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  • 10 steps backward for paranormal research and credibility. All the hard work, time and energy REAL parapsychologists have spent investigating this topic, only to have liars like Derek Acorah and Yvette Fielding make it more difficult.

    I'm a believer. I saw a ghost. It stood before me
    for 10 seconds or so and then vanished before my eyes. Since then I've researched sites with stories and photos and watched t.v. shows on the topic. Most Haunted was a favorite and then I found out it is a bunch of lies. I feel stupid and I feel sorry for the real sensitives and parapsychologists who devote their life to proving there's something other than physical life. EVP, video, photos... I hope the believers still believe despite liars like Derek and Yvette. Shame, shame shame on them!
  • Nothing happens in this show, a bunch of people walk around a haunted house with a video camera, i feel like im watching an amateur film class.

    This is the worst show ever. I would not recommend this show at all. I was flipping thorugh the channels and decided to watch because the topic is intriguing and boy was i let down, it was 36 minutes into the show before the first "noise" was heard which could have been ANYTHING, its an old house. and they kept asking the "ghosts" if they wanted them to leave and if so make another noise, this happened a few more times. The woman also claimed to see things in the mirror which neither myself or the person i was watching with saw anything in the mirror it looked pretty clearly to be the reflections of the video camera lights. I cant believe money is spent to produce this show.
  • Unbelieveable bunk.

    Undoubtly one of the worst shows ever to be aired. And I mean that.

    The crew/cast are annoying, insanely funny and hard to be taken seriously in their attempts to be "experts" - overall it looks too contrived. I would rather watch paint dry than this load of organic fertilizer.
  • Official, OFCOM say this show is fake!

    Ofcom, the regulator for TV in teh UK has cleared Most Haunted of fraud! but only because they say that the show is fake so it cant be fraudulent!

    So its official now, the show is not a real paranormal investigation, ok so most people realised that years ago, but there are some noobs out there who think it is real.

    This show has now been exposed in a national newspaper, and the TV regulators have openly called it fictional entertainment where the viewers are not in control of the full facts.

    So any believers out there still think it is real?
    If there is go visit
  • You must be kidding. Total bull and no meat. The "stars" are frauds and so is the show

    It is absolutely the most ridiculous “paranormal investigation show” yet. The clowns put on a show and act as if they are experiencing something beyond the realm of the normal. However, they offer no substantial proof or scientific verification of the experience. If you want a “real”, believable paranormal investigations show turn to the Sci Fi channel for “Ghost Hunters”
  • Why even try?

    I have watched many shows in paranormal research, and this one takes the cake. Almost unbelievable, and what is the running away at the first sign of noises? If you are going to "investigate" the paranormal, then investigate it, don't run from it! I have done ghost hunts in Tombstone Arizona for 4 years now, and have NEVER ran from anything. I just find it incredible that these people run at the first or second sign of paranormal activity, then at the end of the show, while trying to contact the dead, they continue to ask if an entity wants them to leave they continue to ask the same question when they get the answer each and every time. I just have a really big problem with believing these folks are for real.
  • should be called silly faces

    i have watched the program with great anticipation... many times and all i get as a viewer is constant close ups of silly presenter faces, i wonder if they actually point the camera elsewhere other than each others close up we the viewer might actually see something, i do understand how important it is for them to show their faces on tv "but come on" at least 90% of each program is their silly faces, all they do is video each other blocking 95% of what is around them.. the familiar phrase " what the hell was that" well we wouldn't know would we... and another phrase " did you hear or see that Brian or whoever " well no because your pointing the camera in my face, is what should be the reply.. i feel the focus of this program is on the silly faces of the presenter and not much else.. how about putting the camera in a stationary position instead and letting it record, instead of letting a frantic presenter holding and shaking it when a noise is heard or something is seen, and all we can see is their blurry faces whilst they are screaming the place down.... when are we the viewer going to see something or hear something.. never i feel as the 3 way conversations over the top of everything and silly faces blocking out everything any noises or views that they say are there..... very boring yawn yawn
  • so dame fake

    most hunted is so fake
  • most haunted

    Too much swearing and squawking to hear what's going on. Totally unprofessional.

