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  • Season 4
    • 8/30/16

      This episode takes place three years after the previous one, in which the killer of Judge Natalie Rodman escaped justice.

      The victim: Trent McAllister, the killer: Lexi Moore.
      Trent is the owner of a company that specializes in high end repossessions while Lexi is a friend to Thomas Anderson, Trent's estranged grandson. Trent's body is found next to a helicopter having by being caught in the rear rotor. The team reunites to pursue both the previously unsolved and current homicides.

    • Chronology of Pain
      Episode 12

      The victim: Judge Natalie Rodman, the killer: Lexi Moore.
      Judge Rodman is a long-time respected jurist who is also one of Angie's mentors who helped her make the career choice to be a detective. Lexi is one of Judge Rodman's law clerks. The case begins as an arson investigation after a barbecue explodes at Mr. & Mrs. Rodman's home. The barbecue was rigged to explode when turned on. Natalie survives the explosion but dies of internal injuries suffered during the explosion. As Angie digs into Natalie's past she discovers some unsavory details of her mentor's life.
      Meanwhile, Angie acts as Staff Sergeant in the wake of Oscar's retirement and Sergeant Saunders of Internal Affairs approaches Brian about a possible career opportunity.

    • Natural Selection
      Episode 11

      The victim: Liz Kerr, the killer: Seth Armstrong.
      Liz is a 23-year-old woman working as a barista at a local coffee house. Seth is the father of Rachel Armstrong, who is Liz's good friend and co-worker. Liz is found dead in her apartment from a head wound courtesy a mace, which was used by her boyfriend, Ron, in a medieval live action role play game that both participated in.

    • In Plain Sight
      Episode 10

      The victim: Chloe Wilson, the killer: Jessica Wilson.
      Jessica is Chloe's older sister. Chloe's unidentified body is found in a house under construction with the cause of death being multiple nail gun shots. After she is identified by her boyfriend, the team looks into the relationship between the sisters and their dying mother. It turns out that, until recently, Chloe had been missing since the age of three.

    • 7/19/16

      The victim: Dave Briggs, Jr., the killer: James Lennathan.
      Dave is a video game designer working on his latest project, while James and his partner, Heather, are antique dealers. The case begins with a large pool of blood - but no body - in the game development studio. The team's only clue is a video showing Dave being decapitated while wearing a motion capture suit.

    • 7/12/16

      The killer: Whitney Fraser, the victim: Julian Bishop
      Julian is a fourth year university student and member of a fraternity. He is also a British citizen and the son if of a well-known British politician. Whitney has recently opened her first clothing store and has a younger sister attending the same university. Because of Julian's mother's notoriety, the British government sends and Interpol agent to help Anige with the case.

    • The Dead Hand
      Episode 7

      The victim: Nancy Bailin, the killer: Rand Hardy.
      Nancy is an intelligent high school student and a writer/photographer for the school newspaper. Randy is a teacher at the school and also serves as the faculty advisor for the newspaper. Nancy's brother, Josh, confessed to the killing and is in prison.
      As Angie is leaving for vacation, a woman, Susan Bailin, with a bomb strapped to her person stops her and forces her to go back to the police station where she takes numerous hostages. Her demand is for the release of her son, Josh Martin, who she claims is innocent. Angie connives Susan to let her detectives go and with Oscar and Betty, they reopen the case.

    • Interference
      Episode 6

      The killer: Cindy Vernon, the victim: Tracy Blaine.
      Cindy is a music teacher at a prestigious conservatory and the girlfriend of the conservatory's head, Dean Teller., Tracy is the wife of Steven Blaine, who runs his own his own natural juice company, which is dealing with a class action lawsuit due to the death of three people who drank tainted juice. Tracy's body is found impaled through a tree branch. The case takes on added urgency when the team discovers that Tracy was with her stepson, who is now missing.

    • 4/19/16

      The victim: Dawn Richards, the killer: Dr. Henry Price.
      Dawn is a member of the Frenemies, a women's professional roller derby team. The case starts with Dr. Price coming to the police station to express his concerns about a patient of his named Peter Carver. He says Peter is displaying homicidal tendencies and he ends up describing the details of Dawn's death, which match the another murder from three years earlier. The discovery means that the wrong person might be in prison for the three year old murder.

    • The Score
      Episode 4

      The killer: Hank Novak, the victim: Vince Hutton.
      Hank is the owner/manager of the Chieftain, a bar in Squamish. Vince is an ex-con who served twenty years for drug smuggling. He is also Hank's old friend from high school, and had also worked as the Chieftain's doorman.

    • Index Case
      Episode 3

      The victim: Chris Mancuso, the killer: Logan Tenwick.
      Chris is an environmental consultant while Logan is a research scientist for Turner, a biomedical firm for which Chris has done an environmental assessment. Chris is found dead inside a sensory deprivation tank at a day spa. This was part of Chris' routine upon returning from business trips. The case turns when Betty discovers that not only was Chris poisoned, but that he is also carrying an active and unknown pathogen. Since the killer was likely infected when he came in contact with Chris and has infected others since, finding him takes on a new urgency.

    • The Dead Name
      Episode 2

      The victim: Avery Bowman, the killer: Courtney Meisenger.
      Avery is the wife of star quarterback Russell Bowman. She also heads up his charitable organization. Courtney is the owner/operator of a bakery/catering business. One of her recent clients is Russell's charity. Avery is found dead at the site of a single car crash, but when Betty determines that she did not die from the crash, but from anaphylactic shock, the team investigates. Meanwhile, Angie fills in as Staff Sergeant while Oscar is in court.

    • 3/22/16

      The killer: Murray Schultz, the victim: Greg Schultz.
      Greg is Police Constable and Murray is Greg's older brother and a stand-up comedian. With Oscar Vega having been promoted to Staff Sergeant, Angie and new partner, Det. Brian Lucas, along with newly arrived Det. Mitch Kennecki, investigate Greg's death, which at first appears to be a suicide.

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