Mr. Bean

Season 1 Episode 20

The Best Bits of Mr Bean

Aired Unknown Unknown on ITV

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  • An episode collecting few of the best pieces in the Mr. Bean series, brought to us as Bean is looking for an umbrella from his attic.

    I'm reviewing the new material in this episode, because the scenes from other episodes are as golden as it comes. They gathered a rather good selection of events.

    Mr. Bean is searching for an umbrella from his attic on a rainy day - so that he and Teddy could go feed the ducks. He finds random objects that remind him of some past events, and so the flashbacks come to us.

    The new material is kind of weak, though. It is Bean, of course, but aside from tugging the TV cable and hoovering the Teddy, that's pretty much it.

    But then, those brief scenes were just fillers to get to the point, so perhaps they fulfilled their intended purpose just fine.