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Season 2 Episode 6

Series 2 Episode 6

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 2009 on ITV

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  • What can I say, this show should have been longer running.

    The ending episode is hilarious and definitely is a credit to the writers and actors alike. Jonathan and the team find out that their show will not be screened and will be binned. Not taking this well they (mainly jonathan) hatch a plan that involves, ninja like skills, lots of guts and possible gaol time. But armed with witty lines and hilarious physical comedy they break into the office of a company dedicated to streaming tv shows online and after funny freeze frame moments to evade security and the tackling and gagging of one of the employees, they manage to release their show to the world of the internet and it is seen, what follows is a frenzy of conversational hilarity as everyone starts to realise the severity and possible implications that follow, gaol is mentioned and Jonathan in his non-romantic and haphazard way receals that he would maybe share a cell with Sam but no one else. Meanwhile on the floor the employee manages to alert police and the episode ends with a break to freedom and writers running from the law down the road. hilarious show and I miss it terribly.
  • Ending on a high note.

    I can't believe there aren't any reviews for this great show (which I stumbled onto late in the game - ie. towards the end of series 1). I have to say Sam's my favorite - she can be just as obnoxious as the other writers at times but she somehow does it with grace as well as carrying the burden of caring way too much for a boss who is completely arrogant and uncaring of her feelings. On another note I'd love to see Renaissance- its got me intrigued combining zombies and Alan Dale! What about that doesn't sound fun? and after watching all the behind the scenes stuff it would be nice to see the finished product. I would have liked a bit more of a wrap up of Sam and Jonathan...something that showed he cares besides the occasional comment that lets the audience know that he values her more then the rest of the team-

    Jonathan: I'm not sharing a cell with any of you...except maybe Sam.

    Or when he told her that she was an 8 or a 9 but that actress was a 10 so obviously deserved his attention. This could easily have lasted another series...even with the zombies. I loved the ending with them all banding together to go put the show on the web and getting handcuffed by the police (even tho that guy never specified that there were so many intruders or where so I think that's a little bit of a plot hole...coz a ton of officers showed up). I do hate Nancy for being evil and killing the show when it apparently turned out well just to hurt Jonathan (who was...ok more overbearing then usual but still) it was a rotten thing to do to the other writers. And it was nice that Carl got to comfort Kelly and confess his night with Tom - the scene where they wake up together is priceless! :)