Most Haunted

Season 4 Episode 9

The Manor House

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2004 on Living
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The Manor House

Originally a farmers' dwelling, it is now a hotel and country club.

The Manor House was built between the 15th and 16th centuries.

Bloody history:
The Manor House has had a quiet history. It passed from owner to owner throughout the years, and may even have been a convent or court house for the local area. In 1914, the local vicar, Reverend Lomax, converted the Manor to an orphanage.

Ghost ratings:
Room six is haunted by a young boy, who can be heard crying and looking for this mother. The owner's young son claims to speak to this spirit, and says the ghost boy is about five years. And upstairs it has been reported that the ghost of a lady nicknamed Betty by the hotel staff wanders around looking for her young son!

A large man has been seen in Room Seven.

Spooky experiences:
When the hotel owners held a spooky night, a medium claimed that a murder had been committed room 8, where a presence of a man has often been felt.

Many people claim to have experienced random cold spots throughout the property.

The ghosts of more than one child have been spotted by the owner's son throughout the house.

Some visitors reported having felt strange feelings of being followed, or watched.

On more than one occasion, the smell of tobacco smoke has filtered through room 4 at 3am, although no-one was smoking at the time.

Staff claim they've seen objects float across the room.


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  • Crew visits The Manor House.

    I found this episode to be very exciting! A perfect example of a truly haunted location.

    Derek does his walk around, picking up on different spirits and history. I find that Derek is too "dramatic" most of the time. He seems to be "possessed" a lot and he blurts out information that can't even be verified. He was re-telling the story of what had happened to the little boy whilst staying in room 8, but he really overdid it. The boy seemed to have been thrown out of bed by being grabbed by the neck, not by having the bed flip up and slam around, finally to tip up and dump him out. The family didn't mention hearing that type of noise when it happened. I just think Derek overdoes it a bit.

    The hotel did provide LOTS of activity though! Room 6 had some wonderful and clear orbs that went by right in front of the camera. A clipboard was tossed onto the floor. Crew experienced similar headaches around the same time. But most of all... what happened in room 8 was absolutely fantastic. Karl, Stewart and Rick were sitiing on the beds calling out the spirit of an angry man and they got an initial response of some slight tapping. And then all hell breaks loose! The dresser shakes and the TV switches ON!!! Sounds and Looks like real poltergeist activity to me! It's too bad that Ian cleared the house afterward. It would have been fantastic for the crew to go back again in a later season.moreless
  • A house filled with ghosts, poltergeist activity, and a cry for help from the residents of The Manor House.

    The Manor House was build in the late 1500\'s and has had a complex history. It was once a Manor House and an orphanage before becoming a hotel. With many reports of ghosts and poltergeist activity, including the spirits of children, the Manor House is an ideal location to conduct a Paranormal Investigation.

    As usual the investigation started with Derek’s walk around. The first thing Derek picked up on were many hangings around the area of the stairs. He says that the man responsible for the hangings was not meeting out justice but doing the hangings off his own bat. No records could be found of any hangings in The Manor House, but with them being more murderous than justice there is little chance that the hangings would ever have been recorded.

    In Room 7 Derek picked up on the same man from the stairs. In this room he liked to disturb people sleeping. Derek suggested that there was lots of poltergeist activity, with knocking and throwing of objects. Yvette and Phil confirmed to Derek that these things have been known to happen in the bedroom. Derek describes this man as a “lunatic” and a “dangerous spirit.”

    Derek moves the team onto Room 8 where he senses a vortex. A vortex is a portal allowing spirits to move in and out of the atmosphere, making this room a paranormal hotspot. Derek picks up on an incident where the malevolent spirit attacked a child sleeping in one of the beds. He suggests that the bed was picked up and thrown to the ceiling with the child still in it. This is not exactly what happened; apparently the child was thrown out of bed by his throat leaving red hand marks around his neck. Although Derek’s details of the attack were not correct, Derek did well to pick up on the incident.

    Derek felt like he was drawn to the cellar outside, so the crew switch to night vision and head for the cellar.

    Derek and the crew entered the cellar. This is where the Most Haunted crew began to experience paranormal activity. Guest medium Ian Lawman had conducted a solo vigil in here prior to the crew entering, but he didn’t stay for long as he began to feel very emotional after picking up on the screams of children. When Ian mentioned screaming children it sent shivers down my spine.

    In here John felt someone touch the back of his head. There was no one stood behind him so this seems like it could be spiritual activity, however you must remember that they’re down in a cellar so it could have easily been a piece of rubble falling from the ceiling or a cobweb brushing the back of his head.

    The crew also picked up on scratching sounds, but this could have been animals in or around the cellar.

    At one point Yvette screamed in fright and almost started crying. She heard a loud growl-like noise in her ear. This sound was not picked up on the cameras or heard by any other members of the team so it is possible that Yvette was imagining the sound.

    Derek picked up on skeletons being found buried under paving flags. It has previously been rumoured that skeletons were found around the Manor Farm.

    The crew were soon lead to Room 6, where Richard had observed two \"belting orbs\" while monitoring the locked-off cameras. In here the crew hear a banging noise. There is no clear explanation for the bang, but the Manor House is an old building so it could have been caused by the natural creaking of the building.

    A little further into the investigation of Room 6, Phil’s clipboard appears to be thrown on the floor. Although it wasn’t caught on camera, it could clearly be heard. Phil claimed to have placed his clipboard on a cupboard, and it looks unlikely that it could have fallen off and landed so far away without it being pushed with some force.

