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Season 2 Episode 6

Series 2 Episode 6

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 2009 on ITV



  • Quotes

    • (After Carl's hit the ITV Web hoster unconscious)
      Kelly: None of this would have happened if I hadn't have slept with him.
      Carl: It's not your fault.
      Kelly: But he's such a wanker.
      Carl: Well, he can't be all bad because he said you were beautiful and he was right about that. (pulls her in for a hug)
      Kelly: Oh, I can't think of anything worse then waking up with him.
      Carl: Well I can - I slept with Tom.
      Everyone: What?!
      Carl: Oh, it's true. We got drunk at the party and ended up in bed together.
      Jonathan: You two are going to fit right into prison.
      Carl: (looks down at Kelly) Does that make you feel any better?
      Kelly: (laughing) Yes, it does. That is definitely worse.
      Mel: Oh my god they're coming!
      Jonathan: Guys, (points at the obnoxious web hoster lying unconscious on the floor) if he is in anyway injured I think we should all agree for the record - Carl was the one who hit him.
      Gillian: Jonathan! I thought we were a team!
      Jonathan: I love you all, but I'm not sharing a cell with any of you...except maybe Sam.
      Sam: Well, we're not going to go to prison are we?
      Mel: It's not looking good is it?
      Jonathan: Guys, quick thought - its not going to get any worse so why don't we go have a shit on Nancy's desk?