Mr. Belvedere

Season 4 Episode 11


Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1988 on ABC

Episode Recap

George has to do an editorial on the air. After being unable to come up with a topic, Belvedere suggests that he stir up some controversy, and George comes up with something. And what George comes up with is to cease doing the National Anthem ceremony at sporting events, because all that people do when they play it is spit and swear. George is then summoned by the station manager, who is upset by George's comments that he orders George to resign. When he comes home he finds that everybody hates him and doesn't know what to do about the station manager. Marsha tells him that he is still under contract and can't be forced out but is obliged to do what they say. And what they have him doing is a segment called Farm Report which requires to wear a farmer's outfit and get up very early. George also learns that an ex-athlete is replacing him on the news team. Later George is then given a new assignment, to play the host of a children's show, HOBO JOE. After his first show George is about to quit, when the news team reveals that George's replacement came to work drunk and say to the station manager that they want George to do the broadcast, which he agrees to but only as a one time thing. During the broadcast, George says he stands by his commentary about the National Anthem because he remembers when people were so patriotic during and that now it appears that people don't. The anchorman breaks down on the air. And George gets his job back but is no longer doing editorials.