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  • The absolute truth

    Growing up i always watched the paranormal shows from scarest places on earth, most haunted, strange but true. Id stay up till 2am in the morning to see the episodes! So im very very fond and passionate and have great memories of these programes weather it was real or fake i loved watching them so the problem now in this day and age is the media and internet and the competition and expectation is set quite high. Most haunted might of started out real and had a great run with some intresting locations and the show was amazingly edited and thought out to draw you in and it was hard to not love it ! weather you seen anything or not it was brillient ! Becouse it was new and basic with some great spooky music and some likable people involed. Lets be honist about 1 thing even if the guy is fake he gave us some good entertainment derek was a great showman for the show.

    im a beliver in the paranormal and now im older and done investagations myself iv come to release this - you will be waiting hours for nothing to happen at times and unless u were there no1 will belive you no mater what evidence you have lol after most haunted were unfolding as fake in the back of our heads we always new this could easyly happen as its just a entertainment show and if we dont watch the show they have no show so if you dont like most haunted stop watching the show lmao its as simple as that or this will remain a show for aslong as they want to pursue it . ever heard the saying bad publicity is good publicity lol for all the stupid trolls out there that have nothing better to do than slate this show clearly dont understand that this just says one thing you watched the show and currently still watch the show get my point ?

    Ill be the first to admit yes the show is nothing to what it once was its 100% clearly fake as you like ! A msg for yvette - take note fans want the old style back the likable crew good history good editing music and presented better and honist complate honisty even if u didnt capture nothing at least people will respect for for honisty u have a fan base thats clear as day but even im on breaking point now sort it out x

    No1 will trust kurl atm its clear as day hes faking alot of stuff people are not stupid just stop it lol more locked of cams and go back to your old ways like its all new to you again .

    Forget about trying to keep up with othere paranormal shows . There probably fake aswell as theres to much trust lost for paranormal tv shows !

    sort it out !

    Im a very passonite fan and hate what your doing to the fond feelings i have towards your show its a joke !