    Why are they so surprised at the reactions they get from the spirits. Isn't that what they want? Duhh!!

    And why so many people on the crew, from admin assistant to make up, and probably anyone who answers the phone. It all adds to the confusion. I think they should take a leaf out of Ghost Adventures book, now there's a professional team that get results!!
  • So sad

    I only started watching this out of boredom 3 weeks ago. I have to say "It is all fake"

    Pieces of fluff seen in night vision claimed to be 'orbs', slight tapping noises probably caused by temperature changes or Deathwatch beetles, doors moving which is most likely just wind or the movement of floors or the house/property itself.

    As for the people themselves, well. Let's take Derek, a bigger 'wide boy' fake couldn't be found, more often wrong as right and when he is 'possessed', well that's a laugh. The fat short blonde woman, I call her 'touchy' for obvious reasons.

    I've spent time in dark properties alone and although it may be a bit spooky sometimes I was never running scared and screaming like demented women like the crew on this show does. They are either acting or experiencing mass hysteria, I believe 'acting'.

    All in all a total crock of rubbish. I'd LOVE to actually see something fly across the room and damage one of them, then I just might believe a bit of it!

    Give it up, you are fooling no one, well the seriously mentally ill maybe.
  • its a joke

    apart from the screaming , which is ridiculous "if they cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen"

    I would like to know what a vigual is, If anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful, also on the replays of slight noises or thumps etc they play bloody music over it , and then... they all scream and run !!!! . I know if I dont like it dont watch it , of theses days we may hear or see something substantial. Great programme spoilt by the team.
  • The screaming!!!!

    I can't stand the screaming, how the hell are we supposed to hear anything when all you do is scream, if you are that scared what's the point in doing the show, other than the money you must be raking in, although I am a believer in spirits that derek acora is a total joke, does he really think we can believe that he's being possessed by spirits, & isn't it suspcious that most the time the information he gives can't be verified, & if he has a spirit guide why does he feed Acora the wrong information???, nothing adds up. Yvette give it up because the screaming is beginning to p*** me off now!!!!!!!!!
  • Absolute screaming crap!!!

    What a load of utter rubbish!!! She screaming at any oppertunity...Her comments of utter crap ....get it off the TV and show something like Scooby Doo....Thats more like reality than this load of shit!!!
  • Yvette Fielding Is An Immature Fool

    Yvette Fielding only thinks "LOOK AT ME". She's horrible and ignorant. I could not believe the way she used to constantly try to steal the show from people like Derek Acorah. For instance Derek would be receiving supposedly psychic information, and trying to explain it but

    suddenly the idiot, Yvette, would interrupt and say something totally stupid like "DID YOU HEAR THAT OVER THERE ??!". No one would know what she was talking about. And if she really did hear anything, it was never anything worth mentioning let alone interrupt the guest psychic about. She was always trying to grab the attention on that show. During a seance she actually got up and ran away and went into a small room of some sort {forgot} and as if she could "make it happen" she was there {camera on HER of course}, trying to drum up some dramatic psychic incident. Of course she failed. But she did manage to get the camera off the main group who were trying to hold a seance. She's a Pig. And she has a nasty personality. While in Hever Castle she had to say something extremely awful {and untrue} about Anne Boleyn. Horrid Yvette had to announce that she heard that Anne had slept with her own brother out of fear of not conceiving a child with the King. It was a nasty rumor and slander against Anne Boleyn back in her own time, and Yvette the B*tch From Hell has to say the nasty rumor now {as if there was something to it} on camera. Instead of saying anything kind or sympathetic. And that God-Awful black woman on the same episode at Hever, a supposed medium or psychic, she had the loudest,crass mouth and trashiest personality. Sheer Ghetto and she was proud of it.

    I think Anne in Heaven would be sick to see those two in Hever. And,well Yvette, I you would do anything if it got your fat face on camera. Anything for attention, right Yvette ?

