Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1996)

CBS (ended 1996)


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  • How did they miss this

    To be honest, I have enjoyed several among tens of shows and this one I loved. Sure i was just a kid but this show i loved. It starred two agents working for a mysterious agency known as the Factory while they get involved in dangerous and getting more dangerous missions. It was the best show that ever came Friday late night (in Kenya that is) and God do i miss it. Please bring it back, it was the best mixed up spy show i ever watched (with Spy Game, that is). God bless whoever created it.
    Good themesong too
  • Funny, passional and really exciting.

    This show traps you from the beginning to the end. Two spies from two different agencies trying to get the same objective. When they both met on a compromised situation they decided (without saying a word) that the best for the two of them is pretend they’re ‘together’. They fake they’re having sex and when the danger (a cleaner) is gone they stand and still ‘pretending’ for a few more moments. They feel attracted to each other (they fight but they care about the other, you know what kind of relationship I mean). But then they become partners in an agency that strictly forbid agents knowing anything about the other agents for their own good. Of course they secretly investigate about each other, and the more they investigate the less they discover. Secrets and more secrets, action, passion, romance, I love you but I hate you and fun, a lot of fun. This show is all this and more.