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  • Most haunted is a TV programme on Livingtv at 9pm on tuesdays trying to prove that ghosts do exist, with the help of psychic medium Derek Acorah.

    Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie own the production company Antix and came up with the idea Most Haunted. Yvette is now also the Presentor and Karl the director. The crew lock themselves in a haunted location for 24 hours hoping to get any paranormal activity.The show trys to prove that ghosts exist and in my eyes does it extremely well. It starts off with a walk around with the mediums so that they can get an idea of the location and pick up any spirits in the atmosphere. After that they try to catch any apparitions on tape whilst on night vision cameras. On some occasions the show has special live events where they do all of this in just 3 hours and completely live! The show is amazingly well thought out and I really look forward to Tuesday nights!
  • A show that you can\'t really watch with the lights off and a show that is pure entertainment too

    Before i watched this show i would have thought what a load of rubbish but after watching it, i am hooked and have now watched every episode of the show, this show is different to other paranormal shows because it is not trying to convince you there are ghosts, it also gives you the other side of the story.
    Its a program that you can learn from, lear to love the team and seriously entertain yourself at the same time too. I will watch this show until the day it finishes which i hope is years and years away . . .
  • Presented by Yvette Fielding, with psychic medium Derek Acorah. The Most Haunted team go around Great Britain, Ireland, Holland, and soon to be USA to apparently haunted places spending 24 hours there to try to discover if ghost do exist.

    I first got hooked on Most Haunted about halfway through Series 1. Having seen all the Most Haunted episodes so far I believe there is no paranormal programme like it, and even when it sadly finishes there will be no paranormal programme to ever compete with it. First you have the likeable crew, Yvette Fielding, Karl Beattie, and Stuart Torevell. You have the historian Richard Felix. You have the psychic medium Derek Acorah, David Wells etc. You have the rational side of the fence with Matthew Smith and Ciaran O\'Keeffe. You have every side of the fence in the believers and the sceptics, and the one\'s who sit on the fence. What\'s more is the locations in Great Britian, Ireland, Holland, and soon to be USA. Things have happened on set that can or cant be explained, or maybe either way if you are believer or sceptic things have made you think more after seeing things on the show. But one way or the other Most Haunted is a frantastic show for viewers interested in the paranormal even if you believe or you don\'t. A must see!!!
  • A ghost hunt, stay at a haunted location over night investigating paranormal activity. spine chilling stuff and the live shows make it better.

    Most haunted is a pure genius programme. The cast have got to be some of the most brave people on the planet as they stay at a haunted location over night performing night viduals and aim to get us the most spine chilling footage imaginable.
    The cast include Yevete fielding, Derek aukorah and many other members of the crew.
    If you watch this programme alone with the lights off, i promise that u will jump out of ure skin when all the action kicks off, some of the episodes consist of PLENTY of activity, i have never seen an episode that has not had anythin paranormal happen.
    The most haunted live works a treat as you are welcome to view the webcams for activity and send what you have seen, and if you are lucky your message will be played across the screen, like me, you can also send your phycic art to the show by faxng them and enter plenty of competitions which seem to get better every time.
    Most haunted is possibly the scariest tv show out their, sleep tight.
  • Unbelieveable bunk.

    Undoubtly one of the worst shows ever to be aired. And I mean that.

    The crew/cast are annoying, insanely funny and hard to be taken seriously in their attempts to be "experts" - overall it looks too contrived. I would rather watch paint dry than this load of organic fertilizer.
  • presented by Yvette Fielding and resident medium Derek Acorah. The crew search up and down the country for haunted places to investigate. Special Live shows are also aired as spin offs

    I think most haunted is really interesting. Not just what happens when the lights go out, but what the medium can sometimes pick up on. My best episode would be the live episode at pendel hill when Derek picked up on a group of witches wich followed them to Tynedale Farm where 4 of the crew members were attacked
  • I adore this show and watch it every time it is on. We get it on W tv. here in Canada.

