Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed - Season 3

TLC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Going For The Gopher
    Urban legends are featured and examined including:

    1) Groundskeepers trying to gas a gopher end up blowing themselves up

    2) A girl returns with medicine to her hotel room which has ceased to exist with her mother in it

    3) A college student cheats on an exam by mailing it to his mother

    4) A drunk driver steals the patrol car of a traffic officer

    5) A boy hiding in a coffin dies in a crematorium.moreless
  • The Collapsing Cactus
    Urban myths are featured and examined including: 1) A cross-country flight is haunted by ghosts 2) An irate customer gets revenge on a telephone marketer 3) A cactus has revenge on a sharp-shooter 4) A college kid in costume scares a girl into calling the cops 5) An old world family confuses cremated remains as a mixmoreless
  • The Swallowed Cell Phone
    This episode reveals and covers urban myths and legends, such as: 1) A guy driving home from a late night party discovers a dead girl pinned to the hood of his car the next day 2) A woman calling her lost cell phone hears it ringing inside her dog 3) A man tried for murder creates "the twinkie defense" 4) Muggers use a snake to rob people 5) A body is found in the vat of a micro-brewerymoreless
  • Posing As A Policeman
    Urban legends are featured and examined including: 1. Rapists posing as policemen to attack victims 2. Tapeworms used to help people lose weight 3. The tooth of a rattlesnake imbedded in a shoe killed all who wore it 4. An employee who fakes a urine test is busted in the act 5. A dead rabbit that returned from the gravemoreless
  • Stuck Santa
    Stuck Santa
    Episode 9
    This episode features and examines urban legends including: 1) A psychic predicting a serial killer on a campus 2) A father impersonating Santa Claus and then getting stuck and dying in chimney. 3) The curse on a lava rock removed from Hawaii. 4) An elderly con-artist tricks a young lady ito paying for her groceries 5) A traffic officer accidentally triggers military weapons when his radar gun malfunctions.moreless
  • Accidental Inheritance

    Five urban legends are explored to see how much is true, and what is fiction.
    The stories:
    1.) A workaholic employee in a large company, virtually ignored by every one else there, dies during his shift and goes unnoticed for almost a week.
    2.) A hunter needing a new fuse in his car replaces it with a bullet from his rifle, and it goes off after the engine heats up.
    3.) New parents taking a long car trip accidentally leave their baby in its car seat on top of the car
    4.) A man stops in a church to use the bathroom and finds he's the sole attendant of a funeral being held, and as a result, inherits the deceased's estate.
    5.) A bitter old man who doesn't like visitors refuses to let his family sell his belongings ; so after he dies, he rigs his house full of deadly booby traps, only to get caught in one of his own devices and kills himself.

  • Room Disservice
    Room Disservice
    Episode 7
    Urban myths and legends are featured and examined including: 1) sane people being confused as mental patients 2) serial killers posing as a waiter 3) a man who preserves and displays his dead wife 4) murder using scorpions 5) a fake suicide resulting in two deaths
  • Severed Fingers
    Severed Fingers
    Episode 6
    Five urban legends are explored to see how much is true, and what is fiction.
    The stories:

    1) A couple escape a street gang to realize the fingers from one of them are stuck to their back bumper.
    2) College boys get an instant "A" after their roommate committs suicide.
    3) A man asks a celebrity to help him score with a girl then turns and snubs him.
    4) A man buys a picture for its frame at a garage sale only to discover a priceless artifact underneath it.
    5) A female tourist in France is falsely accused and arrested for prostitution, and is offered to pay $25 for a prostitution license over a $10.000 fine.
  • Flashing Lights
    Flashing Lights
    Episode 5
    Urban Legends featured and examined include: 1) A hostess who accidentally poisons her guests 2) A bride who brought her deceased grandfather to attend her wedding 3) The most scary haunted house attraction in the country where no one has ever made it through without running out. 4) An old lady who car jacks a car 5) Street gangs who shoot down anyone who flashes their headlights at themmoreless
  • Knockout Perfume
    Knockout Perfume
    Episode 4
    Urban legends are featured and examined including:
    1) Criminals are robbing shoppers with ether in shopping mall parking lots 2) A ghost exacts venegeance from beyond the grave 3) Flesh-eating bacteria hysteria 4) A man killed under a toppled soda machine 5) A woman accidentally commits adultery
  • Bride And Go Seek
    Bride And Go Seek
    Episode 3
    Urban Legends featured and examined include: 1) Death from licking an envelope coated in cyanide 2) A missing bride who turned up in a trunk several years later 3) A dead mother returns to ask for last rites to her son 4) A cop who won the lotter shared his fortune with a waitress 5) A jealous husband fills a strange car in his driveway with cementmoreless
  • Shopping Mauled
    Shopping Mauled
    Episode 2
    Urbans myths are featured and examined including: 1) A home-made lypo machine that takes a life 2) Men who dress as women to lure victims 3) Covert spy technology found in children's toys 4) A chemical can be added to a swimming pool to identify the existence of urine 5) A housewife left in the middle of no where by the interstatemoreless
  • Brown Betty
    Brown Betty
    Episode 1

    Urban legends are described and reviewed including: 1) A prison inmate committed suicide with playing cards 2) A cactus exploding with spiders 3) An experimental car with a super-secret fuel-efficient engine 4) A cheating husband getting lost without his wallet 5) A woman who over-tanned herself to death