Mouse: Stealing Temptation - Season 1



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  • Mouse's Dream Lives
    Mouse's Dream Lives
    Episode 12
    Mouse is feeling a bit down after the last caper, so to cheer himself up, he's going to his private resort.
  • Mouse Never Gives Up
    Just as the fake Yayoi and Hazuki attack Mouse, he activates a device that sends an electric shock through their costumes, knocking them down. One returns the real Hazuki and Yayoi to Mouse.
  • The Man Who Cheats Death
    Lt. Onizuka has set a trap for Mouse. To get the clock, he poses as a policeman and affixes a mouse logo on the back of the clock just after it stops.
  • His Name is "One"
    His Name is "One"
    Episode 9
    One, a member of a powerful organization known as the Force, is ordered to eliminate Mouse once and for all. Mouse's next target is the Heaven's Clock, a clock that keeps accurate time for all eternity.
  • A Sweet Awakening--A Miracle Herb
    Mouse is having trouble getting into the pharmaceutical company. He and his team conclude that the only way to succeed in this caper will be to get someone on the "inside."
  • The Man-Hating Co-Ed
    This episode is a flashback. In her early college days, Yayoi was very afraid of men. This is primarily due to her becoming aroused so easily, and her guilt over it.
  • Mouse in Cyberland
    Mouse in Cyberland
    Episode 6
    Mouse investigates the world of cyberspace as he attempts to rescue Hazuki.
  • The Target is Hazuki
    Hatsuki acts as a test subject for a new machine for Mouse.
  • Mouse Will Not Abandon a Comrade
    The history of Mei Momozono is revealed. Our genius Math teacher is quite the puzzle.
  • She Will Not Accept Destiny
    Mouse has a challenging evening ahead. He must perform a daring theft--and still manage to perform on a date.
  • There is Nothing that Mouse Cannot Steal
    Mouse feels compelled to steal the newly built Odaiba Tower--his response to the televised challenge.
  • The Name is "Mouse"
    In this Pilot episode, Mouse steals not only a Golden Skull from a prestigious museum--but the entire museum itself!