    I adore the show, some may debunk it, that\'s their choice. The show is awesome and interesting, informative and entertaining, whether you believe it or not. Up to each individual...I belive in ghosts/spirits. I love each episode. Would love to be able to be a ghost hunter like they are.
  • This show is so much like ghost hunters

    This show is so annyoing.The people are very unprofessional.They are always screaming and cussing.There suppose to be investgating,and they look really stupid when they scream.Ghost hunter is way better,and if you want to watch a show about ghost,watch that.They try to disprove stuff,makeing it more belivable.Stuff on there is wayy more belivable.Everything on this show looks so fake,and this show is really boreing.I don't think these people know what there talking about.Trust me,stay away from this show.
  • I've just recently started watching this show and I already love it!

    I've just recently started watching this show and I already love it! The cast is really
    cool. The places they go to are compleatly horrifying!! I don't know how they keep doing
    that over and over withought getting scared out of their wits! I think it helps to have
    Spiritualist Medium-Derek Acorah on the show, cause' he can tell where a spirit is and he
    can talk to "Sam" (his connection to the spirit world) about what has happened in that
    paticular place. The viduals that do could make you wet your pants, if the activity is
    good. But, there is one thing I HAVE to mention, I think when they perform Seances' it's
    really interesting to see but it is also unprofessional. Most "Ghost Hunters" would
    strongly advise not to do a seance' cause' that only attracts spirits to the place.
    Otherwise this is an awesome show and I would love to see more episodes soon!
  • It is a good show but most of the investigators seem like amateurs.

    I think the show is wanderful its got all the stuff im looking for but Yvette Fielding is what messes it all up she is too scared and the investigators some times get spooked but dont get me wrong it is awesome!I just think that Yvette should not get as scared she just causes too much pressure on the investigators i think.
  • I love this show. I watch it every Friday on the Travel Channel. The investigators seem genuine. It's amazing how the medium can get the correct informatiom of the history of the places investigated. The paranormal has always fasinated me. I hope this sho

    The orbs of light are very interesting. I've seen these orbs personally. I've also heard footsteps where there wasn't a soul around. I've had these experiences at a former residence. Nothing violent ever happened though. They just wanted me to know they're around.

    I'll probably get laughed at by a few. Sure, some hauntings are frauds. I bet every skeptic who hopefully will have these experiences one day and can't explain it absolutely away.. Will change their minds!! I guaranttee it!!!
  • Amazing.

    This show is spectacular. I don't care if this show is real or fake. There are some moments in this show that put nearly every single horror film to shame. Some of it's moments are so scary it's kind of funny. Film makers everywhere trying to make horror films, should watch this show.

    the show also has moments which are far funnier than that god-awful "Popcultured" show.
  • A chilling breakthrough in ghost hunting.

    In Most Haunted the spirits will get there chance to shine.Paranormal investigators are joined by the guide Yvette Fielding to learn more about the location they are investigating.The investigators sometimes will get spooked but I would have to say Yvette is bad for getting scared,take this for example Derek the medium will be telling the story of a spirit and she will interrupt him with a very rude "hush" just because she heard a tapping or something that could be a crick in the floor.The medium Derek is so accurate on his information when the info box pops up saying that he was right about something im just in awe,he is excellent.I kind of get ticked off at the end of the show when the parapsychologists are trying to debunk any paranormal phenomena the investigators have ran across,take thisfor example when one of the investigators was in the Detention Hall one of the investigators got scratched and at the end the parapsychologists said it was a possible bug flying very fast,thats kind of ridiculous wouldn't you say so?I give Most Haunted a 9.7 because it is a very good show based on ghosts,but Yvette needs to toughen up a little.
  • Not quite convinced...

