Mr. Bean: The Animated Series

ITV (ended 2003)


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  • Should be a lot better- right ideas that lack the fireworks to be really successful.

    I have seen a few of these on Utube and I think it's sad. The show is done amost right to me and captures Bean almost exactly. But it's largely too low key and fails to get the right level for Bean. As a cartoon the material should be more over the top without being the kind of cheap slapstick that makes up so much of today's animation. The stories are in the right direction and not cheapened for animation but the show lacks the energy I want from it. And I want more sets- with Animation I want to see more things going on in the London area. There are so many places Bean can go from Fish & Chips, to Sweet shops, to dance clubs to the Tower of London to boarding schools and the theater to a wide diversity of places in England- he might go to France and Spain on Holiday too. In watching the show it feels like Rowan has become a bloated Rock Star and finds it hilarious that he can do so well off the Bean empire without putting in the effort and almost as if he is making fun of it. The first film was such a let down. It like they finally get it right and then 1 minute later the credits come on. And to make it with that cute American family and with very commercial themes like that that are anti-Bean man I am let down. I thought that this would have been a major opportunity for Rowan to do something on the level of Mr. Herlot's Holiday and I got Beethoven 4 and bad recycled Bean gags from the TV show. Too bad. And too bad for the animated series because it has the right ideas but fails to take them to the next level. So instead of being great the animated version is good. And the teddy bears for sale are not the real ones- the only real ones are the ones you have to make from a pattern off the internet. Should be great and not mildly interesting... He fights a lobster as a waiter and it's not the human condition per se and not really dramatic and so on.