Moving On

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  • Season 2
    • I Am Darleen Fyles
      Episode 10
      "Darleen Fyles is a young woman with learning difficulties; she can be a real handful and has a habit of making false alarm calls to the emergency services. Darleen lives in sheltered housing but is desperate to return home to live with her Mum Treena. Darleen thinks that if she\'s good, she\'ll be able to move back in but Treena wants a new life with her fella Bob and his daughter Stacey. Darleen\'s friend Jamie, who also has learning difficulties, works as a cleaner in an elderly care home. Darleen goes to see him and is found trespassing by resident Diane. Despite herself, Diane ends up sheltering Darleen in her room, and an unlikely friendship begins.moreless
    • 11/11/10
      "Dave Farrow is the life and soul of any party, always first - and last - at the bar. Forever in the shadow of big brother Ste, star midfielder for the reds, Dave only gets noticed for the wrong reasons and seems to be on a spiralling out of control. Dave\'s adamant there\'s no problem, he just likes a beer with lads. A&E nurse Ruth sees something in him but whether Dave will be able to put aside his demons for long enough to give their relationship a chance is another matter. Will Ste and Ruth be able to help Dave before he presses the self-destruct button - or will he take them down with him?moreless
    • 11/10/10
      "Joanne isn\'t what you\'d call devout - her kids go to a Catholic school but that\'s more for the GCSE results than anything else. So when her son Jamie gets bullied, she assumes that the school will do everything they can to help. Jamie\'s always been different and the bullies attack him because they think he\'s gay. Headteacher Mr Georgeson runs a tight ship but although he says he abhors bullying, he can\'t condone homosexuality. Joanne\'s husband Dave tells her to keep her nose out, she\'ll make it worse, Jamie\'ll grow out of it. But things are much worse for Jamie than anyone realises, and if the school and his parents don\'t support him, will Jamie be pushed to desperate measures?moreless
    • The Test
      Episode 7
      "Theresa\'s always done everything for best friend Cyn; work, her daughter and even her love life have all taken second place to Cyn\'s needs. When Theresa is swept off her feet by trumpet player Gabe, it seems as if she finally has something for herself - until Cyn tells Theresa that Gabe has a dark secret. But that\'s what best friends are for, they look out for each other. So when Cyn asks Theresa to take her driving test for her, Theresa\'s loyalty is tested to the limit.moreless
    • Trust
      Episode 6
      "Darleen Fyles, a young woman with learning disabilities, is struggling to make a life for herself in sheltered housing. She\'s demanding, exhausting, and her mother Treena has had enough. Darleen believes that this is just a trial separation, but Treena is secretly grasping a last chance for a \'normal\' family with a new man. Elderly intellectual Diane has also found herself in a care home, estranged from her daughter and granddaughter who live overseas. Diane is uptight and correct where Darleen is loud and un-selfconscious and a chance meeting leads to an unlikely alliance. But just who is helping who, and does the myth of \'happy families\' actually exist?moreless
    • Letting Go
      Episode 5
      "When Kirsty O\'Connell finds drugs in her house she\'s appalled but determined to get her teenage son the help he needs. Then the addict in the family turns out to be her boyfriend Lee and Kirsty is devastated. Lee\'s a good man, reliable, loving, how can he have been a secret addict all this time? Kirsty finds there\'s precious little help out there. Long-term addict? Better pack your bags - or better still pack his. But Kirsty\'s determined to get their life back on track by sheer will power alone. Before long her crusade has taken over her life in a way the drugs never did. Which is the harder habit to kick - heroin or the feeling of being needed? A look at addiction and co-dependency within an ordinary family.moreless
    • Malaise
      Episode 4
      "Tina\'s husband Moose got sent down when their daughter Jess was only six months old. Carrying the can for someone else\'s crime, Moose got eight years, went off the rails and left Tina and Jess to manage on their own. Some time later Tina got together with security guard Adam - he\'s kind, reliable and the only dad Jess has ever known. So when Moose gets out of prison Tina does everything she can to keep him away - Moose blew his rights eight years ago, and she\'s with Adam now. But even if Tina can keep Moose away from the house, will she be able to keep him out of her head, and can water ever be thicker than blood?moreless
    • Skin Deep
      Episode 3
      "Jean is nearly sixty and feels that life has passed her by. What happened to the glamorous girl who was joint-third Miss New Brighton and was whisked off on exotic holidays? A school reunion where no-one recognises her doesn\'t help - especially when it turns out that most of the people there have been giving mother nature a helping hand to stay youthful. Her daughters reckon most people have a bit of botox these days, so why shouldn\'t she? Husband Frank loves her regardless and just wants a quiet life. But if botox is no big deal, what\'s next on the list...?moreless
    • Skies Of Glass
      Episode 2
      "When Mary-Ann and Anthony\'s attempt to adopt their foster baby Grace founders at the last possible moment, they resign themselves to a lifetime of heartbreak. It doesn\'t help that Mary-Ann\'s sister Sarah, with three teenage kids, is always ready with interfering advice. Anthony seeks solace in the pub, Mary-Ann in running the local youth club. Then, a year later, a newborn baby girl is left in the backseat of their car. Mary-Ann knows the pain of giving up a baby and is determined to reunite mother and child without involving the police. But as the days go by with no sign of the mother, the chance of a happy ending starts to look more and more unlikely.moreless
    • 11/1/10
      "Anne finds it hard looking after her elderly mother Bella on her own but she copes, even though her sister Lynne is apparently too grand to help. Anne desperately misses her only son Chris, off on a round the world trip and following his progress on the internet is a lifeline. So when Anne\'s computer breaks down it\'s the final straw. Computer repairman John comes to her rescue and a romance blossoms. But Bella\'s Alzheimer\'s seems to be getting worse - will Anne\'s family ever let her have a life of her own?moreless
  • Season 1
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