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  • Welcome back!

    It's been too long since you were on air. Seems the new show, which we've been waiting for with bated breath, is going to be great. For us other paranormal shows especially Ghost adventures with slow drawling Zak, just do not hit the spot! Glad to hear Yvette's still got the scream factor, Will Lesley & Kath be back at all?
  • Nothing happens in this show, a bunch of people walk around a haunted house with a video camera, i feel like im watching an amateur film class.

    This is the worst show ever. I would not recommend this show at all. I was flipping thorugh the channels and decided to watch because the topic is intriguing and boy was i let down, it was 36 minutes into the show before the first "noise" was heard which could have been ANYTHING, its an old house. and they kept asking the "ghosts" if they wanted them to leave and if so make another noise, this happened a few more times. The woman also claimed to see things in the mirror which neither myself or the person i was watching with saw anything in the mirror it looked pretty clearly to be the reflections of the video camera lights. I cant believe money is spent to produce this show.
  • Unbelieveable bunk.

    Undoubtly one of the worst shows ever to be aired. And I mean that.

    The crew/cast are annoying, insanely funny and hard to be taken seriously in their attempts to be "experts" - overall it looks too contrived. I would rather watch paint dry than this load of organic fertilizer.
  • Good Job!

    I thoroughly enjoy every episode of Most Haunted, even if there is no "boo" factor. I think it is well presented and very informative, it is clear the locations are researched. As far as "fake" and "bad camera angles" goes, I would love to see ANYONE try to do what the crew of Most Haunted do and try to keep composure. Good job team!
  • You must be kidding. Total bull and no meat. The "stars" are frauds and so is the show

    It is absolutely the most ridiculous “paranormal investigation show” yet. The clowns put on a show and act as if they are experiencing something beyond the realm of the normal. However, they offer no substantial proof or scientific verification of the experience. If you want a “real”, believable paranormal investigations show turn to the Sci Fi channel for “Ghost Hunters”
  • So a team of "haunting experts" lock themselves in a "haunted house" and film a preposterous TV series around it. I wonder if the "ghosts" get royalties?

    OK, this is a cockamamie idea for a TV show, or rather for a production company to pour millions of dollars into a TV series based on "haunting experts" going into various haunted locations, locking themselves in and filming it. If that weren't enough they actually televise it after what appears to be quite skilled and quite clever editing. They prey on the superstitions of people who should frankly know better, they come off like "experts" on a subject where you actually have to die to REALLY know anything about, and then have the gall to actually document, narrate, and finally "explain" the whole thing.

    Stay tuned for their new Holiday Special, where they lock themselves in Bloomingdale's and go looking for the ghost of Christmas Past.

    The series scores a 2 on my scale for the inventive use of their editing equipment.
  • Why even try?

    I have watched many shows in paranormal research, and this one takes the cake. Almost unbelievable, and what is the running away at the first sign of noises? If you are going to "investigate" the paranormal, then investigate it, don't run from it! I have done ghost hunts in Tombstone Arizona for 4 years now, and have NEVER ran from anything. I just find it incredible that these people run at the first or second sign of paranormal activity, then at the end of the show, while trying to contact the dead, they continue to ask if an entity wants them to leave they continue to ask the same question when they get the answer each and every time. I just have a really big problem with believing these folks are for real.
  • Jo Bri

    I'll love the show, I believe in the spirit world so like in real life we have good and evil people so why not in spirit, I would love to join the cast and crew well done guys, Carl and Stuart Hope you both are ok X
  • love this show

    i think all the team have been great its not fake paranormal does excist and this show brings it to many peoples attention amazing i hope they carry on makeing shows as i love it i say if you dont belive any of the shows then before judgeing there good work go and stay overnight at the same location yourself before judgeing there experiances
  • Official, OFCOM say this show is fake!

    Ofcom, the regulator for TV in teh UK has cleared Most Haunted of fraud! but only because they say that the show is fake so it cant be fraudulent!

    So its official now, the show is not a real paranormal investigation, ok so most people realised that years ago, but there are some noobs out there who think it is real.

    This show has now been exposed in a national newspaper, and the TV regulators have openly called it fictional entertainment where the viewers are not in control of the full facts.

