Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

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Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

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Mr. Bean, star of film and television, is back -- but this time he's a cartoon hero, appearing in a new series of hilarious animated adventures! This show actually appears on NickToons TV but is not listed and used to show on ITV1 when it was first aired. Mr. Bean is a daft man living in an apartment with an old landlady called Mrs. Wicket, who is cold-hearted and always grumpy, and always seems to break something of Mr. Bean's. Luckily, Mr. Bean has Teddy, his loving compainion who he treats as a pet and always takes him wherever he goes. Mr. Bean also has his "girlfriend" Irma Gobb, who Mr. Bean doesn't treat well. Join Mr. Bean in 10 minute long episodes as he gets into many crazy scrapes and adventures like traffic problems, theft and losing Teddy!

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  • A show that is overplayed, boring, dumb, ugly, and a bad influence to kids

    This show is now Wii! A lot of kids get insulted by their dads because of this show. I remember when I started watching this show, I actually imitated when he was eating paper. Because of that, I got a C- in my conduct grade. Not only that. Also, the humor in this show is very very disgusting! Like in one episode, Car Trouble, after watching it, I wanted to imitate Patty Farrell. I would also say that "Only a complete moron would find any humor in bird poop". When I first watched that episode while eating, I lost my appetite. Stealing is a moral lesson in this show. Also, this show is f***ing overplayed. It ended ten f***ing years ago! And they show it a twelfth of a day. I think Rowan Atkinson is a ***. He needs to go to a Mental Hospital. I'd rather watch Bad-Oy! than this piece of sh*t! If only I could give this show a 0, I would do that. It deserves a 0 becuase it is lame.

  • this show is so boring

    sorry to any fans out thyere but mr bean is not for me i just dont get it its so boring i cant stand it oviously no offence to all ya fans out there im not questioning your choice of cartoon but its really crap and i cant stand it in my opinion theres no plot to it really pathetic storys you might think that my programmes aka danny phantom and yugioh are really crap but everyone has a different opinion and different liknings of programmes but sorry folks this is not the show for me but it could be for other pepole sorry but this show is really crapmoreless
  • I love this show!!

    At first glance it may look like a show that's for kids, but it's still really funny even if I'm not a kid anymore (although I still am a Children's show fan.. hehe). Anyways, Mr. Bean still doesn't cease to amaze me and make me laugh. Imagine, he now is a cartoon character and he still is funny! Even with just the voice! I think that the show is also a good idea because there can only be one Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) and once he gets too old, he might not be able to portray Mr. Bean anymore, but in cartoons, he can last forever! :D Bravo!moreless
  • old Childhood Classic

    Mr. bean is one of my favort chartoons arond better than the oringenal, When they were going to be pez Inever hear of this seris & try to find away to watch it, than PBS us start to air this show & after summer 2003 it got cancelled but I hope Nicktoons US will replace Yakkity Yak for this.
  • Not as good as the original.

    The storyline is slightly different than the one in the original - in this series Mr.Bean lives in an apartment with his landlady, Mrs. Wickets and her cat, Scrapper.

    Don't get me wrong - I love both the animated series and the original series, however the animated one just doesn't have the "feel" of the original series. Although the animated series does have some funny moments that can have you rolling on the floor laughing, it just can't compare to the funniness of the original one. Overall, I'd give this show an 8/10 as it still needs some adjustments to become as good and as funny as the real one.moreless

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