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Daily 9:55 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Jan 01, 1998 In Season


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  • Will Disney stop showing this already?

    Movie Surfers has been a short Disney Channel show for years now and it's so bad! Will they please stop showing it? Seriously, nobody likes it anymore. This show was okay long ago, but now I really do not like it. Back then, whenever it was on I would keep it on, but now I change the channel. Tessa is probably my least favorite movie surfer. She has been on forever and she needs to be taken off the show! She gets so annoying. At least it's better than some of the other short series, such as the Really Short Report.
  • whats the piont of this again.

    I think that this commerical is the most annoying thing Disney channel does. First of all why do we need it , what do they think that little kids are too stupid to understand a simple movie trailer , all they do is show you behind the scene things that nobody cares about. If i wanted to know how they make a movie i would look at the DVD if i buy a movie , witch i never do. But this overall is a waste of money a bad idea and irratating to say the least , Disney should just play the movie trailers and be done with it.
  • I want to change the channel.

    I don't watch Disney channel all that much, but when I do this commercial comes on about every commercial break one show has. Why? There is no reason to replay it that often. It is soo annoying seeing the same commercial over and over again. They are supposed to talk about new Disney movies, but all they really do is have guests from the new upcoming movie and the movie surfers laugh at nonfunny things. If the guest says anything, all the movie surfers laugh their asses off even if it isn't the least bit funny. This show needs new movie surfers, and needs to be showed a lot less.
  • omg its soo annoying!!! and they like talk forever about one thing!!!

    omg this is the dumbest thing ever!!!! they have people who are like in their twenties trying to act like a kid. how could this be considered a show. well ya it could because it toooo dang long. you do learn some interesting stuff about the movie. but it gets really annoying when they play it allll the time!!!! the people on the show always seem to be happy for some weird reason!!! but it would be cool to work on the show because you would get to talk to movie stars and get to go to places all around the earth for free. well that is what i think of this show...i mean commercial. lol
  • Usually when this is on, I change the channel.

    This show or commercial or talk show or whatever you want to call it is so annoying. I usually change the channel. And they show it during every commercial break so you hear the same information about the same movie about 100 times. Also they wait a couple months to talk about a different movie and thats really annoying. The only good thng about this show or commercial or talk show is that sometimes you learn interesting information about a movie. Anyways the show/commercial/talk show is about a group of kids who talk about a new disney movie coming to theaters and interview the cast, go behind the scenes, etc.
  • Again, what's the point?

    Again, What's the point? Movie Surfers is a 1-2 minute show about new DVD / Video releases. I Do Not understand the point of this show. The Disney Channel could be spending money on 30 Minute shows or Movies instead of doing Movie Surfers or Mike's Super-Short Show or any of these stupid 1-2 minute shows that Disney does do a lot of times. It doesn't make scene to me. That one reason why they invented commericals. To show people new stuff, new movies, etc. Instead of doing this stupid show about kids reviewing movies, they could play a commerical!!
  • It was a lot better when it first came out.

    I liked this when it was a half-hour show. MORE ENJOYABLE! Now it is so boring and I am so sick of the commershials. Now it is totally pointless of having it on. And I continue to roll my eyes. They should pull it off as soon as possible! It could ruin the network!
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