love the show I don’t like the mediums they bore me and that could be faked. The show also has live events they aren’t as good as the show it’s self but there still interesting and fun to watch.

    I highly recommend this show.

  • Fantastic show, love every episode. Derek Acorah is fab!! Yvette keep up the screaming. Well done to all the cast and crew.

    I have to say that since first starting to watch the show not that long ago I have been stuck like glue to it. There have been some episodes that have been disappointing to me and I am sure to the crew when nothing of any major significance has happened, but the majority of the time I love to watch it. Derek Acorah is a must and I am sad to see that he is not on the new series as much as he should be. Fantastic, a must see. Brilliant!!
  • Is this the proof the world has been waiting for? Have the Most Haunted Crew caught a ghostly face on camera? Take a look for yourself and decide.

    The only talking point of this episode is the strange light/orb/face thing caught in Room 10 by Karl Beattie.

    Many people are saying that it is a cobweb. well that is an utter load of you know what. A cobweb that big is really going to swoop down after being up all day and then disappear from site. Some people do come up with ridiculous explanations.

    I am jot saying it is a ghost, but i AM saying that it is NOT a cobweb.

    Other events to happen in this episode are Rachel crying and David Wells being taken over.
  • Why Yvette Fielding!?

    I randomly turned on the tv and this was on, so I started watching it, and I cannot get enough of it. I think it is one of the most original shows on tv today. It might be fake, and overly dramatic, but I think that is what makes it interesting.

    I do freak out a bit when they are in the dark, but I really do like the show. What annoys the hell out of me, though, is Yvette Fielding. She needs to be quiet a few times. There are also a lot of curse words being floated around, but other than that, I still watch the show. I have never seen anything on the show that is scary.
  • Brilliant! Can\'t stop watching it!

    I adore this show from bottom to top. Hands down to the crew... I would love to be a part of it and work with them even if it is to be one of the sound people.
    I simply cannot stop watching it and I wish everyone I know could get it, cause we have all had our own experiences but this crew, they go beyond and really have guts!
  • New favorite show!!

    I recently found Most Haunted on the Travel Channel (in September) and have been, um, passionate (sounds much better than obsessed) with it since. It is fun, funny, scary, intersting, educational and many more things. For X-file fans it brings back the same enjoyment of setting aside one hour every Friday night to be on edge of your seat wondering what, if anything, would be discovered that night. There are also additional half hour 'Extra' episodes that, so far, have only aired in Britain but one of the funniest would be for 'Hellfire Caves'. One of the scariest would be the last twenty minutes of the Live Show from Pendle Hill, night 3. I *highly* recommend this show to anyone who still misses the X-Files.
  • I truly love this show and watch it every time comes on. Trying to find out how to send a pic I have to them of my ghost. I love the crew, places they go, maybe soon they can come to the US and investigate some of our places here.

    I have loved ghosts, and any paranormal experiences all of my life. This show was desingned for people just like me. I hope soon in the near future, Most Haunted can come to the USA and do some investigating here. We have alot of old buildings too. The castles and other places they visit have been around alot longer than we have here. I love the crew and all of the emotions that they carry with them. They truly are scared out of there minds, and it shows. I grew up with a couple of different ghost around me.
  • I am hooked i can watch it over and over again. these are the kind of reruns you wait for so you can see if there is anything you missed the orbs the shodows man is it great just shows that sometimes souls get restless and have to make themselvesknown

    its great wouldnt want to see it end, neither would my husband, i have seen and had a few experinces with ghost and there are things that you spot when you watch the show and see something man makes me wish i had tvo so could rewind and watch again
  • Im hooked, line and sinker.

    I couldn\'t figure out why my 26 year old son was so facinated with this show. Then I started watching, and I can\'t stop. LOVE IT! Now I tell my friends and coworkers about it, because I really think they\'ll be hooked too. I can\'t wait for each new episode, wish it were on twice a week.
  • I have watched the show every friday night on teh travel channel and I am hooked. I think that the show is awesome, the places they go, and the things they see. I would be scared out of my mind, and I am not very jumpy.

    I have recommended this show to everyone I know, and I have never missed an episode yet. The crew is wonderful, and the things they pick up are fantastic.The castles and some of the other places are very creepy in themselves and then to hear the stories that go with them, I don't know if I could do it. I think that this by far is one of if not the best " Haunted" show I have ever watched and I watch all of them. So I hope that there are more to come, because I love a good scare.
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