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Living (ended 2010)


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  • Get real get rid of screaming leah

    Well what a screaming lot of embarrassing women, omg who is this rubbishy female Leah get rid , one screaming woman was too much so why bring this useless female quote " CAN I tURN THE TOURCH ON" really who are you and what the hell are you doing this for you stupid screams little girly, get more equipment and less. People!

    Investigate properly like Zak and his team, and what the heck is Fred Batt there for all he does is try to make out every place they visit nowadays has demons or evil spirits, he really needs to get a grip not every place that is haunted carries evil! Or Demons! I really think you need to build the program round the history and investigation also now and then a medium, the show has lost its way and is becoming an embarrassment, where they have the chance to make it great. Oh well I don't think I can watch another episode if there is all this screaming and wimping going on, as there has been recently...........