    Yvette thinks Anne would do anything but in real life Yvette does anything, anything for attention. Pathetic-
  • Absolute waste of my time and I'm sure many others!

    I enjoy how they're able to bring out spirits and how they can communicate with them. There's four words I keep hearing during the show "did you here that", I'm glad they're able to hear spirits reacting to they're requests, but what good is it if the tv viewers are unable to hear it. There's nothing wrong with my hearing including my wife and friends. The audio absolutely needs to be enhanced. The other very popular ghost hunting shows make sure they're viewer's are able to clearly hear what they hear. The show Most Haunted is a waste of time for the viewers unless your satisfied with "did you hear that, did you hear that, did you hear that"
  • How has this stayed on air?

    You can only laugh at a show where the Psychic (Derek) dishes out statements while the bubble at the bottom of the screen states that he's wrong. How many frequent liar miles do you think this nut has racked up? I've never seen a ghost team that runs away screaming from the slightest noise. Hey, why doesn't everyone hold their hands over a table, ooohhhh, did you feel it move? Gosh, let's call it a ghost and hope that no one got a shot of our feet. Hey, did you hear a rock being tossed? Certainly it could not be a member of the 20+ person team, it must be a ghost named Shorty Flagelmeister (no such person has ever been found in connection with the building). If I were a ghost (lonely, desperate, delusional or otherwise) I'd avoid these people like the plague in fear that other ghosts would laugh at me and take away my otherwordly membership.
  • Basically, a group of paranormal experts and a historian go onto these haunted places and try to find a ghost.

    Honestly, this is one of the worst ghost shows I have watched, and I watch a LOT of ghost shows. I mean, they all seem to expect the ghosts to perform like trained monkeys. "If you're here, can you tap on the wall for us?" "Can you give us a sign that you're here?" Rarely is the ghost even bothering anyone. Usually, it's just some place that's rumored to be haunted. The whole show basically consists of Yvette Fielding yelling out for the ghosts to do some tricks for the camera. Then, if a ghost DOES decide to make his/her prescence known, the investigators start cursing, screaming, and freaking out. In one instance, one of the investigators was standing in a dark basement yelling "You coward! Are you too afraid to show yourself? I'm not afraid of you!" The ghost then knocked something off a shelf and the guy was screaming, cursing, jumping, and completely flipping out. WTF?
  • Why run away and scream. Whats the point in that. By screaming your catching nothing but you being scared.

    Most Haunted is okay. But they need to be a little more abservant about their surronds. The show needs to be more real and less fake. The crew needs to stop pretending that these things that they are hearing, feeling, or sensing is actually happening. It's so fake. If they want to act then get onto a movie that will take there acting. Don't spoil something that can actually go somewhere. If I was on Most Haunted then I would go investigat every little sound that is visiable to hear. I would just stand there and scream for my life and act like it's all real. I'd go after these things not run away from them.
  • stinks

    i like wayching a lot of ghost story stuff....but this show has to be the worst one i have ever watched in my life.the psychic derik or what ever his name is...seems to always be off ALOT...hum...dont seem very useful at times..the cast is very funny.they are always yelling and so scared...the show might have a chance if they get rid of not so psychic derik and get a real one or at least a better actor.I also agree with others that they need to show more of the sounds and rooms they are filming instead of their faces.But honestly seen better shows...alot better.
  • Stupid.

    they scream during the whole investigation!! that is really annoying, goodness gracious, people shut-up!! Ghost Hunters is way way way Better, yes I said it GH is much better. they actually don't scream everytime they hear a bump, this show needs to go away, its dumb. I also hear its fake, which is probably true, these people are boring they need some personalty, seriously people don't waste your time on this show, its an awful excuse fora ghost show. I mean all the others are so good, what happened to this one? If you wanna see real ghost hunting done right, watch Ghost Hunters, its so much better than this ignorant scream-a-thon.
  • After watching seasons 1-9 I would say that this show is so obviously acted out it should be reclassified as fiction. Simply pay attention and a pattern begins to reveal itself.

