Mr. Belvedere - Season 1

ABC (ended 1990)




Episode Guide

  • Sweet Charity
    Sweet Charity
    Episode 7
    Heather and Wesley are collecting canned items to take to a food drive and while they are out they run across a bag lady and decide to bring her home. However, the family soon realizes that this may be one guest that may be there to stay. Meanwhile, Kevin's sculpture class is giving him a pain, he's trying to sculpt the head of Prince Charles with no luck.moreless
  • The Lost Weekend
    The Lost Weekend
    Episode 6
    When George and Marsha take a vacation to Florida they leave Mr. Belvedere in charge of Kevin, a grounded Heather and Wesley. Immediately after they leave, all hell breaks loose, when Heather sneaks out with her friends to see a Prince concert and Wesley brings a massage therapist over for a stressed out Belvedere.moreless
  • What I Did for Love
    Kevin tries to win the affections of a girl by suddenly becoming interested in some of the causes that she believes in like animal rights. This leads to Kevin landing in jail after he spray paints a mink coat. Meanwhile, George is the host of a call-in sports radio show but soon finds it difficult when no one calls in.moreless
  • Gorgeous George
    Gorgeous George
    Episode 4
    George takes Mr. Belvedere and Wesley to a wrestling match where a spectator picks a fight with George, which ends with Mr. Belvedere defending George. Dealing with a bruised ego, George becomes impotent and wanting to feel like a man, he buys a motorcycle. Meanwhile, taking a cue from Mr. Belvedere, Wesley begins to get in fights at school.moreless
  • Gotta Dance
    Gotta Dance
    Episode 3
    George is all excited about Wesley joining the football team and goes all out to encourage him. However, after watching ballet with Mr. Belvedere, Wesley forgets about football and begins to only shows interest in taking up ballet and soon the entire family does their best to try to keep it a secret from George.moreless
  • The Outcasts
    The Outcasts
    Episode 2
    Wesley is upset when he and three other classmates are the only ones who are not invited to a fellow classmates party and Mr. Belvedere suggests that he throw a party of his own. However, during his party Wesley gets a belated invitation and walks out on his guests and then finds himself ridden with guilt later. Meanwhile, Kevin prepares for a ski trip.moreless
  • Stranger in the Night
    The ad that Marsha has placed seeking a housekeeper is answered by Mr. Belvedere who finds himself needing to adjust to suburban life as well as the Owens needing to adjust to having Mr. Belvedere around. Meanwhile, Wesley's hamster has gotten loose somewhere in the house, Heather's boyfriend is pressuring her into a more serious relationship and Kevin brings home a bad report card.moreless