Movin' On

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 1975 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sonny backs up to the loading dock with a load of TV sets and stereos, at 4:02 p.m., but the Supervisor – A large man known as 'Fats' (Rosey Grier) – Won't accept any loads after 4 p.m. Sonny tries to talk him into letting him unload, but Fats won't budge. So, Sonny decides to drop the trailer at the dock, so that it will be first in line, the next day, then he and Will go into town, and take in a movie.

Late that night, as Sonny and Will are sound asleep, in their motel room, the phone rings. Sonny groggily answers, and the unrecognizable voice on the other end tells him that his trailer is on fire. Sonny wakes Will, and they rush over to the warehouse.

The trailer and it's contents are a total loss, and the insurance investigator – A man by the name of Zack Bernhardt (Barry Sullivan) – Has gathered enough evidence to point the finger at Sonny.

Sonny is furious, and goes to see an old girlfriend, and the daughter of the insurance investigator – Eunice Bernhardt (Jenny Sullivan) – To try to get her to talk some sense into her dad. But Eunice and her father haven't been speaking to one another for quite some time, and Eunice refuses to help.

Meanwhile, more and more evidence turns up that makes Sonny look more and more like the perpetrator. Someone even plants some stereo sets in their motel room, which lands Sonny in jail.

Will manages to bail Sonny out, then he and Sonny do a little investigating on their own, and begin to uncover certain evidence that points in the direction of the insurance investigator.

Later, when confronted by the possibility that her dad is a crook, Eunice goes to talk to her father. She practically begs him to give in, and promises to make their situation better. But Zack won't budge, and even pulls a gun on Will and Sonny, when they arrive. When Sonny confronts Zack with the very strong evidence, Zack begins to think, then suddenly rushes out to his car, and roars away.

Sonny, Will, and Eunice follow Zack, in Sonny's tractor, back to the motel where Sonny and Will have been staying. There, Zack confronts the desk clerk about the situation, and the clerk makes a run for it. Sonny, Will, and Zack give chase, out to the pool area, where Will grabs Zack, and Sonny grabs the clerk. The clerk gives in, and confesses that he was the one to set the whole deal up.

The next day, Sonny and Will are on the road again, with a load, in a brand new trailer.
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