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Mr. Bean

Season 1 Episode 1

Mr. Bean

Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1990 on ITV
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Episode Summary

Mr. Bean
Mr Bean is ready for his exam with his vast array of stationary and revision he's done, until he learns he's memorised the wrong stuff. He then takes a trip to the beach where he tries to change into his swimming trunks discretely. Lastly, he attempts to stay awake in church and also tries to avoid sneezing.moreless

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  • The Begining of Mr. Bean

    This was a pilot, but unlike most this one actually holds up because it's still pritty darn funny. I'm just going to describe two parts of the episode because I think there the best.

    The test was a great start, what I really love about it just like with most of the show is that it's funny because there is some truth to it. Like when Mr. Bean exercises some cockyness and arrogance by pulling the no name guy's chain or even setting things down a multiple stack of pens, so test takers are like that. Or even that terrible anxiety not knnowing all the answers to the test let alone not studying, that is always a terrible feeling I've have a few times and I always feel like I shouldn't even been in the class at that moment. It was just funny seeing his reaction and the lengths he goes to to get the answer, only in the end to cry for his mommy. Then of course the ending is just hillarous when he then hears there was another paper in that envelope, I just cracked up seeing Bean frantically reacting, like stealing that no name guy's pen because it works. This has happen I think only a couple of times with me because the teacher negligantly gave me information at the wrong time or didn't put up reminders.

    And of course the Chirch scene is great. Just seeing Bean just slowly going to sleep and sink down on the ground into a ball and tip over, it just made me laugh hard. I've a few times almost cat naped in chirch, it's either because I go to early mass but mainly it's just the pacing and the monotone of the priest. There was the sneezing joke which was gross out humor but it was done right because it was more sugesstive. And seeing Bean trying to take some sort of pill to keep him awake but that darn guy beside him just keep looking at him as he was about to take it, what the heck was that guy's deal if he saw Bean take the pill what was he going to do tell on him to the priest? But while Bean was trying to he keep sing the chirch song not just out of key but out of sync due to not knowing all of the verses except ahlaluah. This best part to me was when he drops the pill and then he was trying to pick it up but he moved in rythym and then he does something actually smart for once to pick it up, the end result is comic gold.moreless
  • This episode is my favorite, and the church skit explains why I try hard to keep a straight face when singing "All Creatures..." and other hymns with the same tune in church!moreless

    The first episode is my favorite of the whole sitcom thanks to the skit when Bean goes to a church service!

    The exam warms me up - with Bean cheating off a fellow student's answers, then gives up and cries for his "mummy!" Then, the protagonist goes to the beach and changes into his swimwear while trying hard to be discreet! But his experience in a church service does this show big justice. There are a lot of reasons why it's my favorite skit in the series: Howard Goodall playing the organ, Bean making faces, Bean dozing off, Been sneezing and wiping his nose on his pocket, and Bean trying to eat a mint!

    But the crowning moment of awesome has to be the part when the congregation sings, "All Creatures Of Our God And King." Bean doesn't know the verses, just the refrains and alleluias. During the second verse (actually the last), he searches frantically for his fallen mint. While he checks for his mint in his pants, he dances and sings the alleluia in the middle of that verse. He picks up the mint from the floor during the refrain, and as he and the congregation sing the final alleluia, he tries to put the mint in his mouth again. When he senses Mr. Sprout noticing, he puts the mint in his mucus-filled pocket. No wonder why I try to keep a straight face when singing that hymn or any hymn with the same tune in church!moreless
  • Mr. Bean...

    The Exam: Mr. Bean goes to take an exam, it's as simple as that. Funny first sketch. The bit with Pink Panther doll is really unexpected, and would probably be too risque for American television (probably not then, but more than likely it would be now).

    The Beach: A very short, and extremely funny sketch. Mr. Bean goes the beach, and he needs to put his bathing suit on, except there is someone is in the same area as he his. The sketch is just so simple, and painfully funny, and the payoff is just phenomenal.

