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    Mr Bean is a comedy which is shown all around the wold in different countries. Rowan Atkinson plays as Mr Bean, rowan Atkinson makes it feel realistic and when he is acting he convinces the audience that Mr Bean is a bit immature and makes all the sense funny. There is no talking accept the odd "bean". The fact he uses no speech allows all multi race people to understand what's happening. I think that they use no speech to allow more concentration on Mr Bean to see what's he is doing, it also removes the distraction of the music. He also wears the same cloths so you don't have to focus on what he is wearing. He overreact everyday things this is what makes the sketch funny. . he overreacts on the walking and takes big steps and falls over nothing where as we normally walk slow and wouldn't fall over the things he does. It is easy to understand because he uses face expressions to show how he feels. I think this program is for all aged people. When I watch Mr Bean I find it hysterical and my mum and dad also laugh. Mr Bean is a very popular comedy as its aimed at all races and all ages so everyone can watch the comedy and enjoy it. This could also be popular because it is mocking everyday things and that it also has no talking. I like this play the most because he overreacts on his walking and also his facial expressions.

    Mr Bean has a teddy witch he treats like his baby, when Mr Bean is watching television he gets his old tatty teddy and sits him to watch television too. He also takes the teddy everywhere and when in the car he uses the seat belt on the teddy too. I think he treats his teddy as a baby because he feels lonely and he also has very few friends.

  • we miss u sir

    We want to c u in again and again plz come back TV show s
  • mr bean back to school

    i have good news. i have gone to 4 august 44
  • Could be a Top Show

    1st ep (11)
  • Boring visual 'comedy'

    Pulling faces and falling over, lame.

    Not the nine o'clock news, excellent.

    Black Adder, probably the greatest british television comedy ever made.

    Mr Bean, why?
  • i love this show!

    whoever thinks it sucks has no sense of humor. Mr. bean is hilarious!!
  • The crown jewel of comedy shows

    It's been more than 20 years since the show started and until today, all of the episodes and everything in it makes me laugh hard.

    Not much dialogue here, but the unusual acts of Mr. Bean, from facial expressions to blowing up a laboratory, to losing his shorts in the swimming pool, they really give the purpose for this show. Rowan Atkinson has done a feat that no one else could ever manage.

    It may have ended many years back (except for the 2007 movie), but for many years to come, Mr. Bean will be one of the most remarkable shows ever to exist.
  • Classic!

    Mr. Bean is an all time classic TV show. This series from the United Kingdom stars the incredibly talented Rowan Atkinson (also of Black Adder fame) as Mr. Bean, a usually silent, awkward English man who goes through his day to day life creating huge problems for himself and those around him. The show featured a lot of physical comedy from Atkinson and no one else could ever play this character. All of the episodes are classics but my faves are the one where he decides to go diving, the one where he gets a goldfish at the fair, and the one where he celebrates his own birthday.
  • One of my favorite shows of all time!

    This is one of the funniest shows I've ever seen! Mr. Bean is a kid in a grown ups body. He tries alot of unusual things that would get him or others into bad situations. He tries things that wouldn't embarrass him or make him seem weird. But in the end Mr. Bean didn't have to do all the hard work he did because he finds out something else like for example a guy was blind or Mr. Bean was looking at the wrong test. Mr. Bean wants things to be his own way. While trying to accomplish what he is trying to do, he gets himself or someone else into more trouble! Well basicly it's AWSOME!
  • Mr. Bean is a silly and crazy man who lives in an apartment with his Teddy Bear. He makes stupid things such as losing his swimsuit in a swimming pool, or cheating during a test.

    I love it! It's what makes people laught of 90s jokes. Mr. Bean is the best live-action series of the 20th century. And people can't think the show died in 1995, it returned as a movie in 2007. The show is better than the animated series, in this one you get Mr Bean's facial expressions, and characters are not the same (I mean the animated series has got the robbers in a lot of episodes). It's incredible how you can laught of a dumb dumb! And pisodes as one episodes are good because you have surprises when another mini-episode is shown (if you didn't watch it) So that's what I think of this british idiot.
  • Mr. Bean is a wonderful show and a testament to the magic of physical comedy.

