Mr. Bean

Season 1 Episode 14

Mind The Baby, Mr. Bean

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1994 on ITV

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  • Mr Bean accidently becomes "attaced" to a baby and its pram and the county fair. Everything he tries to entertain the baby goes wrong. But, in the end, baby and Mum are tearfully reunited!

    this episode has to be one of my favorites!

    When that dirty diaper starts flying around the amusement park---you cannot stop laughing. And, do not forget the diaper made from a teddy bear! Then, there is Mr Bean sleeping all the way through a ride on a roller coaster.

    At the first of the episode Mr Bean has a run-in with a Doberman Pincher (dog). The dog is in the last scene of the episode---much to the dismay of Mr Bean! Always check the back seat of your car, Mr Bean!

    A true Bean Classice---one of the best!