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NBC (ended 1976)



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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 3/2/76
      In order to get out of a tough situation, a troubled Nashville talent agent feigns interest in Sonny's singing talents, at a Trucker's convention, leading to major complications for all involved.
    • Full Fathom Five
      Episode 22

      Will comes to the rescue, when trouble develops, after Sonny mortgages his truck to help an old friend finance a hunt for a mystery treasure ship, in the Gulf Of Mexico, off Alabama.

    • No More Sad Songs
      Episode 21
      Trouble follows, after a bookie runner stashes $5000 of gambling proceeds in the sleeper of Sonny's truck, just before they make a run to Pensacola to deliver the 10-year-old daughter of a professional gambler to her aunt.
    • Living It Up
      Episode 20

      In return for some big cash, and an all-expense-paid vacation at a plush resort, and despite Will's misgivings, Sonny unwittingly rents out his rig to a mob boss for use in an arms theft scheme.

    • Woman of Steel
      Episode 19
      After Will is injured, and the rig of a lady trucker friend is worked over, Sonny gets the goods on a crooked steel mill owner, threatening to expose the embezzler, if he doesn't deal fairly with the local truckers.
    • The Big Switch
      Episode 18
      Sonny gets sweet revenge, when he, Will, and the members of a soft-rock band work up an elaborate plan to get back at a shrewd con man, who has swindled an old friend out of a sizeable sum of cash.
    • Witch Hunt
      Episode 17

      Pruitt and Chandler try to help get to the bottom of a mystery involving a sickness which affects only the chickens of farmers belonging to a farm cooperative, while a non-member's birds remain healthy.

    • 1/6/76

      Sonny and Will defer 3 months' steady work, in order to help a spry 75 year-old hot air ballooner convince his family that he's not quite ready for the old folks' home.

    • 12/23/75

      Sonny intervenes, when the partnership is threatened again, after Will falls for a pretty North Carolina widow, who has conned them into hauling moonshine.

    • Breakout
      Episode 14
      With the unwitting support of Moose and Benjy, Sonny and Will help an escaped convict keep his family together, and manage to get him back into prison before roll call.
    • Long Way to Nowhere

      Despite Will's protest, Sonny takes a huge gamble on a purchased-load run to Canada, employing an drug-addicted old driver, and his son to share the driving in a rented truck, all while under the threat of violence from a loan shark.

    • The Long Haul
      The Long Haul
      Episode 12
      Coming Soon
    • 11/25/75

      Sonny and Will must deal with a gang of crooks who are after the loot from a quarter-million-dollar bank heist, supposedly in the possession of one of 15 bus passengers, holed up in an abandoned house.

    • Prosperity #1
      Prosperity #1
      Episode 10

      After delivering some new equipment to a troubled mine owner, Ex-coal miner Sonny, and lawyer Will manage to bring both sides of a miner/owner feud to a peaceable agreement.

    • The Big Wheel
      Episode 9

      Sonny and Will must try to apply their experience to a different kind of driving: That of a stock car race.

    • General Delivery
      Episode 8

      Moose and Benjy acquire Sonny's rig, in an auction, after Sonny and Will can't come up with the money to satisfy a lien against it, so Sonny challenges Moose to a race from Norfolk, Virginia, to Raleigh, North Carolina – The winner of which wins both Sonny's and Moose's rigs.

    • Sonny and Will take a stand against a crooked load broker, inspiring their fellow truckers to do the same, all while taking care of a darling little 4-year-old girl who mistakenly climbed into their truck, during a rest stop.

    • 10/14/75

      After accidentally destroying his curing barn, Pruitt and Chandler help an crippled North Carolina tobacco farmer make amends with his son, bring in his crop, and bring down an illegal cigarette ring.

    • A Home is Not a House
      Sonny and Will help gather public support for a head-strong Arkansas widow who claims to have legal ownership of a public park in downtown Mobile, Alabama.
    • 9/30/75

      Troubles abound, after Sonny and Will contract to haul an ill-tempered elephant named Anna Mae to Sarasota, Florida, with the help of a cantankerous old hobo by the name of Barnaby.

    • The Toughest Men in America

      Sonny's statement about Truckers being "The toughest men in America" makes it's way into the press, and leads to a challenge for Sonny and Will to spend a week with the U.S. Marines.

    • 9/16/75

      The police put out a 3-state APB, after Sonny and Will carry a load of office furniture out of Baltimore, which – Unbeknownst to them – Has been planted with enough TNT to level everything within a 100-yard radius.

    • Stowaway
      Episode 1

      The State Police, FBI, and the U.S. State Department, as well as Moose and Benjy are all after Sonny and Will, after a frustrated Russian concert pianist – Who only wants to visit some relatives, and experience the good old U.S.A. – Sneaks a ride in Sonny's trailer.

  • Season 1
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