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  • This show was awesome

    It had a ton of action and I wish they would make more episodes because I would love to know how all the burners meet.
  • I really did like this show.

    This was a good show, But it got canceled and didn't get was not pulling in enough views and was not paying well for the channel. I liked how the girl character was not a tom by and was likable since most shows geared a little closer to guys add tom boy girls, but not this one. I am sad it did not get renewed, however it was not my favorite show.
  • One of my favorite shows

    Unlike a lot of cartoons today, this shows actually have something to live for. It involves fast paced action and racing scenes, I was hooked until the very end. A shame disney x d cancelled this show!
  • Motorcity: Not just about cars

    An amazing show. It doesn't get half as much credit as a show of this quality should be receiving.

    I was attracted in by the animation, which is an awe inspiring, smooth as silk mix of 2D and 3D animation.

    I STAYED for the great story and characterizations.
  • Marvelous Show

    Love this show enough to sign up here and rate it. <3 Highly recommend it. I find all of the characters adorable and the animation a great pleasure to watch. Not to mention how fun each episode is.
  • Worth Watching

    One of the best children's shows on television of the 2000's. The show looks great and has a plot to match. It avoids stereotypes used in most other cartoons and explores themes more complex than others would which makes it enjoyable for more than just kids. Its a pretty solid show all around and has the potential to be even greater.
  • Brilliant

    This is one of the most artistic, creative, mind-boggling animated shows I've watched since Samurai Jack and Megas XLR, both of which are long gone. This show brought back creativity and strength in children's programming. It's eloquently written with plot twists and character development spanning multiple episodes and the animation is just out of this world. It's dark and gritty without being confusing or scary, with powerful rock ballads and intense action sequences.

    The characters themselves are amazingly written and voiced by the perfect actors who totally suit the designs of the show. My favourites being Chuck, Mike, Julie, Kane...Well, All of them! I can't pick a favourite character and I suppose that's what makes a good show. Team work, equalized character development and a good sense of humour behind it all. It's fast-paced, loud and just so much fun to watch. A huge change in the slow, not-so-witty comedy attempts that cartoons have become.

    And don't even get me started on the artwork! You can just tell so much love went into this cartoon, the backgrounds, the character designs, the freaking CARS are just amazing! Oh, I'm freaking out now. But jeez, I just love this show so much! Hard work, witty writing and a wicked, well-timed humour just makes it my favourite thing to watch on television. The art always blows my mind and I can't wait to see what our favourite Burners will do next.

    This show is in fear of not being renewed, or even worse, cancelled. I really wouldn't want to see something as boring and typical as Tron beat out this creative masterpiece, especially since it has such a huge fanbase on Tumblr and about 20,000 people are on the edge of their seats waiting for the continuation of the cliff-hanger between Red and Mike Chilton. Not to mention, how can I live without the Duke? I can't! He's too amazing!
  • it's pretty all right

    I won't say that it's the best show I have ever seen. But the animation is solid and while the pacing is slow at first, it picks up. After the first few episodes, the plot really starts to solidify to show awesome world building, amazing characters that break the stereotypical character trope (though they were great from the start I will admit), and a plot that plans for more in the future! I really can't wait to see what happens next
  • Visually Appealing, Breath-taking animation and background art.

    This show is so underrated it's ridiculous. First off, the animation is a combination of 2D and 3D animation so with every episode it's like you're watching a movie. There are five main characters that make the show well worth watching, and Mike Chilton, the main character, would be a great role-model for kids. Whether you're into cars or not, the show goes deeper than that, it has a captivating storyline and interesting characters.
  • Motorcity

    This show rocks. You have to watch the show to understand it. Excellent VERY EXCELLENT
  • Incredible

    This is by far one of the greatest TV shows I've ever watched. The animation is gorgeous, the writing is amazing, and it has the most all-around lovable cast of characters I've seen in ANY program. While the premise is based around cars, you do not have to have any prior interest in cars to enjoy this show, so don't let that put you off if cars aren't really your thing. (Though chances are you'll be left with a greater appreciation for automotives than you had before!) The delightful characters and action-packed plot lines are the real heart of the show. This is some quality entertainment right here, so don't miss out..!
  • Amazing!

    One of the best shows Disney XD has ever had. Motorcity is beautiful! The animation was what interested me in the first place, but it also has great characters and storyline.

    Motorcity is different than anything I've ever seen before, it needs- no, DESERVES more seasons. Every time I watch it I'm blown away by the fantastic style and how much work and detail they put into it. From the music to the settings, there's just nothing about Motorcity that I don't love! I can only hope that more people realize just how amazing this show really is, I already think it's great, but it could become even better if more people would just check it out and give it more views so it can last longer!

    Gotta say the description of this show does not do it justice, you have to watch and experience it for yourself.

    It's fantastic all around - characters, dialogue, action, settings - I've watched all the episodes at least three times cause they pack so much quality into those 22 minutes. Even if you are turned off by the idea of a "car" show (as I foolishly thought at first), just watch for the eye candy. The overall look and design of the show has so much character, and if you are a lover of animation you HAVE to check it out. Some of the most amazing animation I've seen, especially for Flash!

    Motorcity is a great show, and I hope it has a long future ahead of it!
  • One of the better shows on Disney XD

    "Motorcity" is about Mike Chilton and his band of road-racers named "The Burners" keeping the citizens of the underground Motorcity safe from the oppressive rule of Abraham Kean. The show is action-packed and filled with interesting worlds and characters, the animation is fluid, but fast-paced, which fits the show nicely, the storylines are captivating and are never dull or predictable, and unlike most other shows these days, it doesn't resort to toilet humor every minute. Motorcity is one of the highlights of Disney XD's action line-up and of all its other shows in general. Its not very often you get a show as great as Motorcity these days, so I would highly recommend this show to any action-lover. I give Motorcity a well-deserved 9/10.
  • Super Lame

    So stupid and the animation sucks.