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  • The show was all right but I do not like the actors and am very disturbed by what happened during this movies making.

    While I admit in all honesty this movie was not bad, I have to give it a low score because I do not like Brad Pitt or Anglena Jolie and am very discusted by what they did during this movies creation. While this movie was being filmed Brad and Anglena sleped together. I would normaly not be so upset by this but Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. After he cheated on her Anglena anounced that she was pregnat with his baby. So Brad left Jennifer and hooked up with Anglena. I was very upset by this not only becasue I am a Jennifer Aniston fan but becasue I think that it was moraly wrong. In my opinion what they did ruined the potential of what could have been a good movie.