    Mr. Bean is a wonderful show and a testament to the magic of physical comedy. Given Rowan Atkinson's remarkably verbal agility as displayed in the Blackadder series, what an amazingly versatily actor he is to play the near silent Mr. Bean.

    Mr. Bean is a bizarre man-child and most episodes revolve around him trying to accomplish some simple, everyday task. He is dumb and greedy, but mostly good-natured. It's really quite hard to describe what is so funny about Mr. Bean. Bean has an astonishingly rubbery face and limbs that are just entertaining to watch. A simple act like him crinkling is nose is, somehow, funny.

    As stated, the plots of Mr. Bean are exceedingly simple. The settings are non-descript, although the Britishness gives it a slight exotic flavor for Americans.

    The indelible image burned in my mind from watching Mr. Bean is when he falls asleep in church. His limbs became these wobbl spaghetti strangs. It was riveting, like watching a tightrope walker risking death -- but all he was doing was standing there.

    In many ways, Mr. Bean was a modern version of miming Miming is the most hated performance art, yet Atkinson made it hysterically funny with Mr. Bean. Just remarkable.
  • Best comedy of all times

    Kenan and Kel, Drake and Josh, Thats So Raven. None of those show can beat the funniest show every shown on Earth: Mr Bean. I mean all their jokes are classic. Rowan is genious and so are the other producers of this show. I never managed to watch Mr Beans holiday yet so its pretty sad. I just love the way how Bean acts in those kinda situations. I love the mall episode where he was on the elevator and then he stopped. gah. too hard to explain. anyway, i love Mr Bean. Im so sad it ended.
    I prefered this to the animated series anyway.
  • Comedy at its very best!

    I was first introduced to Mr. Bean in 1996. I heard my kids laughing in the front room while watching TV. It thought they were watching cartoons or something. When I entered the room, I saw Mr. Bean. The show was being aired on our local PBS station. I only saw the last 10 minutes of it but I was hooked. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. From that moment on, we were glue to the TV at the same time each week. We didn't want to miss an episode.

    Rowan Atkinson has the uncanny ability to make people laugh without saying a word. His body language and facial expressions are amazing. Very few people in the history of comedy have had his unique talents.

    I always love to show this series to people who have never seen it. It's a blast to watch them crack up. Thanks Mr. Bean.
  • Mr.Bean 10/10

    Mr.Bean is an all time classic of mine. It has to be one of the most funniest shows on the planet. Even tohugh he doesn't really talk just watching him do his thing is halarious. No matter how many times you watch the same episode over and over again it still makes you laugh. One of my favourite episodes would have to be when Mr.Bean loses his shorts in the swimming pool. Its so funny. I love the real Mr.Bean way more than the animated version of Mr.Bean. Everything he does just makes u laugh so much everytime. Thats why Mr.Bean Rocks.
  • Mr Bean is a decent show and it is quite funny.

    I use to really like Mr Bean but now I think there are 1 or 2 dirty bits but it is a very funny show so I have givin it a rating of 8 out of 10. My favorite episode now is where it is Mr Beans christmas and it is very funny where he makes the cow go moo then Joesph and Mary tell the cow to not make a lot of noise. I used to like Mind the baby Mr Bean episode but when I just recently watched it I thought the bit where it shows you him changing the baby's nappy is a bit dirty.
  • A great feel good comedy that cheers me up any time I watch it.

    What a cool show Mr Bean is funny and it shows that a show doesn't need loads of dialogue to make it good, I think they should make new episodes as in it's time it was extremely popular. Mr Bean is crazy and does such funny stuff that could make even the most serious person chuckle. One of the greatest episodes is when he does Blinddate that was hilarious, each Mr Bean sketch is unique and they are all so funny and unpredictable. It would be great if they made a one off episode for the great fans of Mr Bean to end it properly.
  • I love this show SO much!

    If I could sum up a word for this show, it would be BRILLIANT! Rowan Atkinson does a great job of playing the part of Mr. Bean. I love how Mr. Bean doesn't say anything yet still causes trouble for people, it cracks me up everytime. All of the episodes are great but my favourite is the first one. The Christmas special is awesome, especially the part with the Nativity scene and the turkey bit. There are many great moments to this amazing series and they are SO funny. This is an ultimate classic and one of my all-time favourite comedies which should not be taken seriously!
  • Genius. 100% perfect.