    I was able to catch a few episodes of Most Haunted this past weekend. I find the show informative and mildly interesting, but I'm not quite convinced. It reminds of those Ouija boards that always seem to work for my friends, but never work for me alone, or perhaps supposed haunted houses where friends seemed to hear or see something that I could never quite catch. The hosts of the shows kept seeing things that I couldn't no matter how hard I looked, and the sounds most often were reminiscent of the guy at the party who managed to flick a coin or tab at some object for dramatic effect. I'm not totally convinced that spirits don't exitst, I'm just saying that I'm going to have to have a bit more evidence that couldn't be attributed to just a glare or shadow from the lights or some overactive imaginations. Still, I'm willing to give this show another chance. At worst, it's a mildly amusing source for spooky tales worth retelling on a dark night.
  • I think that show is a brilliant show, its the sort of show that makes you think "whats going to happen next".i love it one of the best paranormal shows going round on our tv screens.

    this show is the type of show peeople should watch a very good paranormals and kind of,sometimes even quite scary. the show is for more mature peeple who do not mind oblivious actions and other quick moving things. when watching i like to be with other peeple who like paranormal be honest i think it could be true but different peeple have other opinions on what they like.this show is in my top 10!
  • i love most haunted

    i love the show most haunted i have not missed a show yet

    i record most of the episodes to video then to dvd when i can

    i have got all the dvd's to date and i have got 2 most haunted t shirts and got a jumper plus 2 posters and a tourch and my bedroom is full of pictures i have framed

    the next thing i want to do is go and see most haunted live
  • its scares the socks off of me

    its scary and funny kinda because the always yell and say bad words ha ha ahaa haaha nahahah ahahaha ahahah a a ha hahah its on travel channel every friday at 9 PM i watch it every friday the manor house scared the socks off of me hehe he ha
  • Ghost investigators explore haunted locations in Great Britian. Fun, interesting, and well scripted show. Exciting, and chilly, but not very convincing of paranormal activity!

    Great show, lots of fun! Derek (the medium) is full of balony, & there\'s no way he\'s not been prepped with the details - no medium is THAT good! But its a hoot to see the creepies get the better of poor Yvie, and I do enjoy it every Friday night. Would I go to one of their sites and check it out? You bet! I think they let their imaginations run awy with them a bit, don't you? But anyway you slice it, its miles ahead of its American counterpart: Ghost Hunters, where absolutely NOTHING happens, every single time!
  • This is one fine show. I love it. It's my favourite.

    I love this show, the cast are very open and honest. You can see real emotion in them as they go about their ghost hunting tasks. I like the fact that they do try to put a reality based fact at the end of every episode. Ciaran O'Keefe is a parapsychologist who tries to explain the strange happenings of so called spirits, strange noises, etc. Whether you are a believer or a non believer in the paranormal, you will most likely love most haunted as it is most entertaining as well. And as Yvette Fielding says at the end of every show, sleep tight!
  • most haunted is the best tv i have ever seen

    nothing would get in the way of the bill that is until i discovered most haunted its the bet thing on tv every morning when i get up i set the reminder so it buzz as soon as its due on i have always been fascinated by the stories of ghost my mum has told me about seeing a shadow in her mums bedroom when she was younger and of the feeling of someone pushing her down the stairs when everyone was down staires
  • I just wish this would come over to America to investigate some of our Haunted places...

    I love this show! I am honestly afraid of my own shadow, but I never miss this show on the Travel Channel! I am waiting for them to air other seasons! Some of the shows have been down right creepy. The one at the Greengate Brewery was especially scary to me.
  • Why even try?

    I have watched many shows in paranormal research, and this one takes the cake. Almost unbelievable, and what is the running away at the first sign of noises? If you are going to "investigate" the paranormal, then investigate it, don't run from it! I have done ghost hunts in Tombstone Arizona for 4 years now, and have NEVER ran from anything. I just find it incredible that these people run at the first or second sign of paranormal activity, then at the end of the show, while trying to contact the dead, they continue to ask if an entity wants them to leave they continue to ask the same question when they get the answer each and every time. I just have a really big problem with believing these folks are for real.
  • Nothing happens in this show, a bunch of people walk around a haunted house with a video camera, i feel like im watching an amateur film class.

