Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed

TLC (ended 2004)





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  • Tells the truth, partial truths, and exposes pure fabrications

    This show does a pretty good job at portraying various urban legends and whether or not they ought to be taken seriously. Most of the incidents never happened or aren't possible and the show explains why. A few did happen and a few others are based on truth/real events. There's a quick question and answer between different urban legends for a quick learning. It expels some irrational fears and gets to the bottom of several stories with a bit of humor on the side although it can be a little dark by tapping into many people' existing fears. I'm very impressed by this show.
  • All Creatures Great and Small

    On the exploding cow episode, the narrator said that James Elliot wrote "All Creatures Great and Small". It was actually written by James Herriot. Was he just trying to fake us out? ;-) Otherwise my family, friends, and I are enjoying the show. I've been a longtime fan of urban legends. Since the books came out in the 1980's. I'm a Librarian. Keep up the good work. Just do your research and give credit where credit is due. Thanks for a fun and wacky show. I actually do like the semi-sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek demeanor of the narrator. Is this 100 words?
  • The show tells you a story of mostly urban legends some are scary,some is mysterious such as dead hotel beds or a pill to lose weight contains an unhitched tapeworm that eats the food in your stomach and some crazy things you should not believe.

    The show is mildly interesting for it purchase mostly of an old urban legend stories that it's too typical to believe and bit scary in my opinion. That some sort of these events where not usually occur at this present time. I just tremble in the episode where a dead hotel beds was seen. It is so scary as the blood flows in the hotel beds. The show makes me interest in the way that it's too mysterious and their discover the event to enable to solve the puzzle in the story. The show only shows a old urban legend we must respect even it's unbelievable to happen. It is a part of an old culture transfer from entire family from day to day that must respect because it is a part of humanity.
  • Fun show to kill time

    Mostly True Stories- Urban Legends Revealed is 60 minutes packed with those tales your grandma told you before bed. Although most of the stories are fabrications the show itself does not disappoint. Many stories are very poorly put toghether, and you can tell the budget is very low. On another point, it tells the less known versions of the widley known Urban Legends. You could say the show is a jigsaw puzzle that is missing a few peices. Not an original idea but, the essence of the show makes up for all the minor flaws. I rate this show 8.3.
  • i love this show! call me a nerd then ;)

    this is a good show that tells you the truths about legends we all hear. it tells you weather it was true, wheather it can be true, or whether it's impossible to happen. i think this show gets you to watch it because sometime you have always wondered if a legend was true or not, and this show tells you those things.
  • this is a cool show.

    it was a fairly decent show with some funny and scary stories...i dont see whyit had to be cancelled after 16 episodes oh well, anyways that was 3 yrs ago. now ther r better shows! they shud still bring it back though...if they could i was a cool show...
  • Awesome show, not to be missed

    I have made a habit of priding myself on being 2 steps ahead of everyone, when it comes to urban legends, it is something i enjoy, and I had worn out, which is the online version of this show. And yes, I agree most of what they talk about is false legends, but once ina while, they throw you through a twist. I just wish this show was on a little more often, to dispel much of what we were taught growing up. Then maybe, just maybe, we will be able to better educate our children. Don't Miss this show.
  • All those stories your parents told you growing up to scare you are here! Although the surprising this is, that basically none of them are true!

    This is such a cool show. Informative at times, funny at times, but mostly interesting because you will have heard of many of these urban legends that are revealed on the show. And although you will swear that they are true, the reality is that most of them are not true, only urban legends.

    The urban legends are presented in a very fun and hip style, not dry and boring, or scary, which is how usually this sort of topic would be presented. And that is what makes this show work as well as it does. Watch it and be surprised at how many of these stories are familiar to you!
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