Moving Wallpaper - Season 2

ITV Premiered Jan 10, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Series 2 Episode 6
    Series 2 Episode 6
    Episode 6
    Filming of the show is finally complete. But Nancy gets her revenge by deciding to shelve the show. It looks like Renaissance will never be seen.
  • Series 2 Episode 5
    Series 2 Episode 5
    Episode 5
    There's a press visit in the morning, so Jonathan and the team have to work through the night to produce a trailer for the show. If the night wasn't bad enough, the morning brings even worse.
  • Series 2 Episode 4
    Series 2 Episode 4
    Episode 4
    Jonathan once again causes chaos, this time he upsets the team by hiring a new member. The new member is named George, but George is a transsexual and Jonathan can't help but make things worse. The team then vote to go on strike.
  • Series 2 Episode 3
    Series 2 Episode 3
    Episode 3
    Jonathan decides to add a dramatic and dangerous stunt to the show and who better to be involved in the stunt then leading man Alan Dale. Everything is going to plan, but then with just hours until filming, Jonathan manages to upset his lead actor, and he refuses to do the stunt.moreless
  • Series 2 Episode 2
    Series 2 Episode 2
    Episode 2
    Jonathan takes the oppotunity of a visit from American executives to sell the them the idea of the show. All he has to do is make sure Nancy doesn't find out, and that he doesn't mess up the meeting with the American's.
  • Series 2 Episode 1
    Series 2 Episode 1
    Episode 1
    Echo Beach is dead (it was shit and no one watched it), but Moving Wallpaper is still alive. With Echo Beach now consigned to the history books, Jonathan Pope and his team face the sack. But could a dead man in the toilets and zombies give them a second chance.