Most Shocking

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  • Season 5
    • Busted by the Badge
    • Best ofFour Wheel Demolition
      Gasp! Get ready to remove your jaw from the floor, because these ultimate caught-on-camera moments will be some of the Most Shocking scenarios you've ever seen. Reality TV king Bruce Nash spans the globe to bring you pulse-pounding criminal pursuits, gut-wrenching gaffes and acts of alarming public stupidity. These real-life clips will leave you shouting "OMG!" and "WTF!" at your TV screen.moreless
    • Under the Influence 3
      A dangerous drunk who is fleeing the law manages to run himself over with his own truck, a sword-swinging, sauce-swilling swashbuckler stages a violent rooftop protest, and a foolish liquor store thief who opens fire on police meets a sobering end.
    • Camcorder Chaos 2
      A tourist with his camcorder films a passenger jet exploding, a passerby captures footage of an injured cop being overwhelmed by a crazed mob, and a brave group of storm chasers records an entire house being demolished by a powerful twister.
    • Vacation Fiascos
      Vacation Fiascos
      Episode 7
      An ex-con trying to escape from jail gets tackled by a fleet-footed cop, and a gang of Russian mobsters starts a turf war with factory workers. Later, a desperate criminal opens fire on police, forcing them to take him down, with explosive results.
    • Wild Encounters
      Wild Encounters
      Episode 6
      A madwoman launches her out-of-control pit bull on an animal control officer, a police dashboard camera catches exclusive footage of the legendary Chupacabra, and a hunter on safari gets charged by a 300-pound man-eating lion.
    • Lawless Ladies 4
      Lawless Ladies 4
      Episode 4
      An infuriated mother storms a school bus to assault the driver, a pair of gun-toting female bandits opens fire on a mini-mart clerk, and an ordinary traffic stop turns R-rated when a boozed-up babe does a striptease for the cop who pulled her over.
    • Competitions Gone Bad
      In this episode, a police officer trying to break up a soccer riot gets attacked with a burning flare, a drag-racing car explodes, trapping the driver in a raging inferno, and a World Series victory celebration explodes into a citywide melee.
    • Party Pandemonium
      A birthday boy catches fire when his cake's candles erupt in flames and a mobster gets busted by cops on his wedding day, ending up in the back of police cruiser. Later, Mardi Gras party girls flash the crowd and are pelted with exploding fireworks.
    • Citizens Under Attack 3
      In this episode, a rap battle turns violent when an angry competitor switches modes from beat box to beat down. Later, a tax collector meets a deadbeat who would rather raise his fists to the government than have the government raise his taxes.
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