Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed - Season 4

TLC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Rocket Radar
    Rocket Radar
    Episode 8
    This episode features urban myths and legends featured and examined including the popular legend of a scuba diver being picked up by the water bucket of a Forest Fire Helicopter along with tales of an ususual dinner in an exotic restaurant and an illegally transported cactus with a deadly surprise.
  • The Birthday Suit
    The Birthday Suit
    Episode 7
    Episode features and examines urban myths and legends such a large hair-do that becomes a home for spiders, a bride-to-be who cooks her self to death within a tanning machine and a man who arrives at his birthday party without clothes.
  • High Caliber Fuse
    High Caliber Fuse
    Episode 6
    Five urban legends are explored to see how much is true, and what is fiction.
    The stories:
    1) A man with an inoperable tumor attempts suicide, but the attempt actually saves his life
    2) A guy enlists his buddy to lose weight with a homemade lipo machine with fatal results
    3) Two buddies squirrel-hunting substitute a bullet for a fuse in their truck
    4) Special effect engineers discover a real corpse in an amusement park haunted house
    5) A woman resorts to radical means to lose weight
    6) A toilet explodes on a man after his wive dumps gasoline in itmoreless
  • Vanishing Hitchhiker
    Urban myths and legends are featured and examined including a new car that has a stench to it, a hitchhiker who is not as they appear and a babysitter getting an odd call from inside the house.
  • Left Behind
    Left Behind
    Episode 4
    Five urban legends are explored to see how much is true, and what is fiction.
    The stories:
    1) Alligators living in the sewers are surviving flushed baby gators once kept as pets.
    2) A hard-working janitor accidentally shuts off the life-support eqipment of a patient in critical condition.
    3) Headlights from another motorist save the life of a female motorist from a serial killer in her backseat.
    4) A lady traveling with her husband in an RV is stranded in the middle of no where when he drives off without her.
    5) A couple with a new car are amazed by the 200 miles a gallon they are getting until the manfacturers realize they are drving a misplaced experimental model.
    6) A vacationing couple discover the odor in their room is from a dead body hidden under their bed.moreless
  • A Choking Doberman
    A Choking Doberman
    Episode 3
    Urban myths and legends include a wife who unknowingly serves deep-fried rat, a stolen car being returned with free theater tickets inside and a Doberman pinscher found choking on the fingers of an intruder.
  • Solid Cement Cadillac
    Urban myths and legends are featured and examined including a teenage babysitter who experiments with drugs while on the job, resulting in a tragic death, a Christmas surprise that backfires, a girl who pays dearly for a new dress and a jealous husband filling an open cadillac with cement.
  • Deadly Topcoat
    Deadly Topcoat
    Episode 1
    Unban legends and myths are revealed and examined including a young woman decides to spend Halloween in her dorm room alone and a winter coat with a strange surprise in it.