Moville Mysteries

Sunday 2:00 PM on YTV Premiered Sep 01, 2002 Between Seasons


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Moville Mysteries

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Set in the out-of-the-ordinary Ouigee Falls, this strange new comedic animation television series features Mosley Moville and his friends, who are average children who live in a bizarre and severely twisted town. "Mo" as he is nicknamed, is a short, spunky, and a curious kid who knows what's cool and what's not. Nothing seems to scare him, as he is interested into strange and wild things. Hitch, a friend of Mo's, is not that intelligent, but he is great a telling jokes, and making others laugh, while Mimi is the one who backs up and gives reasonable ideas and not get into much trouble. With this gang of eccentric kids, they battle out weirdness in their town. "It's a great comedy/mystery show that I think you and all the other YTV animation fans are really going to love. And it's a bit different than anything YTV has done before. They're 22-minute stories, which is a different storytelling format for us." - Guy Vasilovich Moville Mysteries Characters Biographies Tommy (Hitch) Hitchcock : looking for a thrill? Then buddy up with hitch. daredevil, skateboarding thrill of the moment. Hitch is always the first one to try something new. even if it gets him into spooky situations. this impulsive fun-loving guy is always up for new adventures. athletic and driven Hitch main goals is to have fun , live a laid back life. and win. It's a good thing he has friends to back him up time after time. or a safety net Mosley (Mo) Moville: new to Ouigee falls? then you better make friends with with Mosley (Mo) Moville. descendant of some of the towns earliest residents , he definitely knows his way around. more than that though, he has uncover most of the spookiest secrets of the town. and can spot a supernatural occurrence from a mile away. always willing to help a friend. and usually armed with an interesting point of view. Mo is a good person to have on your side... no mater what side of the soil you come from Mimi Valentine: rational and cautious Mimi is always there to lend a voice of reason. to any situation her Sharpe wip and quick mind are the perfect counter-balance to the natural reactions that come a supernatural encounter. with calmness and her sardonic wit, she faces any challenges head on. when the world is upside down or at least it seems like it. Mimi is a good person to have in your corner Frequently Asked Questions Q. When is this show airing? A. As of Right Now, The Show is not airing. Q. Any Known stars, starting in this new show? A. Yes, Frankie Muniz from Foxs hit show Malcolm in the Middle Q. What is the plot of this show? A. it's about this weird town were strange thing things happen, so it's Mo and gang to save it. Q. Who is the main character in this show? A. There is Three; Mo, Mimi and Hitch are the main characters. Q. Who does the voices for the shows? A. Well, its pretty much the same people that play the main characters like Frankie Muniz and Dan Petronijevic There are also some reoccuring people that do different voices all the time like Ron Pardo Then there are people that come and do several voices for one episode . So far there hasn't been any Stars to do a voice yet.moreless