    This is the worst show ever. I would not recommend this show at all. I was flipping thorugh the channels and decided to watch because the topic is intriguing and boy was i let down, it was 36 minutes into the show before the first "noise" was heard which could have been ANYTHING, its an old house. and they kept asking the "ghosts" if they wanted them to leave and if so make another noise, this happened a few more times. The woman also claimed to see things in the mirror which neither myself or the person i was watching with saw anything in the mirror it looked pretty clearly to be the reflections of the video camera lights. I cant believe money is spent to produce this show.
  • Great show with plunty to scream about!

    This is a very well put together show. Every time I watch this show it scares me at least once. You may not believe in the spirt world but I do and this show sure does hit that spine tingling spot that no other show that I've seen can do.
    There are some shows that not too much happens in them and only orbs are seen and the occasional bumps but there are those epposodes that make me go very cold and feel very frightened!
    The greatest part of this show vs. any other show like it is that you know that they can't be faking it because other wise every single show would frighten the pants off of you.
  • Most Haunted is very entertaining. The live shows are my favourites and it's a shame that Derek Acorah is leaving the series. It's very intersting to find out the history of some of the UK's oldest buildings too.

    Most Haunted is very entertaining as you never know what is going to happen next. My favourites are the live shows. Derek Acorah is my favourite on the show and it's a shame that he is leaving the series after the next live shows. It's interesting to find out about the history of some great locations in the UK. It's also good the way the film crew are involved in the show too. Yvette Fielding is a great presenter for the show and long may the show continue. The show is often the most watched program on SKY TV and is Living TV's best show.
  • An addicting and exciting show.

    I can't wait until new episodes air. I am so addicted to this show that I would be in despair if stopped airing.

    The cast is fabulous. Derek the medium is absolutley incredible. He's amazing just to watch.

    There's nothing more to say except this is an AWESOME show!!!!!!!!

  • Very interesting.

    The hunt for the paranormal goes on with a team of investigators. They try to prove each time if a house is haunted or not. Most of the time, it is. This show is mildly interesting, whether real or not, I believe in ghosts, this show has gone to great lengths to prove me right.
  • I recently discovered this show and it quickly became a favorite. I laugh at these people who scare themselves half the time. Very good entertainment.

    I just recently became aware of this show and I have to say I find it very entertaining. The british charachters are charming and crack me up when they scare themselves. I love Derek as he is unbelieveably accurate at least I believe him. The places they go are genuine and all have great ghost histories behind them. I watch on Fri nites even though I know that is on other nites as well but this time slot fits my viewing schedule and I hope it continues in this time slot. I am a big fan of good ghost shows and this one ranks the top of my list. It cracks me up to hear them scream or get scared of these happenings when that is what they are supposed to be investigating.
  • Exciting and very believable

    I love this show. I could do without Yvette though. Her incessant screaming and saying \"What was that\"? is very annoying to me. If she is so scared she shouldn\'t be there. Derek Acorah is very believable. He amazes me every week with his accurate depictions of the past lives in each place.Another reason to look forward to Friday nights.
  • Teriffic sometimes really scary TV

    I love Most Haunted. I think Derek Acorah and Phil Whyman are absolutely brilliant. I have great fun debating the events in each episode with my family who are totally closed to the possibility of there being any truth to the supernatural while I have more of an open mind. It's been the result of some really heated discussions.

    I am fascinated by how they keep finding new locations to do shoots in - I didn't realise there were so many haunted places in the UK. I'm not so fussed for the live shoots - I think the programme loses something in these episodes.

    I hope Derek and Phil stay with the series (it hasn't been on in a while) as I definitely think they add to it.

    Even though each episode has the same format it manages to remain interesting and exciting each week and I think has provided some pertinent evidence for the existence of 'something' which at the very least should be given a more in depth investigation.

    Brilliant show!
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