Movie Stars - Season 1

The WB (ended 2000)


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  • Bad Boy, Bad Boy, What'cha Gonna Do?
    Reece becomes enraged when he learns that Lori's new beau is an older bad-boy actor, whom Reece is working with on a movie. Meanwhile, Todd and the famous brothers open up a juice bar called "Squeeze This."
  • Third Time's a Charm
    Jacey thinks she may be pregnant, and confides in Lori. Lori goes to get a pregnancy test for her step-mother, and through a series of mishaps, Reece thinks Lori is the one who's pregnant. Meanwhile, Jacey's agent is willing to sign Todd -- if he'll sleep with her.
  • Like Father, Like Son
    Reece uncomfortably accepts the title of "World's Sexiest Man," and finds that he's no longer being taken seriously. Meanwhile, Apache, feeling like he's in his father's shadow, brings a girl into his room to make out. And Todd acquires a script that he thinks was written by Quentin Tarantino and tries to find investors to get it made into a film.moreless
  • Mothers & Brothers
    Mothers & Brothers
    Episode 5
    Jacey's mother unexpectedly arrives, to the shock of Reece and Jacey -- but to the delight of Lori, who initially treats her like a new best friend -- intil Lori catches her snapping pictures of their home to sell to the tabloids. Meanwhile, Reece encourages Todd to write his "own 'Goodwill Hunting,'" but Todd misinterprets the suggestion.moreless
  • Leap of Faith
    Leap of Faith
    Episode 4
    Todd licenses a Reece Hardin action figure that appears to have cleavage in place of pecs. Meanwhile, Lori gets to see her father performing before the cameras, but becomes disallusioned when his motorcycle stunt is performed by a stunt man. Jacey has an interview with MTV's Kurt Loder, about how normal her movie star life is, and that's proven -- when everyone bursts in arguing before Kurt's camera. In the end, the action figure is pulled because of its' likeness to a transvestite; Lori realizes being with her father is better than watching his action flicks on the big screen; and Jacey gets an interview that portrays a normal family life.moreless
  • Bitter Sweet Seventeen
    Lori is ecstatic when a box arrives from her mother just in time for her birthday. That is, until she realizes the box is filled with the rest of her stuff from her mother's house. To cheer her up, Reece goes all-out for a birthday celebration, which sparks jealousy from Apache, who's now feeling neglected being in his sister's shadow. Meanwhile, Todd thinks he's found a woman who finally understands him, not realizing that his new girlfriend is Justine Priestly, Jason's sister.moreless
  • Educating Lori
    Educating Lori
    Episode 2
    Trying to defend his half-sister, Lori, Apache gets in a fight at school that results in his suspension. Meanwhile, Todd, dressed as Tweety Bird, is attacked by a bunch of children at a birthday party for one of Mel Gibson's kids.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
    Reece's daughter from his first marriage, Lori, arrives unnanounced and declares that she's going to be living with him and his new family.