    Rowan Atkinson is one of the best actors of all time. The man barely even talks and makes the t.v. show hilarious. There are no need for words when you have an actor like Rowan Atkinson. Every single episode in Mr.Bean is hilarious. The things Mr.Bean gets into. I personally have every single episode on dvd and believe me it's a must have for anyone. Mr.Bean always finds a way to make his day funny whether he is getting an outrageously high score in a game of putt-putt, having his car crushed by a tank, or having some of his friends over to his house for a party. Believe me when I say this, anyone who doesn't watch this show constantly is missing out on one of the most underrated and well written comedies of all time. This show has stood the test of time as well. With the new movie coming out, everyone shall feel the greatness of Mr.Bean.
  • I haven`t seen anything funnier.

    Mr Bean is special. I love comedies and I just haven`t seen anything funnier than Mr. Bran in my entire life. Well, we can`t talk of plots, nice writing or whatever but here Rowan Atkinson does such a job in the role of Mr Bean, you just don`t pay attention to flaws. Amazingly funny Bean probably the funniest show ever and its too bad that its no longer on air. Its a winner. The two Mr Bean movies were barely ok...they were nothing compared to the masterpiece on TV. Well who haven`t watch that? If you haven`t, watch it, there`s just no way you don`t like it. People should check other Rowan Atkinson work. The guy is amazing.
  • he's the best

    Mr bean is a man who acts like a child, and gets into all kinds of funny situations, and is a great show for anyone, because it's family friendly. and even though he doesn't talk. is an extremely lovable character because of his facial expressions. originally on BBC. this show has had a lot of dvd's, and vhs's. and has a new movie out in theaters, and is such a lovable character. all in all, one of the best, original shows that came from the bbc. and would do very well if they made new episodes of the show, definitely worth watching
  • The show is good, but he-- he is funny.

    Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean, Mr. Bean, etc.

    That's all I can say.

    Mr. Bean is a funny show. It's just about Mr. Bean going in places. And-- I dunno, he's dumb. LOL!

    This shiow has Rowan Atkinson, a guy that potrays as Mr. Bean. And this show is a British show so we know. UK is European. Even Rowan is European. Sweet! But I'm American. And what he is, he's Bean. And he has Bean there. Get it? Bean there?

    Dude, I'm better than that. I'll say, funny buddy. They even had 2 Bean movies. 1 was the movie from 1997 where Mr. Bean goes to America & in the sequel, he goes to Cannes in France.

    Mr. Bean is popular. He is cool!
  • I just laugh till I drop when I watch this show.

    I just wish that Mr. Bean would speak a little normal because in the show he is talking in a retarded way that makes the whole show funny. I loved the scene when Mr. Bean was on the plane and he had a candy wrapper and I businesses man was sleeping in front of him and then he popped the candy wrapper but nothing happened then a kid next to Mr. Bean got sick and Mr. Bean took the puck bag and then he exploded it on the guy in front of him. I laughed so hard when I saw that scene I couldn't breath or was that scene in the Mr. Bean movie?.
  • LOVE MR BEAN awesome relaxing show.

    I Love Mr Bean its such a cool show i can watch them over and over again and never get bored. If you feel down just watch mr bean and you soon cheer up. I love the mr bean movies aswell there great like the TV Show.
    I wish they would bring Mr Bean back on the tv screens new ones as its one of the best british tv comedy shows and they dont make anything as good and funny now.
    Im shocked there was not more made but the ones that were made are total classics and i love them. BRING BACK Mr Bean
  • One of the best shows out there.

