Moving Wallpaper

Season 2 Episode 1

Series 2 Episode 1

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 2009 on ITV
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Series 2 Episode 1
Echo Beach is dead (it was shit and no one watched it), but Moving Wallpaper is still alive. With Echo Beach now consigned to the history books, Jonathan Pope and his team face the sack. But could a dead man in the toilets and zombies give them a second chance.moreless
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      • Sam: Okay, so we've got a dad, three kids, a party girl and a jumbo-jet full of zombies, anyone?

      • Jonathan: Lets turn television up to 11!
        (His office door open behind them and two men come out carrying a body bag, the staff are shocked)
        Jonathan: Yes, that's Tony Harris...he created the show.
        Gillian: Is it autobiographical then?
        Jonathan: No, I don't think he'll be coming back. And although his untimely death is extremely's not all bad. What we lose in creative vision we gain in format fees.

      • Sam: Zombies?
        Jonathan: Think of it as a metaphor.
        Gillian: For what?
        Jonathan: Good television.
        Tom: ITV home of Coronation Street and Ant and Dec are really making a show about dead people coming back to life?
        Sam: It'll never work.
        Jonathan: How can you say that?
        Sam: Okay, so what's the last zombie series to work on ITV1?
        Jonathan: Well, there have never been any.
        Sam: Doesn't that tell you anything?
        Jonathan: There's a gap in the market?
        Sam: No, Jonathan. It's because no-one in their right mind would make it.
        Jonathan: Fine. That's what we've become? Is it? Slaves to the audience? Trend followers instead of trendsetters? I'm bloody passionate about this project and I think it's very special. But oh no, just like Sinatra said 'some people get their kicks stomping on the train'. Off you go then, off you go to your next safe little jobs. As for me? I'll be right here. Doing what I do best - taking the television rule-book and tearing it up!
        Carl: I just think that this is a really bad idea.
        Tom: Hmm. Seriously Jonathan we'll be a laughing stock.
        Sam: We'd never work again.
        Jonathan: Listen, this isn't the time for personal advancement. No! It's the time to stand up and be counted. To be brave, innovative to draw a line, yeah? (draws a line on the floor) In the sand of television drama and on that side mediocrity - elderly detectives and Jamie Oliver. On this side a brave new world. All that's left for you to decide is what kind of program makers you are. And in the words of Billy Brag - 'which side are you on?' (everybody tentatively moves over to his side of the line after a short pause, Sam's the last to join him)
        Sam: I have a terrible feeling I'm going to regret this.

      • (Jonathan walks out of his office and pauses, the whole writing team watch him closely. He folds his hands and touches them to his face looking grim.) Jonathan: We're back in business.
        (the team laugh and Sam stands up and hugs him, while the rest of the team hug each other)

      • (explaining about the presence of zombies in Renaissance)
        Nancy: And eat people.
        Jonathan: It's a metaphor.
        Nancy: A metaphor really? What for exactly?
        Jonathan: The rebirth of the conservative party.

      • Nancy: Renaissance, what's it about?
        Jonathan: (quoting dead writer stuffed in his bathroom) Emotional glue.

      • (Walks into Jonathan's office and finds him huddled in the corner with a body lying in front of him)
        Sam: Jonathan?
        Jonathan: I've killed a writer.
        Sam: What?
        Jonathan: I've killed a man and I haven't got a job. (Sam bends down to check the body while Jonathan starts crying)
        Sam: Well, what happened?
        Jonathan: One minute we were talking and the next minute he just keeled over.
        Sam: He must have had a heart-attack.
        Jonathan: Will I go to prison?
        Sam: Oh, of course not. (moves over to comfort him)
        Jonathan: I might as well I haven't got anything else to do.
        Sam: Oh, Jonathan. (he sobs) Ooh, that's not true - clause 27 the network has to offer you a pilot before they can terminate your contract.
        Jonathan: Hmm?
        Sam: (glances back at the body) We'd better call someone.
        Jonathan: I'll do it.
        Sam: Okay. (they both get up)
        Jonathan: (picks up phone and calls Nancy) Nancy, its Jonathan two words clause 27.
        Sam: (Sam's startled and points to the body) I meant about him!
        Jonathan: (covers the phone) It's too late for him at least I've got a chance. (uncovers it) Good, I can't wait. (hangs up) She's on her way over.
        Sam: Won't that be a bit difficult?
        Jonathan: No, no, no she's only in studio 9 it's just a short broomstick ride away.
        Sam: I mean having a dead writer on the floor.
        Jonathan: (realizing and racing around his desk) Quick! Wet room! (leaps over body to get to the door)
        Sam: Jonathan! No!
        Jonathan: Pick him up! (Sam groans in frustration and picks up his feet, doing most of the lifting as they move the writer out of the way)

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