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Movie Life: House of Wax

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Welcome to the Movie Life: House of Wax guide at As four young actors venture off to film a horror movie in Australia, the cameras of MTV's "Movie Life" tag along for one hell of a ride. Chad Michael Murray ("One Tree Hill"), Paris Hilton ("The Simple Life"), Elisha Cuthbert ("24") and Jared Padalecki ("Gilmore Girls") make up the cast for veteran producer Joel Silver's new horror movie. Based on the 1953 Warner Bros. classic, "House of Wax" is about a group of friends who struggle for their lives as they fall prey to a pair of murderous brothers. And that's just the movie. The "Movie Life" show takes "behind the scenes" even further by documenting the fun and chaos that occurs in a young actor's life - after all, it's not always about what happens between "action" and "cut."
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  • Overall it was a simple premise and a simple idea but it works and I have to admit I enjoyed it.

    I have to confess I only actually watched this show, and the movie too for the fact it had Jared Padalecki in it, however I also have to confess that both actually impressed me. The movie I feel was incredibly underrated. And this show, well again I feel it was incredibly underrated.

    I loved the idea of being able to see the actors at work and see what they do on set when not filming. My favorite bit was seeing Jared totally freak out when he realised they did actually want to spray real hot wax on him. His reaction was purely hysterical, and the way he complained to everyone who'd listen only for them to laugh at him and tell him to get over it, just made me smile.

    Also getting to see Chad Michael Murray prepare for his marriage proposal was very sweet (even if the marriage didn't go quite as planned).

    I loved the idea of this show, and did expect it to be a new kind of series that they would do more of but apparently not :(

    There were rumours of their being a special edition DVD of the movie with this series included on it as an extra, so far that has happened but I do hope it happens one day and I'm still hoping they'll show it again on TV in the UK at some point so I can at least tape it.

    Overall it was a simple premise and a simple idea but it works and I have to admit I enjoyed it.moreless
  • I like this movie very much.House of wax\\\\\\\'s summary are so rich but is so horror....>

    I like this movie very much.House of wax\\\\\\\'s summary are so rich but is so horror....>

    Chad Michael Murray was so smart in this film of character .After i had saw this flim , i loved him very much.don\\\\\\\'t you thinh that he is charming person??

    Do you have some feeling after you have see this film .


  • The show 'Movie Life' has a very basic premise; film what the core cast of films do when they're not filming. This experimental first series follows 'House of Wax' cast including Paris Hilton.moreless

    I'd missed the first episode of this by the time I came to realise it existed, and it was screened in the UK one episode a week to lead up to the release of the film. Jared, Paris, Chad and Elisa are the 4 actors featured in Simple-Life-style (but hopefully with less devised scenes) with Joel Silver also featured.

    It's not overall brilliant, and something you can live without - but it is interesting and often funny to see how crazy and pompous the celebrities really are - Elisha Cuthbert comes across the best, with the others often relying on others to do the simplest things for them.

    While this was just a chance for Joel Silver to promote his movie to his target market and doing hardly anything towards it, (2 and a half hours of TV promotion! excellent!) MTV really must have wanted to see if Movie Life would work -- no doubt it'll be back. And when it is, it might not be so bad.

    Highlights in the series include Jared's strop to not be sprayed with Wax, Elisha complaining about having to sign autographs, Chad getting annoyed at falling over and telling the camera crew to stop filming and Paris claiming 'Screwed' as her own song. Also, the burning down of the soundstage is ok.