    This show touts itself as "reality" TV but is far from it. The premise of the show is to "investigate" supposed haunted locations in the hopes of gathering some evidence on audio/video.

    After watching seasons 1-9 I would say that this show is so obviously acted out it should be reclassified as fiction. Simply pay attention and a pattern begins to reveal itself.

    For example many times you will see the "investigators" attempting to goad a spirit into action. A chair for instance seems to be a favorite. There is more then one episode where the investigators request a spirit to act upon a chair. Notice when they do this the camera(s) never focus on the item while they are attempting to invoke a reaction. Once you hear a sound effect then in sudden fashion they will point the camera to the object while the "investigators" act surprised and amazed at how the chair has moved. My favorite example of this is when there were some investigators in a room with 9 chairs or so. For a minute or two you could hear them commenting on some draging sounds. More then once they mention the chairs in the room yet you never get a steady shot of them. Finally they decide to try and provoke a "spirit" to move a chair. The cameras instead of focusing on the chair they are trying to get the reaction on they decide it's a good time to film the wall. Then suddenly you hear movement, and the investigators amazed at the sudden chair movement, then behold the camera shot of the chair. There is another episode where they go so far as to show a chair being knocked over near a table.. Yet the table just so happens to be blocking half the shot and there is a while table cloth blocking the shot so you can't see under the table. At no time did the camera even bother to look under the table, gee I wonder why. Other times there is behavior change in the actors personalities. For instance "Yvette" is frightened very easily, even to the point of tears just by noises. Yet in another episode she claims to of seen half a persons face right in front of her and her reaction is as if nothing has happened. Scared of noises to the point of tears yet see an apparition in front of your face and have no reaction? Sure.

    The theater, the theater.. Such a good spot for this show. Those of you that recall the theater episiode think back to when they had their "medium" on stage and the "investigators" were in the balcony. For at least two minutes all we heard from the investigators was chat about the light being moved. That's great, so why is your camera focused the entire time on your psychic on the stage? You have a camera in your hand yet you do not turn to film that. You instead film a person standing on a stage. I find it quite odd that after 9 seasons of trying to get so called evidence the crew never put cameras in all the "active" rooms of the house. No audio equipment is ever in other rooms of the investigations either. If you're into fake reality TV it's a decent watch. However, if you're under the impression that this is an actual investigation you are sadly misinformed. I give the show a 1 just because the places the crew visits are interesting.
  • Watch Ghost Hunters instead!!

    The field of paranormal reasearch is looked down upon by many scientists. There are many reasons but one of them is poeple like the Most Haunted crew. How can any one believe what they say? They never look to see if anything could have caused that sound or light. They just run around screaming at anything that comes their way. If they ever saw a real ghost they would all wet their pants and run fast in the other direction. These people are not ghost hunters, for in order to be one you have to look to see if anyone else in the room could have made that noise. If you want some real ghost hunting action and not just a bunch of sissys then watch Ghost Hunters instead!
  • Enough with the language!!!

    Enough with the language already!!!!!! Have you noticed they just keep swearing so you can't hear anything over the beeping? Sometimes I wonder if they sometimes do it just so we can hear anything. On the review part of this they even ask you to keep the language clean. But they can swear all they want on the show!
  • A show about 3 bumbling Brit "Psychics", who stumble around in the dark with next to no real equipment, scaring the be-Jesus out of themselves, pretending to channel spirits, and claiming that dust particles are orbs. LAME-O

    I can't beleive that they put these boneheads on TV! Derek = the "so-called Psychic", who stares blankly, fakes convulsions, jumps around screaming, and claims to have just channeled a spirit. No electronic equipment to prove this is what just happened, mind you. Karl = "The straight man" for lack of a better use for him, appears to have small function in the group!

    Yvette= The "bumbling blond bimbo" who backs into cobwebs, shrieks, and claims to have been touched, all the while seeming to believe the crap which is spewing out of the other two's mouths. Look out! Now she's running away screaming! A piece of dust flew by her.