    The Church: Not the best of the three. It has some funny moments, but it does drag on a little too long.

    See this episode for The Beach, it's extremely funny...One of the classic Mr. Bean sketches.moreless
  • Oh boy! excellent show you'll sure to enjoy!!!

    This was the very first episode of Mr. Bean and It was excellent!

    This episode was divided into three parts, the first was Mr. Bean's exam, the second was Mr. Bean's swimming trunks and the third was Mr. Bean goes to church.

    Part 1. Mr Bean sit's an exam.

    Oh man! The whole thing was truly hilarious! The part where he pushed that random three-wheeled car out of the carpark, so he could get one was funny! In the exam, Mr Bean was seated next to a man who was really trying to concentrate but he couldn't because Bean had no idea on the answers, so he peaked over at the man next to him, that didn't work, he moved over more, the guy hid his paper! DARN! What could Bean do? Score a zero in his test? He wasn't about to let that happen, so he pretended to drop his pen over to where the other man was sitting and quickly peeked at his paper! Funny! The instructor was watching! The end was funny how he wasn't even doing the right test! POOR MR. BEAN!

    Part 2. Mr. Bean's swimming trunks

    Mr. Bean decided to go down to the beach for a swim and tried to change his clothes in front of a blind man (he didn't know) so Bean came to think that he was watching him all this time! it was pretty funny, but not my favorite storyline.

    Part 3. Mr. Bean goes to church!

    HA HA! Awesome one this one was!!! Halaluah! Halaluah! etc. It was sooooo funny!!! Overall: Incredible start to Mr. Bean! I'll review the other ones that I've seen later!moreless
  • Sr. Bean es un espectáculo de comedia sobre un hombre cuya vida entera es una situación graciosa . Él apenas habla, pero las palabras no son necesarias. Todo que él hace es gracioso. Sr. Bean es un hombre cultivado, pero &eacutmoreless

    En este episodio Bean va a dar un examen de trigonometria mientras se prepara coloca un despertador y variascosas con el fin de presumirlas. A la hora de empezar el examen el no sabe nada de este e inventa varias ocasiones para copiarse del examen de la pewrsona que esta al lado de el como por ejemplo tirar el lapiz. Asi pasa la mayori del tiempo hasta que es hora de entregar el examen se da cuenta que estaba tratando de resolver otro examen de color verde y tenia que resolver el blanco de trigonometria y terminaron por quitarle el examen ya que no le quedaba tiempo.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In this episode the regular lime green mini is not used, and an orange one is used instead.

    • At the beach, Bean goes down a lot of steps, and then decides to change into his swimming trunks. However, there is a man wearing sunglasses sitting down in a deckchair, and Mr. Bean doesn't want him to see him changing. He discretely puts his trunks on over his trousers, and very cleverly manages to get them off from underneath.

    • At the church the hymns sung are 'All Creatures Of Our God" and 'King Eternal Father, Strong To Save.'

    • Visible crew/equipment: When Mr Bean parks his car outside the examination hall, as he reverses into his spot, you can see a group of plain-clothed crew members pushing the camera as there is a reflection in the window of a nearby car.

    • Visible crew/equipment: Before the church scene, Mr. Bean drives into the car-park and knocks the blue car off the road. Look at the car closest to the camera, as Mr. Bean reverses, you can see a person and a crane above him reflected in the window. Also, in the blue car's window closest to the camera, you can see dolly tracks.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Student: Done your revision?!
      Bean: Uh, oh yes. I concentrated on trigonometry.
      Student: I've done calculus, mainly.
      Bean: Oh! I believe they concentrated on calculus last year!
      Student: Oh! Oh dear!
      (Bean chuckles)

  • NOTES (2)

    • Roger Sloman returns later in a heart failure victim in "Mr Bean rides again."

      Rudolph Walker and Rowan Atkinson will also star together in "The Thin Blue Line".

    • As this is a pilot episode, the regular credits were not used until they were replaced by the regular ones for the DVD version of the episode.