Moving On - Season 1

BBC Premiered Jan 01, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Butterfly Effect
    Episode 5
    When Sylvie Jackson is asked to cover for a colleague at work, she makes a decision that ends in a terrifying situation. The incident kicks off a train of events that lead her into unfamiliar territory. With her back against the wall and all sides seeming to close in, it's up to Sylvie to find the courage to take control and get her life back on track.moreless
  • Dress to Impress
    Episode 4
    The touch paper is lit when a seventeen year old boy's secret love of dressing in women's clothes is discovered and a turn of events ignites a ticking time bomb that threatens to destroy his parent's marriage and his family forever.
  • 5/20/09
    Elle is deeply in debt and trying to sell her house. Her old schoolmate John, now a real estate investor, buys it and let her stay as a renter. He also gives her money and expensive gifts. They fall in love, but Elle's closest friend claims that John is not the charming, generous person he seems to be.moreless
  • Bully
    Episode 2
    A Father attempts to toughen up his son but in doing so finds he unleashes a chain of events that look impossible to stop. Can he ever go back or have his actions caused him to lose the very person he loves the most? Family life may never be the same...moreless
  • 5/18/09
    When Liz's husband died, years of looking forward to retirement were suddenly gone. Then, she meets DAMAR, a retired Nepalese soldier and falls in love. Liz doesn't understand why her family aren't happy for her. Damar doesn't understand why he can't work in the country that he's fought for. All they want is to hold onto the bit of sunshine that they've found.moreless