    So any believers out there still think it is real?
    If there is go visit
  • Basically, a group of paranormal experts and a historian go onto these haunted places and try to find a ghost.

    Honestly, this is one of the worst ghost shows I have watched, and I watch a LOT of ghost shows. I mean, they all seem to expect the ghosts to perform like trained monkeys. "If you're here, can you tap on the wall for us?" "Can you give us a sign that you're here?" Rarely is the ghost even bothering anyone. Usually, it's just some place that's rumored to be haunted. The whole show basically consists of Yvette Fielding yelling out for the ghosts to do some tricks for the camera. Then, if a ghost DOES decide to make his/her prescence known, the investigators start cursing, screaming, and freaking out. In one instance, one of the investigators was standing in a dark basement yelling "You coward! Are you too afraid to show yourself? I'm not afraid of you!" The ghost then knocked something off a shelf and the guy was screaming, cursing, jumping, and completely flipping out. WTF?
  • Stupid.

    they scream during the whole investigation!! that is really annoying, goodness gracious, people shut-up!! Ghost Hunters is way way way Better, yes I said it GH is much better. they actually don't scream everytime they hear a bump, this show needs to go away, its dumb. I also hear its fake, which is probably true, these people are boring they need some personalty, seriously people don't waste your time on this show, its an awful excuse fora ghost show. I mean all the others are so good, what happened to this one? If you wanna see real ghost hunting done right, watch Ghost Hunters, its so much better than this ignorant scream-a-thon.
  • Watch Ghost Hunters instead!!

    The field of paranormal reasearch is looked down upon by many scientists. There are many reasons but one of them is poeple like the Most Haunted crew. How can any one believe what they say? They never look to see if anything could have caused that sound or light. They just run around screaming at anything that comes their way. If they ever saw a real ghost they would all wet their pants and run fast in the other direction. These people are not ghost hunters, for in order to be one you have to look to see if anyone else in the room could have made that noise. If you want some real ghost hunting action and not just a bunch of sissys then watch Ghost Hunters instead!
  • This show is so much like ghost hunters

    This show is so annyoing.The people are very unprofessional.They are always screaming and cussing.There suppose to be investgating,and they look really stupid when they scream.Ghost hunter is way better,and if you want to watch a show about ghost,watch that.They try to disprove stuff,makeing it more belivable.Stuff on there is wayy more belivable.Everything on this show looks so fake,and this show is really boreing.I don't think these people know what there talking about.Trust me,stay away from this show.
  • What's with all the swearing, and more rants...

    Everytime you watch the show now, there is more and more swearing and cursing. Are the people that inexperienced with hunting ghosts that they are so fearful of a noise, a bump, or a moan? Also,it makes me more skeptical when Karl and Stuart try to convince us that there "are no strings attached". Give us a break. Leave anyone who has a tendancy to scream when a mouse farts out in the production van (Kat, Stuart, and yes Yvette too) By now you should be used to isolated places and strange noises. And instead of taking any noise as paranormal, try finding out what may be the cause. Why have you never used recorders for EVPs? You can certainly sniff out audibles more than any other research team. Lastly, who thinks up the themes each season? One year it was coin/ring throwing, the next it was whistling. Another season we enjoyed watching the bald headed Psychic fall on his butt in almost every show, and in 2009 we are blessed with the unending trick of rolling a marble down the hall and hearing another come back. Nice going off camera production staff!! Enough for now!!!!!
  • Boo!

    Seriously though, who thought of this? I bet it was like "I know let's get a bunch of people to walk around a house, and put a load of scary faces here and there, tie a bit of string to that chair and pull it, that'll make them believe in ghosts"

    I don't really know how I feel about this show, I mean, Yvette REALLY gets on my nerves, it's like one episode was so funny, there was this coffee machine and it turned on, and she screamed for ages, until someone said, "Yvette, it's just gone like that because it's on standby" I was laughing so hard. She basically screams at everything.

    I think Deryk is quite a good actor, he sure can do good impressions of dead people, heh, one episode, he was pretending to be an old dude, and he just said "Fanny, Fanny, FANNY!" heh, that was hilarious, and then they went to this gravestone and it was all like "Fanny Jones" or something:P I think I actually saw all this funny stuff on Most Haunted extra.

