Mr. Bean - Season 1

ITV (ended 1995)


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  • The Best Bits of Mr Bean
    Mr Bean is up in his attic looking at an object that reminds him of a memorable time. A spider's web reminds him of the time he went to the swimming pool and an old sheet of paper with his reminder to go to the dentist at 9:00am which he slept up until 8:55am! There are many more hilarious stories from past episodes.moreless
  • Hair By Mr. Bean of London
    Mr. Bean poses as a hair dresser and ruins people's hair. Then he goes to a games area and cheats at the buzzer game. He enters Teddy in a pet show and wins first prize. Mr. Bean then loses his ticket to on the train and has to try to get off.moreless
  • Hair By Mr. Bean
    Hair By Mr. Bean
    Episode 19
    When his barber runs off to take a phone call, Mr. Bean mistakenly joins in with the other hairdressers in the shop but he leaves confused customers with styles that aren't quite what they asked for. Then he goes to the village fete, where his unorthodox approach to the carnival games earns him some dirty looks. He enters Teddy in a pet show and wins, but ultimately returns the prize. Finally, Mr. Bean loses his ticket home and tries to sneak into the train station, but he ends up hiding in a mail bag that's on its way to an address far from his own.moreless
  • Goodnight, Mr. Bean
    Goodnight, Mr. Bean
    Episode 18
    In the hospital, Mr. Bean (who caught his hand in a jar) can't be bothered to wait for his number. In act two, he tries to get a picture of a guard with his camera. And finally the title of this episode comes true when Mr. Bean has trouble sleeping.
  • Tee Off, Mr. Bean
    Tee Off, Mr. Bean
    Episode 17
    Mr Bean attempts to play mini golf where he has trouble keeping his ball on the course. He then heads all over in an effort to get it back to the golf course. He then gets his wires crossed and loses his laundry so he has to borrow some rather embarrassing clothes.moreless
  • Library and Bus Stop
    Act 1. Mr. Bean waits at a bus stop. Act 2. Mr. Bean visits a rare book library, where he reads a rare tome that must be handled with gloves.
  • Torvill And Bean
    Torvill And Bean
    Episode 16
    Mr. Bean takes his date to an ice skating show, featuring Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. When he sits in the wrong seat, he decides, instead of walking around the ice, he will walk through it. However, just as he walks onto the ice, the show starts, and Mr. Bean is caught up in the action.moreless
  • Back To School Mr. Bean
    Mr Bean goes back to school where he messes up in chemistry when he tries out some of the ingredients on offer. He is then outraged at the nude model in his art class and causes a problem when he takes someone elses trousers and has to then find his own. In the last scene Mr Bean gets distracted eating cakes and misses the tank heading straight for his mini!moreless
  • Mind The Baby, Mr. Bean
    Mr. Bean is all set to have a fun day at the fair, but he ends up having to care for a lost baby at the same time. He wants to go on all the rides but is stuck with the baby to look after.
  • Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean
    In "New Year's Eve Party," Mr. Bean improvises some tasty snacks for his guests. In "Department Store," our hero goes to great lengths to purchase a marked-down recliner. In "The Ride Home" he has to work out a way to get the chair home, and in "Home Improvement" he decides to decorate the only way he knows how, disastrously!moreless
  • Blind Date
    Blind Date
    Episode 12
    Mr. Bean appears on the TV show Blind Date (the British version of The Love Connection), and wins a date with a beautiful woman. In typical Mr. Bean fashion, because of his antics, his romantic getaway is a disaster.
  • Mr. Bean In Room 426
    All unified by a central "hotel" theme. In "The Bath," Bean tries to wash himself, much to the consternation of his neighbor in the next room. In "The Stairs," he encounters difficulty descending; in "The Buffet," he learns the perils of "All You Can Eat." Lastly, in "Locked Out," an embarrassing situation becomes impossible with Bean on the scene.moreless
  • Merry Christmas Mr. Bean
    Mr Bean makes a mess of a department store by messing with their Christmas lights and thoroughly testing the products on offer. He then tries to help conduct a salvation army orchestra band, and finally he cooks Christmas dinner with his usual brand of mishaps.
  • Mr. Bean Rides Again
    Mr Bean becomes a paramedic at the bus stop before using the ambulance for his own gain. He then misplaces his stamp but is determined to send it anyway. Lastly he goes on holiday where he isn't able to pay for his train ticket and then helps a young boy on an aeroplane.moreless
  • 1/1/92
    Mr Bean tries to get himself presentable whilst driving to the dentists where he ends up treating the dentist himself! He then heads to the park where he gets into a mess when a fly keeps bothering him, and meets a kid with a remote controlled boat...
  • The Bus Stop
    The Bus Stop
    Episode 7
    When Bean misses the bus he is determined to be at the front of the queue for the next one.
  • Mr. Bean Goes To Town
    Mr Bean buys his first TV which he can't get to work...unless he's not directly looking at it. He has also purchased a new camera but it is stolen in the park and he has to work out who took it at an identity parade. He then takes his girlfriend to see a magician where he is picked to help out with a trick. Lastly, Mr Bean gets jealous if another man dancing with his girlfriend so tries to get rid of him.moreless
  • Mr. Bean's Red Nose Day
    Nicknamed "Red Nose Day," this yearly special has drawn upon the comic talents of Britain's best farceurs, all donating their talents for the cause. The March 15, 1991, edition of Comic Relief featured, among many others, Rowan Atkinson, repeating his familiar characterization of the clueless, disastrously clumsy Mr. Bean. Atkinson's contribution, the six-minute skit "Mr. Bean's Red Nose Day," has unfortunately not yet been reissued to home video.moreless
  • The Curse Of Mr. Bean
    Mr Bean tries out the high dive at the swimming pool where he is petrified and won't jump. He then tries to get out of paying for parking but can't find a way of doing it. Afterwards he tries to make the perfect sandwich in the park and he has to sit through a really scary movie...moreless
  • The Library
    The Library
    Episode 3
    When Mr. Bean accidentally wrecks a book, he tries to hide it from the man who works at the library.
  • The Return Of Mr. Bean
    First Mr Bean goes department-store shopping with his new American Express card, second he treats himself to a slap-up birthday meal for one, and lastly he waits at a cinema for the Queen to arrive for a Royal Film Premiere.
  • Mr. Bean
    Mr. Bean
    Episode 1
    Mr Bean is ready for his exam with his vast array of stationary and revision he's done, until he learns he's memorised the wrong stuff. He then takes a trip to the beach where he tries to change into his swimming trunks discretely. Lastly, he attempts to stay awake in church and also tries to avoid sneezing.moreless
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