Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 1

In The Wild / Missing Teddy

Aired Weekdays 3:25 PM Jan 25, 2002 on ITV

Episode Recap

Part One (In the Wild):

Mr. Bean sees a wildlife documentary show on TV, and sets to go out to make one of his own. He readies all his stuff for a camp, settles Teddy into a cozy chair, and then locks his apartment very well. He nudges all his furniture onto the door and puts more than a dozen locks on it as well.

He then sets out to take some pictures. He soon realizes, though, that it is not as easy as it seems. The birds do not come out when he holds a camera. He tries to take a picture of a butterfly and a frog, but the frog eats the butterfly and jumps away. The next day he shoots what seem to be another bird but is actually just a part of the skirt of a woman, and he is chased off by the angry husband.

Finally, Mr. Bean sees a family of foxes. He buys a fox costume so that the foxes wouldn't be scared of him, and all seems to be finally well. But then the foxes are scared off by a stampede, and Mr. Bean and the foxes try to elude them.

They reach Mr. Bean's apartment, where the foxes are able to hide, and the angry dogs decide to take on Mr. Bean instead. He then tries to hide in his own apartment, but he realizes that he couldn't open his door easily because of the number of locks he put up and the furniture he lodged onto the door.

Part Two (Missing Teddy):

As Mr. Bean readies his grocery list, news comes out on TV regarding robbers of stuffed toys, particularly those who look like Teddy. Mr. Bean brushes it all away and heads to the grocery with Teddy.

As Mr. Bean goes through his grocery list, he notices a baby which is shoplifting. He confronts the baby, but when the baby cries, he hides behind a stack of boxes so that the mother will not see him. The baby and the mother pass by him, and he feels relieved, but after a while he realizes that Teddy is gone!

He then goes to the street to try and look for the robbers. It turns out that the baby and the mother were actually robbers in disguise, and Mr. Bean sets out to catch them. Trying to lure Mr. Bean away, the robbers throw out a fake Teddy into the woods by the road. Mr. Bean looks for the fake Teddy in the forest, and then takes him home.

He sees how badly Teddy looks and so takes him to a veterinary clinic. The doctor then tells him that it is a fake and reveals the green apple hidden inside. Disappointed, Mr. Bean tries to look for the real Teddy. He catches glimpse of a 'missing' poster, and decides to make one for Teddy.

As he posts the 'missing Teddy' posters around town, he goes through a park where he sees a couple of guys selling 'bunny bears'. It is not long before Mr. Bean realizes that one of the 'bunny bears' is Teddy and the guys are the robbers! He thinks of a plan to get hold of Teddy.

Mr. Bean steals one of the clothesline of 'bunny bears' which include Teddy and lure the robbers into a bridge. Soon after he reveals another trap and wrap the robbers around a tree with the clothesline, and then turn them over to the police. He then gives the original stolen Teddy's to the children.

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