    The crew next conduct a vigil in Room 8. It is here that Derek gets possessed by a spirit and becomes quite violent. He grabs a lamp and throws it at the crew. The crew struggle to bring Derek forward and he shows great strength as they try and keep him pinned down on the bed. It’s always difficult to judge whether Derek genuinely gets possessed or whether it’s an act, but as a fan of Derek’s abilities I don’t believe he would deliberately act out a possession, and I don’t believe he would violently attack the crew with a lamp. It was quite scary when Derek threw the lamp because it made you realise that people can get hurt there.

    Once they relieved Derek from his possession, the crew decide to split up. Yvette, Richard, Ian and John conducted a vigil in Room 6, and Stuart bravely conducted a solo vigil down in the cellar.

    Not much paranormal activity occurred in Room 6, but Ian began to pick up on a malevolent spirit who felt that the crew were interfering by being there. He came up with the name Stanley or Stanlees but no record of this person could be found.

    In the cellar Stuart began to feel sharp pains from the back of his ear moving around the back of his head to the other ear, and also developed a pins and needles sensation all over his body. The longer he remained down in the cellar the worse the pain got. Stuart remained down in the cellar until the pain got unbearable. It is difficult to say whether this pain was caused by paranormal activity, or simply just the atmosphere of the cellar. Stuart’s pain could have been caused by claustrophobia.

    One of the most intriguing pieces of evidence caught by Most Haunted was yet to occur. Karl, Rick and Stuart conducted a vigil in Room 8. There were a few paranormal occurrences, both Rick and Stuart witnessed strange lights, and Karl and Stuart began getting incredibly cold despite the room being quite warm. This was spooking Karl out, and it is very unlike Karl to be spooked out so easily. The team also pick up a strange whistling sound on the cameras, but this could have been a bird, although Stuart was adamant that it came from the corner of the room and not outside.

    As the three men were calling out for a sign, there was suddenly a large bang and rattle from the corner of the room, and the TV switched on by itself. The TV remote was on top of the television and it is clear that none of the crew had turned it on themselves. This terrifies the three men, especially Stuart who even starts crying from the fright. There is no clear explanation for the TV turning on by itself.

    This ended the Most Haunted investigation at The Manor House in County Durham, and the boys decided to sleep in the Most Haunted van rather than brave Room 8 again. Ian Lawman conducted an exorcism of the building to allow the current residents to continue life without fear of the spirits. Since the exorcism there have been no further reports of paranormal activity at The Manor House.

    The episode ends, as usual, with a Parapsychologist’s perspective on the evening’s events. This episode’s Parapsychologist was Dr. Ciarán O\'Keeffe who admits that he has no explanation for TV switching on by itself. He suggests that maybe it was caused by a power surge, but that is something he would have to talk o an electrician about. On the noise that Yvette heard in the cellar, Ciarán suggests that it is an hallucination possibly caused by natural infrasound. He also says infrasound could be responsible for Stuart’s headache down in the cellar. Ciarán also suggests the usual “playacting” for Derek’s possession, and explains his strength could be caused by adrenalin associated with his violent outburst.

    It was a very interesting investigation, and a lot of paranormal activity occurred. The most intriguing was the television switching on all by itself. There were a few aspects of the investigation I was disappointed with, mostly Derek’s walk about. Derek didn’t come up with any names that could be verified with the history of the building. If Derek managed to come up with a few names, or a few more events in the building’s history that could be confirmed, it would have made the investigation much more interesting.

    Overall it is a very good and exciting investigation.moreless
  • Possessions, noises, and poltergeist activity ravage The Manor House.

    Finally, the most riveting episode I think I\'ve seen. As soon as he got on scene the medium Derek Acorah was overwhelmed by an evil, evil, dispicable spirit, one he even described as a \"Spirit Monster\" instead of spirit at one point. Derek correctly explained the story of the boy who had been thrown from his bed without any prior knowledge of it, and it was during this that he got very, very angry at this spirit.

    Derek seems to be a kind man, but this spirit really seemed to irk him! This spirit of an evil man who hung people and made shady deals didn\'t like Derek either. During a second visit to the bedroom where the boy was thrown from his bed(bedroom 8 if I\'m not mistaken), the spirit made a violent possession, apparently going well past Sam\'s ability to hold off.

    After chiding the non-reactive spirit for several minutes, Derek went suddenly silent and closed his eyes, which should have been the first clue to a possession as it is his usual reaction. At once he began to call out in a very dark voice, \"Competition!\" or \"Confrontation!\", though the second one seems more likely.

    This scene was climaxed by the lamp incident however. Derek stood under his possessed state, barked out \"Confrontation,\" then reached down onto a table saying \"Yesss, that\'s what you want!\" He finished this sentence by flinging a lamp at one of the camera men, who must have caught it due to a lack of the sound of it breaking.

    That was the highlight of the episode, but it was only driven home when Carl, Rick and Stuart had the televison switch on while chiding the earlier mentioned spirit. The rest of the house wasn\'t that impressive, the cellar was interesting, but I am inclined to think yvette\'s noise was all in her head, no offense intended to someone I believe to be brilliant. I'm raiting this 9.2, because, other than the possession and the television, it wasn't as good as it could have been. But it was still an instant classic, one I'll never forget.moreless
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