Mr. Bean

Season 1 Episode 2

The Return Of Mr. Bean

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1990 on ITV

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  • Mr. Bean headbutts the queen!

    If you thought the first episode of Mr. Bean was funny maybe you should try watching this one "The Return of Mr. Bean"! It wasn't as funny as the first but the third part was hilarious.
    Firstly I loved Part 2 where he made a lunch all for himself but bought the cheapest piece of meat which ended up being raw, he tries to spit it out without the other customers seeing it but it turns into a disastor, but what a funny night for him as it was for me watching it!

    On the final part he went to meet the queen with a group of others but that turns silly after he realises that his shirt does NOT match the others so he bothers the woman next to him to get what he wants. It starts getting painful to watch when his pants aren't done up properly but then the queen arrives:

    Then he headbuttes her and takes off like a coward! Funny though loved it.