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Movie Stars

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In this attempt to show what family life is like for big Hollywood stars, Harry Hamlin portrays Reece Hardin, an action movie star who's married to lovely dramatic actress Jacey Wyatt (shades of Bruce and Demi). Reece's teenage daughter from a previous marriage, Lori Lansford, recently left her mother's Ohio home to spend time with her father. Reece and Jacey's children are Apache, a typical Hollywood brat; and Moonglow, the cute baby of the family. Living in the guest house is Reece's brother, Todd Hardin, who feels his brother upstaged his career. Todd spends his days auditioning for parts in movies (that he never gets) and playing poker with his three best buddies -- Hollywood brothers Don Swayze, Joey Travolta, and Frank Stallone. Also seen during the first season was Reece and Todd's mother, Francine Hardin, who generally spent her time playing nanny and wisecracking.

Swayze, Stallone, and Travolta each recieved guest-starring credits, but they appeared in every episode. When the show returned for a second season, Francine was noticably absent from the cast. Her character was still referenced once or twice, though her disappearance was never explained. Also worth noting, both Harry Hamlin (Reece) and Anne Haney (Reece's mother, Francine) were in the controversial 1982 film "Making Love," though they did not appear in any scenes together.

The series premiered to good ratings for the fledgling WB, so much so that they extended the run to both Sunday and Monday nights, with one night being reruns. From a lack of episodes (and a lack of actual "movie stars"), ratings quickly started to slip. WB quickly ordered a second season of the series, but didn't bother to premiere it until the following summer (with less than thrilling promotion). Ratings never went back up and the show was quickly canceled. The final episode broadcast "Who's On First," was never scheduled to be aired -- it was supposed to be a rerun of a previous episode. WB knew the series wouldn't return so they threw on an unaired episode instead. "Sink-Chronicity" and one other episode remain unaired.

Chicago's WGN aired WB programs during the first season that "Movie Stars" was on the air, but they had a bad habit of not playing the closing credits. Therefore, some of the guest cast is unavailable.

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