    The equipment = A tape recorder and a camera. No EMF gear, no heat sensing video camera, no infra-red....the list of what they DON'T have goes on and on and on..... ad infinitum!

    Entertainment value = Discovery is showing a repeat of the mating rituals of the common house that instead!
  • I think the one who ruins the show is Yvette Fielding.The lights go out, she screams.The camera man is pathetic. All the investigators are wimps.The only brave ones are Derek Acorah, David Wells and Ciarán O'Keeffe. Watch Ghost Hunters and learn.

    How can I review something that is so phony. I have never seen a group of people so goofy in my life. Derek Acorah, David Wells and Ciarán O'Keeffe get out and save your selfs before you to are a laughing stock. You would think that people who were out looking for ghosts would not be so afraid of what they find. Between the men and women screaming and all of the bleeps covering your foul language the show is truly pathetic. You would think that in the many locations you have visited you would have more proof than lousy little bumps and knocks.It is probably one of your camera or sound men trying to boost ratings for a looser of a show. You all are a joke and should be ashamed of your selfs. I hope you are just good actors and not like this in real life. That would be scary.
  • This show is about haunted places, they stay in these haunted houses for like 24 hours at a time and supposedly ALL of them are haunted. (unbelievable)

    One, this show shouldn't be trusted if you're interested in the paranormal, i'd suggest doing personal research at a library, heck ghost hunters is better than this show lol. In almost every episode derek is possessed, which in theory is improbable because of how often it happens in EVERY place, its fake. Secondly, Yvette is just a freaking crybaby, she screams on every episode and runs, you ARE NOT supposed to do that in a real ghost investigation. Thirdly, this show is a british one, no offense to the british in any way but their shows are all about hype and getting people to watch them. Its a fictional show that deserves a big fat zero, but i gave it a 1.5 to keep some hope alive. (if there is any for this show)
  • i am an avid ghost hunting freak who loves watching the paranormal shows but !!!!!!!

    After watching 6 episodes of most haunted I have dropped all seriousness and purely watch it was comedy now ..Never have i seen such b.s on a show and it is called reality.. how about straight up fiction ..Or they are by far the luckiest ghost hunters in the world with spirits acting on que . playing catch moaning . and not to forget . super rock throwers ..their medium who ''has no knowledge'' comes right in gives off first and last names ages and cause of death as quick as the eyes can read a prompt .the stack light house dissproves him in an instant when he says ''Are you the woman who just floated up the stairs and stopped right in my face '' 45 seconds after this a mysterious pebble pops beside him and he jumps like a little girl .. ok floating ghost no problem . little pebble almost pee's pants ... good god such fakes ... i ahve a wonderful idea ... get the american ''ghost hunters'' to team up with most haunted and watch how nothing happens cause ghost hunters will bust their butts for the fakes they are ..and one more little piece of weird information ... all this banging and clanging rock throwing and voices yet .. never any evp's nothing ever on thermals .. no proof other than what they claim ... like i said comedy ...nothing else they should be sued for claiming reality .
  • This show is so much like ghost hunters

    This show is so annyoing.The people are very unprofessional.They are always screaming and cussing.There suppose to be investgating,and they look really stupid when they scream.Ghost hunter is way better,and if you want to watch a show about ghost,watch that.They try to disprove stuff,makeing it more belivable.Stuff on there is wayy more belivable.Everything on this show looks so fake,and this show is really boreing.I don't think these people know what there talking about.Trust me,stay away from this show.
  • IT'S ALL FAKE ( except for a few things but that really freaked them out)

    This show was proven to be all fake , they make the knocks, the sounds almost everything! Ciaran O'keefe outed this show some time ago...just google!
  • The unwatchable programe

    The idea is good but the screaming and pleeping out workds makes it only possible to watch with subtitles. That medium derek really is an actor and Kath, why the hell is she there at all if not to just scream?

    In all nice subject but wrong format and crew.
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