Mr. Bean

Season 1 Episode 17

Tee Off, Mr. Bean

Aired Unknown Sep 20, 1995 on ITV

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  • Part one, Mr Bean goes to the laundromat and encounters a bully. Part two, Mr Bean plays Putt Putt golf.

    At the laundromat, Mr Bean decides he needs to wash the pair of underwear he has on after starting his laundry. The only problem is, after removing his brown slacks, he accidentally puts on a lady's brown skirt and tries to hide this fact from an intimidating bloke who knows karate. Mr Bean decides to take revenge on the guy by replacing a cup of coffee for the guy's fabric softener.

    At the Putt Putt golf course, Mr Bean needs only one putt on the first hole. The second hole however proves to be much more challenging, as Mr Bean accidentally hits the ball too hard. The ball ends outside the course. After each successive hit, the ball goes further away from the course, traversing what seems like the whole city. Mr Bean finally gets the ball back to the golf course by digging up a small piece of grass that the ball is resting on and having a lady drive him back to the course. After all said and done, his score for hole two ends up being 3,427 strokes!
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