    Mr bean is a classic and I Widely praise its comedy style and smart writing Robin Akinston is a genius. Mr Bean revolves around bean and slow witted buffoon who is a very likeable character who brings problems in to his every day task Mr bean is a very funny character with a very weird thing for bringing chaos into his life every day. He carries a bear with him to go to sleep and is very clueless. this a great show and I reccomend it to any one who wants to laugh really hard you will love it
  • The funniest thing ever to air on television

    I am a big fan of mr bean. Always have, always will be. Mr Bean handles everday situations in the most ridiclous, embaressing & the funniest ways possible. Something as simple as going shopping, going to the dentist or shaving quickly turns into an event itself. One of my favorite recurring characters is mr bean's teddy & how he gets abused. He gets shrunk in the washing machine, decapitated & even used as a paintbrush. My favorite episode was the christmas special which always gets me in the christmas spirit no matter what. my favorite scene is while he's in paying for some stuff he get's distracted by the nativity scene on display & plays around with it. I won't say too much but it involves robots, dinosaurs & tanks. In the mean time if your a fan of mr. bean like myself raise your glasses to Mr. Bean's holiday
  • This is imposible to beat!

    When it comes to comedy no one can beat Mr.Bean although his actions are a little silly but these are the things that he does it uniquely which makes him really funny. Rowan Atkinson is a born comedian.He dose`nt talk his actions alone are enough to make him a comedian. Not everyone is able to act the way he does. He acts out what he wants to say to give the message to the viewers. All that matters is that he can make people laugh all the time! His action may seem silly at first but if you look deeper, you will see that it is not that silly after all hes just so funny imposible to beat.
  • good

    i think Mr. Bean is one pf the best shows in the 1990's by far it was funny but then stupid, good it's funny the stprylines are funny very funny the way he get's things mixed up that's funny and Rowen Atkinson is the hilarious that he has the role and his funny muddle ups are hilarious like one of the last episodes with the gold ball where he couldn't pick ti up that was classic i don't know why the stopped making it it was such a sucsess witht the people unless Rowan Atkinson wanted ot quit the job?
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  • Nice!

    What exciting television adventure to England wouldn't be the same without a quick glimpse of the hysterical Mr. Bean? Superbly played by comedian Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean takes us into the doldrums of day to day life to show us that even the smallest gesture can be the funniest. He whirlwinds us through England in the most unconventional way, either in his sporty yellow car (with lock), or in his dentist office, or his doctor's office, or around the countryside stopping at several childish playgrounds. No matter where he takes you, the laughs are sure to follow and remain with you for a very long time.

    Atkinson has mastered the ability to bring this verbally challenged character to life in ways that comedians today falter. Atkinson weaves this richly developed character into simple settings where he transforms into part social satirist and part MacGyver of the common man. His ability to take any common item and transform it into a new bit of comedy is rare today. The fact that you never knew what Mr. Bean was going to grab next on the set always allowed endless moments of joy. Now, I can watch him over and over again thanks to A&E and the power of DVD. Released as a set, I can see Mr. Bean morning, evening, and late afternoon whenever I have the urge to laugh at life.

    This series is enjoyable for the newest Bean follower to even those of us that have been following him around for years. While some novice viewers may be disappointed to see the cuts that A&E made to some of the episodes, the packaging and supplemental features should suffice. It is packed full of fun information about Bean, especially a very informative feature on how Bean was created by Atkinson himself. It also allows us to see some of Comic Relief UK that showcased the talent of Mr. Bean right next to Alan Cummings himself. The extras are just more icing on an already sugar-packed cake.

    Overall, this collection is amazing. I love Mr. Bean and the style of humor that he brings to each episode and situation. He is funny without being crass or vulgar, allowing us to build so many new dimensions on this simple character. Atkinson is a master in his trade and has created a character that will be remembered for years to come. So, if you are a fan of slapstick humor with intellectual stimulation, than Mr. Bean is right up your alley. The set is not expensive, so I say go ahead and splurge on a DVD that you will never regret purchasing. You are definitely in for a hysterical treat! Mr. Bean is a role model for all and the true face of comedy!
  • The Best Comedy Show ever!!!

    Laugh,laugh!!!!! Who can beat Rowan Atkinson???? Who can beat Mr Bean????? Nobody! Wow..I have laugh so much with that and still do! unique plot..that show is without a doubt the best comedy show!! Unbeatable!! Rowan is a genius!!I don`t really like the movie but these shows are awesome! The Live shows of Rowan Atkinson are totally hilarious as well! Long live Mr Bean!! Long live Rowan Atkinson..the best comedian I have ever seen!!!!!
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