    That's the best bit to watch, cos it's where they put everything they didn't show on the actual show, because it was too humiliating.
  • A review of the Most Haunted series airing on the Travel Channel.

    Most Haunted - or "Stop Crying it's just the Cameraman" as I sometimes think of it, is an interesting look into the paranormal, and into what happens when Paranormal Investigators try not to terrify each other with their own body noises. The show is something of a staple for the Travel Channel, having recently completed it's 11th Season and which, to my knowledge at least, is something no other paranormal series has accomplished. The european, mostly UK, crew are a lively bunch, if not always all that bright. Lead by Yvette Fielding, they lock themselves inside of a purportedly haunted locale, at night. They often do this with what seems like an entire production crew of about 30 people. Yet those ghosts still seem to come, sometimes, and scares ensure. What you will witness - a bunch of brits acting scared because their shoe scraped on the floor and trying not to pee themselves. Lots of ouija boards and "seances". A psychic who stutters so much you have a hard time thinking he isn't making it up as he goes along. The one voice of reason, Parapsychologist Ciaran O'Keeffe, who does such a good job breaking down what you may have actually seen that he probably deserves his own show. And of course, lots of creepy locations. There is a lot to like about the show - it has a very high entertainment value, the locations are suitably creepy, and you really don't know who is going to do what. Although I have been critical of many aspects of the show, there have been some standout episodes - the visit to Waverly Hills, for example, being actually scary. It's up to the viewer to decide if they can put up with the various instances of crew members being scared of a noise it was almost impossible for anyone else to hear. But it's fun to visit with these lads every once in awhile.
  • If you are a paranormal believer then this is the show for you.

    This is a cool show for those that are believers in the paramormal. Most Haunted are made up of paranormal investigations into locations that are supposed haunted and the invertigators use scientific equipment as well as psychic mediums to find if the place is really haunted.

    I have seen about ten or 15 episodes and they are pretty cool. The way the investigators to find out about hauntings are very interesting. There has been some evidence that cannot be easily explained, and can make those who do not believe in the paranormal think twice before thinking that it is all fake.

    I think if someone were to check Most Haunted out they would like it.
  • Interesting

    I enjoy this show, but I am often left wondering if any of it is set up to get a reaction. Unlike Ghost Hunters, I am inclined to mis-trust everything I see on the episodes. I'm not looking for sensationalism (is that the word i want?), I am interested in seeing REAL paranormal activity. This show ranks second, only to Ghost Hunters, for me.

    Doubts don't keep me from watching the show. Overall i do enjoy it and hope it sticks around for a long time. I find these type of shows very interesting.

    The main characters in the show are great, keep them around.
  • Most Haunted is one of my favorite shows. I make sure I am home by 9pm on Fridays to catch this show. I think that this is a wonderful show and I recommend anyone who is interested in the supernatural to watch Most Haunted!!!

    Although I love this show, there are a few things that tend to bother me. For instance, I believe that it would help if they permanently affixed cameras in the most active room for the 24 hrs. I like the hand held cameras, but they do not show proof of whats going on because the hand helds are usually pointed at the people talking into them. I like that they do have skeptics go with them to disprove what could've been perceived as ghosts. I really wish I could go with them and see for myself if it is all real or exaggerated for the public. Great show, but permanently affixed cameras should be in place, & any time they need a guest to come with them, I am always ready and available! :)
  • Ghost investigators explore haunted locations in Great Britian. Fun, interesting, and well scripted show. Exciting, and chilly, but not very convincing of paranormal activity!

    Great show, lots of fun! Derek (the medium) is full of balony, & there\'s no way he\'s not been prepped with the details - no medium is THAT good! But its a hoot to see the creepies get the better of poor Yvie, and I do enjoy it every Friday night. Would I go to one of their sites and check it out? You bet! I think they let their imaginations run awy with them a bit, don't you? But anyway you slice it, its miles ahead of its American counterpart: Ghost Hunters, where absolutely NOTHING happens, every single time!
  • Totally fake, but truly entertaining

    Guys...please...It was aparant from the first time I saw this show that it was staged. Derek is the most obviously fake "psychic" on TV today. With that said, I LOVE the show. I love laughing at Derek.
    My favorite "DEREK MOMENT" was one episode when the wardrobe behind him suddenly began rocking and almost fell over. I watched it over and over and it was so obvious that he had pushed it (you could see his shoulder moving)
    I also love seeing him get "posessed" in almost each and every episode.
    I wish he would just once enter a place and say "I dont feel a thing. This place is not haunted." That would at least lend him some form of credibility.
    With all that said, I tune in every week...I love the show!
  • A chilling breakthrough in ghost hunting.

