Moving Wallpaper

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Unknown Jan 10, 2008 on ITV



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    • Sam: All you have to do is go in there and fight to keep Daniel Marrack for all 12 episodes.
      Jonathan: They'll hate me.
      Sam: They're writers, they hate everybody.
      Jonathan: You'll back me up?
      Sam: We haven't got a choice. You have to convince them that in the final scene on the beach Daniel announces he's staying.
      Jonathan: Yep.
      Sam: I'll go in and soften them up. (she leaves)
      Jonathan: (talking to himself)Hi everyone, I need you to work together on this - we're a team. Shakespeare once said...
      Suzie: Mr.Pope? Hi, Suzie Amy, I play lady number 3 in the bar.
      Jonathan: Sorry, not a very good time.
      Suzie: Oh, that's okay I just wanted to ask you if I could have a line in episode 1?
      Jonathan: Talk to the writers.
      Suzie: I've tried. The thing is I'd do anything.
      Jonathan: Look, I haven't got time for this.
      Suzie: No, I don't think your hearing me. When I say anything I mean 'anything'. Like (whispers a suggestion in his ear and then pulls back and gives him a winning smile. Jonathan looks confused.)
      Jonathan: What like gritting the roads?
      Suzie: What?
      Jonathan: Snow job?
      Suzie: No. (laughs and whispers in his ear) A blow job.
      (Jonathan stands there stunned)
      (Some time later he enters the meeting room and sits at the head of the table)
      Jonathan: Oof hi team! (sits down) Two things I need to talk to you about.

    • (crying in his wet-room, Sam hands him a roll of toilet-paper)
      Jonathan: I never even got to use my toilet.
      Sam: Look to be honest I'm not quite sure how we got there but Echo Beach is a fantastic show. You can't give up now. (pause) What would Simon Cowell do?

    • Jonathan: I've been stitched up - it's a soap. I've got an office without a wet-room and a boss with a face like a smacked arse who's hated me for 15 years. Look you're my agent I want my contract checked, every clause, every line. I want a team of grossly expensive lawyers locked in a room day and night with just a milk bottle to relieve themselves. This thing goes on air in two weeks time, whatever it takes get me out of this! (sees Sam) Get me out of this bloody phone contract honestly I-I need something with a decent phone tariff...ah lots of free texts. (hangs up and sighs) Did you hear all that?
      Sam: Pretty much. Are you not happy with what you've seen here?
      Jonathan: It's a soap.
      Sam: Yes.
      Jonathan: Set in Cornwall.
      Sam: I know.
      Jonathan: By the sea...we're in Churchsea.
      Sam: Look, there are a lot of people who have worked very hard on this at least give us a chance.
      Jonathan: Listen, Sarah?
      Sam: Sam.
      Jonathan: Sam, this is a car crash waiting to happen - we're doing 90 miles an hour in the wet, a forty foot trailer of nuclear waste is heading towards us, its dark and the steering wheel just fell off. Time to wake up.....and smell the airbags.
      Sam: (sighs and indicates to the writing team) So what do I tell them?
      Jonathan: I don't know, something came know my mother died. (Sam gives him an incredulous look) Go on. (she walks back to the group and he yells from off screen) I haven't even got a wet-room!
      Gillian: Well?
      Sam: Um...well, he's got some thoughts and he's mulling them over.
      Kelly: What's a wet-room?
      Tom: Ensuite shower - very L.A.
      Gillian: But he likes the show?
      Sam: What's not to like?

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: May 31, 2008 on TV3

    • Crossovers from this episode to episode 1 of Echo Beach -

      Jonathan Pope through out this episode is seen worrying about his office having a wet room, even when there are more serious concerns and situations. In Echo Beach after moving into their sutf shop/cafe, Brae Marrack asks Daniel Marrack if they should have a wet room.

      Susie Amy appears through out the episode wanting a role in the show, even if it's just as a character in the pub, and wants a line. Carl says if she gets a line, she'll end up getting a character name and then want a storyline. In episode 1 of Echo Beach Susie Amy gets a line and is credited as "Lady No. 3 in Bar" but from Episode 2 she gets a character name as predicted by Carl. Through out the series she'll get a story and become a major character

      Jonathan asks for an old man who's a fisherman extra to be sacked and replaced by a younger man, with mussels bursting through his t-shirt and to give him a scar. In Echo beach we briefly see the new guy Jonathan described walking by in one scene. Jonathan also asks for kids to smoke dope in the scene of the beach and we see this in Echo Beach

      Jonathan and Kelly debate about changing Jimmy's car into a motorbike and how he only has one helmet and picks Abi up. Jonathan says they can share the helmet. In episode 1 of Echo Beach we see Jimmy let's Abi wear the helmet while he don't wear one.

      Kelly and Jonathan discuss wheter Martine McCutcheon who plays Susan Penwarden should wear a blue or pink dress. Jonathan says to go with the pink. In Echo Beach we see her in the pink dress.

      The character of Daniel Marrack was suppose to just be in Episode 1 of Echo Beach and leave at the end. But Jonathan agrees to have him stay for the full 12 episode run, angering the writters. He has to presuade them that in the final scene on the beach he announces he is stay. Episode 1 of Echo Beach ends with Daniel Marrack getting ready to leave, but after a comment from his rival Mark Penwarden, Daniel turns around and says he isn't going.

      The girl that reufuses to cry who Jonathan then makes cry by telling her, her parents died, is seen in Echo Beach crying after falling off her bike.

    • Originaly aired on ITV 1 on Thursday January 10th at 9pm. The second episode followed the next day (The Friday) at 9pm in what is Moving Wallpaper's regular slot. For the first week the show two episodes.

  • Allusions

    • Coronation Street/EastEnders - Nancy asks Jonathan if he is the man to take on Coronation Street and EastEnders.

      Coronation Street and EastEnders are the two most watched shows in the UK. Often changing positions number 1 to number 2 in the ratings, depending on storylines, special episodes, characters etc... the soaps battle it out each year to be top of the ratings, get the Christmas most watched show and win awards, including Best Soap.

    • Carl phones up and asks if they are still looking for writers on Emmerdale

      Emmerdale is a soap on ITV 1, that airs 6 episodes a week and is often the third highest rating show in the UK.