Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed - Season 1

TLC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • One Armed Killer
    One Armed Killer
    Episode 3
    Urban myths featured and examined include the legend of the escaped killer with a hook for a hand, a funhouse with a real body in it, a guard dog that nearly chokes on the fingers of an intruder and a naked man attends his own surprise party.
  • Alligators in the Sewers
    Urban myths featured and examined include: 1) Alligators living in the NYC sewers 2) A teenage babysitter on LSD confusing a baby for a turkey 3) A hospital patient losing his life support due to a distracted janitor 4) A rotting corpse under a hotel bed 5) Bugs that crawl into the heads of peoplemoreless
  • The Kidney Heist
    The Kidney Heist
    Episode 1
    Urban legends are reviewed and examined including: 1) A traveling businessman is drugged and wakes to find his kidney removed 2) Firefighters fighting a forest fire discover the mysterious corpse of a scuba diver in a tree after water from a lake is dumped on a forest fire 3) A lost motorist picks up a hitchhiker who vanishes 4) A couple returning to a motel discover the x-rated video was taped of them having sex 5) A waitress with a beehive hairdo wakes to find her hair is full of baby spidersmoreless