Most Wanted - Season 1

ABC (ended 1977)


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Episode Guide


  • The Dutchman
    The Dutchman
    Episode 22

    A ruthless canewielding ex-con heads up a gang that uses stolen laser rifles In a series of supermarket holdups as a decoy to throw the police off a million dollar heist.

  • The People Mover
    The People Mover
    Episode 20

    When several major criminals disappear, the Most Wanted squad discovers that a special group, headed by Barris is providing them with new identities to escape detection. Capt. Evers pretends to be a jewel thief in an attempt to discover who's behind the scheme.

  • The Death Dealer
    The Death Dealer
    Episode 19

    It is written in the desert sands that hidden caches of munitions menace the safety of the world. Capt. Evers gets on the case hi the race to find the munitions after a mysterious explosion sets off one of the caches and kills a would-be buyer.

  • The Parasite
    The Parasite
    Episode 18

    The Most Wanted Unit deals with a teen gang called "The Leopards" and the ex-con who exploits them and uses them in an extortion racket.

  • The Driver
    The Driver
    Episode 17

    A dedicated woman public official is confronted by a desperate dilemma when an extortionist demands money under threat of death after she has received a large bribe offer of $100,000 from an unscrupulous real estate developer.

  • The Insider
    The Insider
    Episode 16

    A series of bizarre suicides by leading citizens in the financial community shocks the city as there are no apparent reasons for the wealthy men to be taking their own lives.

  • Ms. Murder
    Ms. Murder
    Episode 15

    Charlie's Angel, as Sgt. Benson's new neighbor Angela is called becomes romantically involved with him and he tells her things about a case involving the disappearance of a union leader's son, who winds up being murdered.

  • The Tunnel Killer
    The Tunnel Killer
    Episode 14

    Captain Link Evers sets himself up as a member of a robbery ring and becomes involved in the biggest bank heist in the city's history after a gunrunner needs two million to finance his business.

  • The Ritual Killer
    The Ritual Killer
    Episode 13

    Noted newscaster John Ryerson who has had an uncanny knack to learning pertinent facts surrounding a series of bizarre deaths, becomes the link between the police and a ritualistic murderer. While on air reporting the latest in a series or murders he is handed a message. Purportedly from the murderer, the note states that white men are guilty of crimes against the Indian nation and that white women mothers of the race must therefore be punished. Sgt. Kate Manners goes undercover as a librarian at the Indian Museum to set herself up as a potential victim.

  • The Hit Man
    The Hit Man
    Episode 12

    A wealthy candidate for mayor takes revenge on the incumbent, blaming him for a ruined political career, and hires a professional killer to eliminate the competition.

  • The Pirate
    The Pirate
    Episode 11

    A gang dealing in drug trafficing turns to piracy, seizing yachts, setting the passengers adrift at sea and using the captured ships to transport drugs on. The organizer of the ring Steve Barr, has ready access to the yachts as maintenance crew chief of a marina. When he learns of a yacht scheduled for a long cruise, his gang takes to sea and hijacks the craft. The Most Wanted Unit is called in and Evers goes undercover as a yacht owner with Sgts. Charlie Benson and Kate Manners as his crew.

  • The Fixer
    The Fixer
    Episode 10

    One half of a famous reporting team is murdered while investigating a protection racket. The other half of the news team fears for the life of his family and refuses to cooperate with the police investigating the killing.

  • The White Collar Killer

    Convicted government officials are being killed in prison and the unit goes undercover as inmates to identify the murderers.

  • The Ten-Percenter
    The Ten-Percenter
    Episode 8

    Laurie Chandler is a noted criminal lawyer who also has a lucrative burglary ring going on the side. After a series of burglaries and assaults have taken place, the Unit is called in on the case. The latest victims were two spinsters who were robbed by henchman Gil Slade and Dave Thomas. Thomas tells Laurie that he wants out of the operation and she, enraged shoots him.

  • The Torch
    The Torch
    Episode 7

    The Unit goes into action to investigate a series of bombings and gradually uncovers a pattern that points to a ruthless criminal operation under a legitimate business cover. Paroled arsonist Arthur Tannehill is arrested as a suspect in the bombing of an automobile salesroom to which he had been sent as a candidate for a job by employment agency operator Vernon Westra.

  • The Heisman Killer
    The Heisman Killer
    Episode 6

    A sniper disrupts the practice session at the Rose Bowl then threatens to assassinate the Heisman Trophy winner at the 50-year line on New Year's Day. Eddie Harris has been the apple of Athletic Director Moose Watson's eye since he was a youth and now Eddie is the Heisman Trophy winner and going to play in the Rose Bowl. During a practice session shots are fired from an unknown location in the stands, followed by a threat on a loudspeaker that Eddie will be shot during the big game.

  • The Wolf Pack
    The Wolf Pack
    Episode 5

    Captain Evers has a group of violent SLA-like terrorists on his hands, they plan to blow up the city's landmarks in alphabetical order until the law frees his captured henchmen. Kate infiltrates the group and the hunt is on.

  • The Two Dollar Kidnappers

    A CB radio operator heads a gang of kidnappers who specialize in snatching ordinary people. He knows the families won't jeopardize their loved ones for a megre $750.

  • The Corrupter
    The Corrupter
    Episode 3

    During an airport explosion a special officer is killed. The dead officer's assistant Lt. Ruth Massey arrives and she and Evers of the "Most Wanted Unit" attempt to fit the pieces together when a convoy which includes a supply of plutonium is about to be hijacked and held for ransom by the deranged computer expert.

  • The Slaver
    The Slaver
    Episode 2

    The kidnapping of the sixth pretty coed coupled with the disappearance of other young women around the country leads to a trail of white slavery from L.A. to Bangkok.

  • The Sky Killer
    The Sky Killer
    Episode 1

    Captain Evers of the "Most Wanted" unit and his colleagues deal with a hijacked plane. The hijackers are escaped convicts and their leader demands that a congressman be brought aboard to conduct a kangaroo court-in-the-sky. Evers poses as a pilot and flys the Boeing 707 jetliner plane with 32 persons aboard.

  • Most Wanted
    A rapist/killer who preys on nuns prompts the Mayor of Los Angeles to create a special task force headed by Captain Linc Evers to catch the killer. Can they stop him before he strikes again?