    In Most Haunted the spirits will get there chance to shine.Paranormal investigators are joined by the guide Yvette Fielding to learn more about the location they are investigating.The investigators sometimes will get spooked but I would have to say Yvette is bad for getting scared,take this for example Derek the medium will be telling the story of a spirit and she will interrupt him with a very rude "hush" just because she heard a tapping or something that could be a crick in the floor.The medium Derek is so accurate on his information when the info box pops up saying that he was right about something im just in awe,he is excellent.I kind of get ticked off at the end of the show when the parapsychologists are trying to debunk any paranormal phenomena the investigators have ran across,take thisfor example when one of the investigators was in the Detention Hall one of the investigators got scratched and at the end the parapsychologists said it was a possible bug flying very fast,thats kind of ridiculous wouldn't you say so?I give Most Haunted a 9.7 because it is a very good show based on ghosts,but Yvette needs to toughen up a little.
  • I really love this show and I watch it as much as I can.It is really informative and I hope it keeps going for years.

    Everybody should watch this show.I really do recommend it to everybody.It is very informative and I watch it every night.I even watch it in the early hours of the morning as well.I am really interested in it cos it tells me things I didn't even know.It does frighten me sometimes and then I hide behind the cushion.I think Yvette Flelding is great and I especially like Derek Acorah because he is my favourite medium and I would love to be as good as him some day because I am psychic myself and I have had a few myself.I'm not really sure what else to say on here.I would love to know if anyone else agrees with me.Caroline.
  • gutted

    I'm soo gutted I missed last night's show ... does anyone know where I can watch on the net tried all sorts
  • Most Haunted Live 2015

    I don't care what people say about the live episode being faked last night. I have a friend who is friends with a person who works with Most Haunted, and they assured us that it was 100% real last night. It was a camera rope tied around Karl's waist, not a rope! And Karl DID put the knife in the box, later to find it in the bedroom. I loved every second of the episode last night and would watch it again. Whatever people are saying about it being faked is complete bull***. Nothing was faked. Everything you saw was paranormal activity.
  • As my classification explains, its always a case of "Go back! What was that?" for Yvette in Most Haunted.

    If you've never watched this before, although you probably have, Most Haunted follows a group of paranormal investigators, Yvette Fielding, the presenter and the crew with one spiritualist medium, formely Derek Acorah, now Gordon Smith. This show is gripping, as some many things happen, beyond this world. Paranormal activity is very high on Most Haunted and entrusted with their handy cameras, the crew are ready to capture any proof, that ghosts and beings after death are here.

    Many people mock this show, but, it is very, very, very good as well as informative. Yvette may become scared at some points, but it must be scary in pitch black in a haunted house.

    I advise, no, encourage, no, command you to go and watch this show. Now!
  • its scares the socks off of me

    its scary and funny kinda because the always yell and say bad words ha ha ahaa haaha nahahah ahahaha ahahah a a ha hahah its on travel channel every friday at 9 PM i watch it every friday the manor house scared the socks off of me hehe he ha
  • I think that show is a brilliant show, its the sort of show that makes you think "whats going to happen next".i love it one of the best paranormal shows going round on our tv screens.

    this show is the type of show peeople should watch a very good paranormals and kind of,sometimes even quite scary. the show is for more mature peeple who do not mind oblivious actions and other quick moving things. when watching i like to be with other peeple who like paranormal be honest i think it could be true but different peeple have other opinions on what they like.this show is in my top 10!
  • Amazing.

    This show is spectacular. I don't care if this show is real or fake. There are some moments in this show that put nearly every single horror film to shame. Some of it's moments are so scary it's kind of funny. Film makers everywhere trying to make horror films, should watch this show.

    the show also has moments which are far funnier than that god-awful "Popcultured" show.
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