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For generations the Appalachian Mountains have had more sightings of mysterious creatures then anywhere else in the United States. Now a band of hard core hunters and trappers are out to identify these unexplained creatures. When Folk lore bites back it leaves a trail of proof. One tam of native West Virginian sons, seeks the truth. Follow AIMS (Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings) as they hunt for these legendary mountain monsters.

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AIRED ON 4/16/2016

Season 4 : Episode 13


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  • Bigfoot's are real.

    I've seen different shows about bigfoot hunters. Bigfoot's aren't scary no matter what they want you to believe. I have had en counters with a few myself but nothing scary. Very big indeed but not scary nor harmful.
  • Rollicking Fun at Night!

    OK, I watch this in the hope of actually seeing something. I know this is only entertainment. I know these guys hang out in the woods a lot. But the premise of the show is that they are looking for these creatures out there and they either never see anything or end up running in the other direction when something throws a rock at them. The camera and flashlights only illuminate the area only about five feet out, so if there's something "over there by them trees" we're never going to see it. This is getting boring. They should go out there ready to light up the woods if they see or hear something, not with dinky flashlights and "night vision" cameras. These guys are scarier than anything out there the way they run around at night with their guns ready to go. Bottom line: It's getting monotonous.moreless
  • you are each just a confused bigfoot

    Everybody is confused

    These comments and personal reviews and personal views just mess up the whole thing. Most people don't understand why they do the things they do. Also why they don't do things that we may think is better. There is humor. They have scary. great for a show. They have info. Actually, most of there research is correct. Indian translation is correct. Or as close as possible. They used a word and said it meant " Peace". There was no word for peace. That word meant "Peaceful". They are not stupid hicks. They know all hunting,

    tricks. You can't say they don't. Some of the picks can be something else, but they are looking for something that is only seen in the forest. So they have to take any info they get about the sightings. People like to give bad comments because they think they are all knowing.

    enough to think they could find Big foot, and these guys can't. Nobody ever explains how we could go out with our best hunter and not find one. A whole army maybe. But the Big foot is the best hunter, and most dominant in any environment he lives. Even someone who grew up in the forest , Could not become a true hunter like Big foot. When I say hunter about Big foot, I am speaking about how he lives with no known tools. We hunt with weapons.

    When it says that there were not hunting any animals, It is true. ( Big foot is not considered an animal) . But if you go out looking for Big foot with a gun to protect yourself, It is legal. Now if you feel that an animal is threatening you, You can shoot it. To get in trouble for illegally shooting Big foot, You have to be in a state that offers Big foot hunting permits. It has to be illegal before it can be illegal.

    These guys are not trying to kill one. They want to catch one or at least get more evidence. That is why they run from really bad spots. They do pick great spots for the traps. Because of their ability to follow tracks and different signs of passage. They also an't just start firing in the dark at a heat spot. It could be somebody following them. They do try hard to protect the identity of a person, and exact location. They have to get permission to go onto a lot of this property. I know not to walk into the forest where you are not from. You can get shot at easily. Some people just want to be away from the shit of this world. Others are of course, moon shine. Also pot farmer . How big of an operation you come across, Also can determine your punishment. Some you can converse with, others you can't. That is also a big advantage they have. They are not some group on a night time tour in the forest with night-vision. If they came across one, It would either run or kill them.

    Now. Nobody can say anything about what is going on in their heads during the show. You can believe it or not. It does not matter. Unless you have evidence to prove that Big foot is not reel, You can't say it is not. But at the same time. If you don't have evidence to prove he is real, You can't say he is. Until it is proved, Nobody can really comment about it. I love this show. I research things about what they are hunting. To see what i can find. I do the same thing with the show Supernatural. Both shows have the correct info or close. Just some things to considermoreless
  • where is bigfoot is this now a cartoon or ?

    very disappointing - where is the proof ? - next season - then the next season still looking?
  • Bigfoot of Ashe County

    I watch the show because I know it is just for entertainment and not real. These guys are just plain funny. They make my husband and me laugh everytime with their antics. If you remember that it is just a show to entertain then I think you will also find it funny.

    PS. Just because you watch the show does not mean you are an idiot. I am well educated with a bachelor's degree and can discern between real and fake and get enjoyment from a funny fake show.moreless

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